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Does your hair tie snap, snag or slide?

17 April, 2017 - 10:20pm by - First Lady | 103 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Hands up, who has a hair tie somewhere on their person, right now?  I have one on my wrist (I KNOW, you shouldn't do it), and one in my hair.  And one in my pocket.  And I've just had a dig around in the sofa and found three.  So there you go, without moving I have six bobbles* within reach.  

Where would us mid to long haired gals be without a hair tie?  When life gets busy, mucky or active a bobble can make all of the difference to getting the job done.  And yet, they're not without faults.  Too small to wrap around three times, too loose when wrapped around twice.  Snapping.  Snagging.  Sliding. 

And the NOOOO! when you lose or break your favourite elastic.  Sigh.  There may well be bigger issues in life, but at that moment, right then, the flump is real.

We're going to be sending out FIFTY packs of Mita Active Non-Slip Snag-Free Elastics to reviewers.  Each pack contains a mix of thick and thin elastics, ideal for all hair types.  The bands are snag free and won't pull or tug hair when you remove them, AND they each have a special non-slip silicone strip, which means your pony tail will be held firmly.

So - why not share your hair tie thoughts below - have you found the right hair tie for you yet?  What do you look for in a hair elastic?  How many do you have on you right now?  And have you found the answer to the age-old question...where do all the lost hair ties go?!

Once you have at least five well written reviews against your profile you can apply to join our Expert Review Panel by filling out this survey.


*Bobbles, don't you know, are what we Poms call hair ties.  That or hair bands.  Which is more confusing, so, I stick to bobbles.  What do you call your hair elastic?

Does your hair tie snap, snag or slide?

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I have long fine hair, but there is a lot of it so it gets heavy and I can never find the right elastic for it, its either too big or too small!

I definitely need to try these. As someone who has to have their hair tied up for work all the time, it's so difficult to find the right ones. I always end up with broken hair ties because I have so much hair!

Yes please. Not only do I snag but when I finally get the tie out it is a lovely wee ball of hair firmly attached to it that I need scissors to remove. I have a lot of hair. Lol

I'm a hair tie junkie, theres a stash in my car, my bag, and at work. I'm a Group Fitness Instructor and plaits are my go to when I'm taking a class, to keep my hair out of the way, but more often than not I lose my hair tie half way through the class from jumping around so much! I would love to find a hair tie that'll stay in place !

I have reallllly long hair,way past my butt.And finding a hair tie that will keep my hair tied up tight without slipping is hard to find.Also I can't stand the hair ties with the metal clasps on them,I have had to rip plenty of hair out from being caught in those,if they havn't already snapped.

Just when you think you've found a good one, it stretches and too loose, but too small still for that 3rd loop :-/

I'm constantly getting my hair ties stuck in my hair! My long hair is always in a bun at work to keep it off my face but I suffer from the slip! I'm guilty of just adding another hair tie to the mix to secure it all at the top of my head, means I start the day off with 3 on my wrist and then it's a huge mission to get them all back out. If only my tie had a silicon grip to hold it in place right from the start....

my hair tangles all the time same with my daughters!!!!

Wow, so many people have the same issue with hair ties, why has no one come up with this sooner?! I want to buy a pack now!

Yes!! Forever having my hairties either slipping out, pulling my hair out or not holding my hair up!!

Man those must be what hair heaven feels like. My hair is super long and I wear it up every day. Can never get the right hold no matter what

I am yet to find the elusive 'perfect hair tie' and I am a serial hair tie user. I like a hair tie that keeps it's size, I find that the metal free ties do a better job at this. I've given up on doing my hair in high pony tails and tie it back at the base of my neck now, it always drops and ends up as a low pony tail anyway. I resorted to using scrunchies which held a bit better at first until they also lost their elasticity. I currently don't have a hair tie on my person because I like to let my hair down at the end of the day and free myself from the drama's and difficulties of those darn hair ties. If I am selected to trial these I can tell you they would be well tested!

so frustrating! I find that my hair ties last a matter of weeks before the elastic inevitably goes or it just fully snaps. I do buy the ones without the metal bit as it's gentler on my hair.

It's always hard to get that initial 2 loops and then it stretches so only 3 will do it, then your hair falls out of the ponytail then it dies.

I only use one at a time because otherwise I'd lose them all over the house and I'm not made of hair tie money!

Yes. OMG Yes, I think that's my life story written above!! Anyone who doesn't have these problems with hair ties must be an alien life form. Now if only there was a way to stop the hair ties from mysteriously all disappearing at once....

Hair ties are my nightmare. Once I can actually find one it is either to loose to use or breaks. Then there is the problem that by the end of the work day it is slip down and out falls my hair to my me look like a mess.


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