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All You Need To Know About Soap Brows!

12 April, 2021 - 05:43am by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Amelia

The pendulum has swung once more. Not that long ago bold brows were the go. Brows that stood out. Brows that entered a room before the rest of your face did. But now? While the brows are full, they're no longer filled in to within an inch of their life... They're lighter, groomed, you could even say they're fluffy. And it's all down to an old technique that's made its way back to the future... soap brows.

So, just what are soap brows, and are they for you? Read on...

What Are Soap Brows?

The name says it all. Soap brows are brows that are tamed by soap rather than a gel or pomade. The technique has been used for years by makeup artists, and is used to create full, natural-looking brows that will stay in place.

Do You Use... Soap?

A clear soap is the go if you're wanting to give soap brows a whirl. Even better - use one that's pH-balanced, as regular use of any old soap on your brows may cause irritation. Much like when using most beauty products, it's a good idea to patch test first.

What's the Big Deal About Soap Brows Anyway?

Soap brows is an affordable, easy method to help keep brow hairs that have a mind of their own in place. It also creates a beautiful, fluffy, natural look, while still ensuring you look like you've made an effort.

So It's A Miracle Brow Trend?

Weeelllll... like pretty much everything in life, soap brows does have its downside. Planning on getting sweaty? Think about how soap feels when it gets in your eyes... so perhaps this isn't the brow trend to use before hitting the dance floor or the gym. Soap doesn't always mix well with other products, like foundation and concealer, either. So you'll want to be careful when applying your face base around your eyebrow area so as not to create a patchy mess.

Downsides Aside... How Can You Create Soap Brows?

The best part about this brow approach is how easy it is. Simply grab a spoolie (or even an old mascara wand!), then spritz a little water onto it. Run your spoolie through your soap to create the 'gel', then work the spoolie up through your brows to create a shape you're happy with. If you do want to fill in areas that need a little colourific help with a pencil, do so after the soap has dried down.

And that's it! Easy peasy! Soap brows - they're fast, affordable, and fabulous!

Soooo, my beauties...

Do soap brows sound like a bit of you? Have you tried soap brows before? If so, tell us your thoughts!

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26th April, 2021

I can’t believe I have never heard of this trend before! This is something I have to try!!

15th April, 2021

I was waiting for you guys to post this trend .

14th April, 2021

I don’t think I’ll be trying this, I’m worried soap could cause irritation and I’d rub my eyes and my eyelash extensions might fall out! Good idea though.

13th April, 2021

I think that having dried soap anywhere on your skin would make it very irritated...

13th April, 2021

Nah dont fancy doing this guess I will stick with my pencil

12th April, 2021

Lol soap brows! I don't think I will be doing this.

12th April, 2021

I've never heard of soap brows! I'm using lip gel on mine at the moment but I'll give soap a try.