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Mita Kink Resistant Spirals Pk 5 Review

Mita Kink Resistant Spirals Pk 5 Review
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Mita Kink Resistant Spirals place uneven pressure around the ponytail leaving hair kink-free upton removal. The unique smooth surface minimises hair breakage.


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Mita Kink Resistant Spirals Pk 5 Review

Mita Kink Resistant Spirals Pk 5 Review


Overall rating:
13th July, 2018
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Mita Kink Resistant Spirals

These spirals really are an experience! I purchased because I started seeing people around with their hair tied up using what looked like the phone cable from my mums house in the 90s.

They are alright. I like my hair tied up quite high and reasonably tight, both of which these spirals cannot achieve. They are more of a low pony type of hair tie and for some people that would be great.

They dont stay in my hair that well, but my hair is quite fine. I imagine it would be great for curly hair and thicker hair - my sister who has both thinks they are great!

Definitely didn't leave me with any kinks which is really nice for a change so will use again in future when I am tying my hair up maybe for in the shower or bed.

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