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Does your hair tie snap, snag or slide?

17 April, 2017 - 10:20pm by - First Lady | 73 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Hands up, who has a hair tie somewhere on their person, right now?  I have one on my wrist (I KNOW, you shouldn't do it), and one in my hair.  And one in my pocket.  And I've just had a dig around in the sofa and found three.  So there you go, without moving I have six bobbles* within reach.  

Where would us mid to long haired gals be without a hair tie?  When life gets busy, mucky or active a bobble can make all of the difference to getting the job done.  And yet, they're not without faults.  Too small to wrap around three times, too loose when wrapped around twice.  Snapping.  Snagging.  Sliding. 

And the NOOOO! when you lose or break your favourite elastic.  Sigh.  There may well be bigger issues in life, but at that moment, right then, the flump is real.

We're going to be sending out FIFTY packs of Mita Active Non-Slip Snag-Free Elastics to reviewers.  Each pack contains a mix of thick and thin elastics, ideal for all hair types.  The bands are snag free and won't pull or tug hair when you remove them, AND they each have a special non-slip silicone strip, which means your pony tail will be held firmly.

So - why not share your hair tie thoughts below - have you found the right hair tie for you yet?  What do you look for in a hair elastic?  How many do you have on you right now?  And have you found the answer to the age-old question...where do all the lost hair ties go?!

*Bobbles, don't you know, are what we Poms call hair ties.  That or hair bands.  Which is more confusing, so, I stick to bobbles.  What do you call your hair elastic?

Does your hair tie snap, snag or slide?

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I find it so frustrating 2 loops and it's too loose or if you struggle to get 3 loops it's so tight. I'm guilty of tieing a knot in my hair tie when it finally snaps. I always have them in the car hanging on the indicator, and bobby pins on my flip in the sun visor as well. When I don't have a good one that fits just right I always have one on my wrist but isn't it funny that if you do wear your hair out normally your hair tie will be on your wrist and it's up by 1/2 to 3/4 the way into the day.

This is just too damn relatable! Except with me three is too loose and 4 is too tight! And whenever I'm not needing a hair tie there'll be a billion lying around but when I do need one I can't find any >:(

18th April, 2017 at 1:11 pm

When you do manage to get that extra loop on and it snaps half or an hour later..... all that work for nothing

18th April, 2017 at 1:18 pm

This is sooo true

18th April, 2017 at 2:31 pm

I have a lot of hair, so when I put it up, it must stay there. I think I have sourced the best hair ties. Firstly, they are kind of flat, with no metal join. Recently I came across an imposter, sure, it looked the same, but it was either too loose and slips out, or too tight and I feel like I've had Botox. And breakages! Either they would spend a day in my hair & then be overstretched or snap, and gone! When I found a pack of my favourites (which has no label on it, but they were at Countdown and have flowers printed on some of the packaging in white) I gave all the other hair ties to my step daughters, who have very different hair to me so I hope they work for them. Of course, then I cut off half my hair so now am only using them when cleansing, lol.

Urg! and don't you hate it when you pull the tie out and a handful of hair comes with it? I'd love to find the tie that stops that from happening!!!

17th April, 2017 at 11:35 pm

I have really long hair so i have a million hair ties lying around lol. I hate the ones with the metal parts in the middle, they always break and are not good in my hair. I usually buy a pack of 50 standard ties and always black. Right now I have one on my wrist, 5 on my bedside cabinet, I always have them in my car and in my handbag. I am a hair tie fiend :-)

I use heaps and I call them hair ties. I'm using white ones from a card of various colours from the Cameo range I bought from The Warehouse. They're pretty good. I bought a pack of Redberry seamless ones from New World. I don't like them, they're too thick for me and not stretchy enough. I have longish hair so I use hair ties every day.

Oh, I use the white ones because I have white hair. I'd like to be able to get packs of white hair clips (kirby grips) if I could.

17th April, 2017 at 11:25 pm

I must try these hair tyes

18th April, 2017 at 10:55 am

It's the snagging of the hair that gets me and it doesn't matter if it is high/low pony or even the end of a plait to stop it unravelling but that could just be the no name skinny elastics that I got from Kmart. As for these ones disappearing, it must be because they are awful that they are hanging round, the lot before it must have been taken by the hair tie fairies

These sound great! Currently my hair ties are too thin so I need to use two at once. I'd love to give these ones a crack!

My hair is quite long, and while elastics stay place during the day fine, the second I wear one to bed they fall right out! I like doing my hair in a bun or pony at night time, but in the morning the hair tie is barely still in at all and my curls are a total mess! These sound so ideal.

I hate when you take the hair tie out and there is all hair stuck and twisted on it. It's gross and that's all my hair it's pulled out!

Yes that happens to me every week.

18th April, 2017 at 10:55 am

I've luckily found hair ties I love - they're literally just strips of elastic with pretty colors or patterns. for $2 I can get 6 from the dollar stores so I'm pretty stoked about that, and I'm not likely to change my stance on them :P I also really really love scrunchies!

I found a great set of hair ties but I can't remember the name of them. They look like these, have no metal in them and the ends are either glued or sewn together. I bought several packs from different brands of this hair tie type as the different brands either split easily or lost their elasticity after a couple of uses.

What I really like about this type is that they come in different colours so you can match them to your hair colour so they don't look as obvious when your hair is tied up in them :).

I haven't found a hair tye that works well on my thick hair. They always break. I can never get it looped around enough to keep my hair secure. Id love to be on this trial

My hair is tied back almost every day at some point. If I'm out, I always take a couple of extra hair ties with me because they are just so unreliable! I would love a chance to try these. If these are as good as they say, it could be the end of the tears from my daughter when undoing her hair too!

Yes snap, snag and slide describes my relationship with hair ties perfectly. I would love to find a set of hair ties that wrap around my ponytail 3 times everytime without snapping not just most times. Keen to see how these go.

Goodness gracious I could write a book on all the little issues that can occur with a simple hair tie. Just this morning I had the dilemma of tying up my hair: 2 loops, too loose, c'mon Jess you can do 3....aaaaand it's on! But there's that knotting of hair the third loop pushed up... Gotta start again. *sigh* would love to be able to not go through tying up my hair 3 times each morning.

Ive got one hair tie in my hair right now and about 5 in sight of me. I havent found the perfect hair tie. Ive tried many, most of them break, get really really thin or just simply tangle or pull my hair out which is super frustrating. Oh and not to mention the ones that just dissapear and then I end up finding them months later! I normally just call them hair tries even though there are tons of differnt words out there for them.