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Why Your Hands Look Older than They Are!

15 November, 2020 - 10:23am by - First Lady | 7 Comments

Article posted by BR Amelia.

Eyes may be the window to your soul, but your hands can tell us much, much more about you.  Except your age.  Seriously have you ever noticed how your hands not only seem to age faster than the rest of you - but they do so at such a rate if people had to guess, they'd probably put a decade or two on to your real age.

But what are we doing so wrong that it's ageing our hands so rapidly?  

1.  Exposure to the sun.

Yeap, we harping on about the importance of SPF again!  The sun's harmful UV rays don't only take their toll on your face.  Exposure to the sun causes age spots, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation, all of which age your hands dramatically.  Chances are you don't purposefully use sunscreen on your hands.  You might rub in the excess after applying to your face and body but that's about it right?

The same sunscreen rules apply - slip, slap, slop.  And you'll need to reapply after washing your hands!

2.  Sagging skin.

Loose skin happens with age.  Just as the skin on your face begins to slow production of elastin and collagen, so does the skin on your hands.  And sagging, loose skin looks old. 

Regular DIY hand massages are great for increasing blood supply and plumping at the skin - do them at night using a Retinoid hand cream to increase collagen production. 

3.  Lack of moisture.

Hydrated skin screams youth.  Hands that are dehydrated will look sallow - inject moisture by regularly using hand cream throughout the day. 

Always wear gloves when you're doing the dishes or using harsh cleaning products or chemicals - these are so drying on your hands.  Ensure you're drinking enough water too!

4.  Dry skin.

Dry skin goes hand in hand with a lack of moisture.  But dry and flakey skin will also make your hands look dull and unhealthy.

Exfoliate your hands once a week with a gentle scrub - your usual facial exfoliator is fine!  And protect your hands in cooler weather by wearing a nice toasty pair of mittens!

5.  Don't forget your nails.

Dry, brittle, flakey nails will not help your hands look any younger!  Gently push back your cuticle and use a cuticle balm to prevent rough or hardened cuticles. 

Remove staining with a little lemon juice and even if you don't regularly wear nail polish, just a coat of a clear polish will add shine and lustre to your nails.

Essentially your hands look older than they are simply because they are one of the most neglected areas of our bodies - and the one we take most for granted.  To inject youth into your hands simply include them in your daily skincare routine.  You don't need separate 'hand' products - you can use the same moisturiser, scrub, sunscreen and serum that you use daily on your face. 

Do your hands age you?  Are you guilty of neglecting them?  Get chatting below and don't forget to share your tips for young looking hands!



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27th November, 2020

I'm pretty rigorous with using hand cream regularly, especially now bc of COVID and always using hand sanitiser!

19th November, 2020

I moisturise my hands on every break at work.

18th November, 2020

I'm a bit slack on my hands. With so much washing and sanitiser, it seemed like a losing battle throughout this year.

17th November, 2020

I apply sunscreen to my face every day so I make that part of my routine for my hands too and apply sunscreen to them as well. Any left over serum/oils I always apply to my hands as well. Night time I lather my hands in hand cream just before going to sleep

15th November, 2020

Guilty as sin! my hands are looking very neglected so this is a reminder for me to take better care of them.

15th November, 2020

Yes very guilty in deed... need to start massaging them more my hands.

15th November, 2020

The skin on my hands started peeling as I don’t wear gloves to do the dishes at work, that’s 8 hrs of washing dishes for 2 days! :( I just can’t deal with gloves, I get itchy and water gets in and it gets yucky but my hands are looking worse every week.

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