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July Beauty Boxes
July Beauty Boxes

Would Your Man Rather Review...

11 July, 2019 - 03:22pm by - First Lady | 58 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

Have you heard?  We've launched The Men's Trial Team.  Which means.  We need your men.

Come on.  Cough 'em up.  

As an incentive, you'll get 200 Beauty Points for every male you refer, who registers, completes their profiles and uploads a profile pic.  All you need to do is email us their username when they've done it.

So on to the first trial team for men.  We're looking for 10 reviewers in total.  5 to review the Braun Series 9 9290cc The World’s most efficient shaver and 5 to review the Braun BT7040 Beard Trimmer.

The Shaver.

Valued at $699.95, The Braun Series 9 shaver is the World’s most efficient shaver.  It's exceptionally gentle on skin, Braun’s specialized shaving technology captures more hair in every stroke to provide a close, comfortable shave without compromises.

It can be used wet and dry and comes with a cleaning and charging unit.

The Beard Trimmer.

The new Braun BT7040 rechargeable Beard trimmer & Hair trimmer is worth $269.95.  You can create different beard and hair styles with it's lifetime sharp metal blades.  There are 39 length settings and an autosensing motor ensuring constant cutting speed for an efficient trim even through dense & long beards.

The Li-ion+ battery has a 150%* longer running time than previous models.  It's also fully washable and offers cordless & corded use for maximum flexibility.

Make your choice!

So - what would your man most like to review for us?  Why?  And don't forget to get them signed up to the site...and why not make commenting on this article their first mission?!

Get chatting below!

Would Your Man Rather Review...

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23rd July, 2019

I've been trying to find an electric shaver that doesn't irratate the hair on my throat!

22nd July, 2019

Both my man and son have beards so they'd been keen on the beard trimmer. Just have to get them to sign up...........

21st July, 2019

Definitely the normal shaver for my man.. but only because he doesn't keep a beard to maintain!

19th July, 2019

It’s hard to find a good shaver. I generally use disposable razors which cut me and leave my face red and irritated because I haven’t found an electric shaver that does a good job. It would make life easier.

19th July, 2019

Spent $300 on a shaver last year and its crap so now I just trim with some clippers. Would love the opportunity to trial either product

19th July, 2019

My man hates shaving, and only does it twice a week, but his stubble is starting to age him, an electric shaver would make the process quicker and encourage him to shave more often!

19th July, 2019

My son uses disposable razors and they scratch his face and leave it dry as well, he has a thick hair growth on his face and can grow a beard so easy, he would find a product like this very beneficial to him , thanks xoxo

19th July, 2019

My son uses disposable razors and they scratch his face and leave it dry as well, he has a thick hair growth on his face and can grow a beard so easy, he winks find a product like this si beneficial to him , thanks xoxo

18th July, 2019

Gosh my hubby could use this! His beard is almost 30cm long! He takes alot of pride in it too

17th July, 2019

My hubby shaves his head and has a beard, so he would get a lot of use out of either tool.

Time to go make a cup of tea and get hubby to sign up to BR...

17th July, 2019

My wife made me sign up and comment that I would like to review the beard trimmers as I currently see a barber weekly for a trim and hes located inside a mall and my wife spends too much money on clothes and makeup while waiting for me to get my trim. If I could do it myself easily it would be great, have used traditional clippers myself but did not like the result.

17th July, 2019

My wife showed me the Brain Series 9 shaver and I would love to give it a whirl, so I'd like to put my hand up for the trial and hopefully help my fellow Kiwi men decide if it's worth it's salt.

17th July, 2019

I asked my husband, Nick, to sign up and he should comment shortly. He looked very impressed with the shaver and after I got him reading about it, he's really interested.

17th July, 2019

The brain series 9 shaver makes my heart skip a beat or two, I would love to give this a trial, unfortunately I’ve lost the hair I used to have ( Kurt cobain from nirvanas length & style ) think it’s the mid life crisis, I shave my hair weekly / fortnightly as I’m quite self conscious and it grows fast all around the sides, I have been through many hair shavers so it would be fantastic to find a reliable one, that the components aren’t always breaking and simple to use that leaves a great finish, I’ll be able to give you a very honest opinion from a bloke who takes pride in in appearance & I will give credit where credits due - Also I cut my sons hair fortnightly it grows sooo quick, - Thanks ( I cant seem to upload a pic of me don’t really like the female pic, reminds me of an old school vintage powder room for the lady’s ) :)

17th July, 2019

The beard trimmer would make quick work of my beard maintenance and stop me hogging the bathroom!!