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10 Easy Ways to Get Out of Your Beauty Rut in 2021!

24 January, 2021 - 03:50pm by - First Lady | 4 Comments

Article posted by BR Natalie

Lets get one thing straight - there's a difference between something being "your favourite" and something being "the only one you use".  There's also a difference between knowing what suits you and being afraid to try something new. 

If you have been wearing your makeup the same way for years, you are probably stuck in a rut.  And we're here to pull you out of it!  Make 2021 the year you shake your beauty game up...go on, you can always commit to 'sticking to what you know' in 2022...

1.  Commit yourself to changing just one thing at a time.  You might not be ready for a complete makeover, but you can begin to get out of a rut by changing just one thing.  Try a new lipstick or a different shade of eyeshadow.  Never wear blusher?  Give it a go!  It's a lot less intimidating to tackle change in stages.

2.  Cover your bases.  The area most covered by makeup is our skin.  And we have to tell you - your skin now, is not the same as your skin a year ago.  If you've been using the same foundation for years, it's time to readdress your needs.  

3.  Check out your eyebrows.  Eyebrows frame the face, and so many of us fall in to the trap of continuing to pluck our brows in the same way, because it's how we do them.  Check out some tutorials on using eyebrow kits and play around with your brows, to create the best shape to highlight your features.  Or grow those Betty's out and visit a professional Beauty Therapist for a shaping.

4.  Contour.  Contouring can literally change your face shape.  There are some pretty impressive results to be seen, check out some tutorials and how tos and have a play around. Now of course where there are successes there are fails, so be sure to enlist your most honest friend to critique the look, before you go out in public.

5. Practice.  Practice new looks for fun and when you feel confident add them in to rotation.  Aim to have 4 or 5 go to looks that you can rock from day to day.

6.  Wing it.  Eyeliner is one way to completely change a look.  If you don't already use eyeliner, try adding a classic black flick (or if you're feeling brave, a wing).  If you use eyeliner daily change the colour completely or add a new colour alongside your usual.

7.  Gloss over it.  If you wear the same lipstick every day, applying a lip gloss to the top is a simple, yet effective way to add a little sparkle and drama to your day.

8.  Change your finish.   Normally a matte girl?  Try an illuminating finish.  Love your shiny lipsticks?  Try a matte cream for a change.

9.  Conscious Uncoupling.  We're nicking Gwenyth's relationship status update and applying it to beauty.  Do you always use this with that?  This eyeshadow shade with that lipstick?  This highlighter with that powder? It's time to split up your makeup pairings, you might find an even better match.

10. Spring clean.  Throw away anything that's over 3 years old and then 'shop your stash'.  Try out products you've not really used and give them a second chance. 

So are you stuck in a makeup rut?  What do you think of our tips or maybe you have some of your own?  Get chatting below!



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6th February, 2021

I've been trying to grow my eyebrows out for what feels like ages!

28th January, 2021

Makeup is my passion, but randomly I NEVER wore makeup to work Unless had a workdo afterwards ... It's a weekend thing for me. I'm not scared to try new things, but I do have my fav products :)

27th January, 2021

I'm trying to use less of everything, mostly because I want less chemicals on my skin. Yesterday i went to work without any foundation/tinted moisturizer, concealer, or CC cream. Very brave I thought.

28th January, 2021

That is brave Maree though you do have lovely skin :-)

28th January, 2021

Aw thank you!!

26th January, 2021

Gloss is my new favourite thing. I’m gravitating away from lipstick .