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The Ultimate Beauty Travel Kit

30 April, 2022 - 03:17pm by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

The oddest thing happened to me the other day: I travelled.

That's right, I pulled out my suitcase that had been hidden away in a cupboard for over two years, put some clothes in it, then went to pack my beauty kit. Tabby Truth: When I used to travel I would take THREE toiletry bags full of skincare and cosmetics. This time? Two. And one was not opened at all.

So what have I discovered is the ultimate beauty kit for travelling? Quite simply, one that's basic. That ticks all the beauty boxes but doesn't take up half your suitcase. So what do you absolutely need? Read on...


Leave the twelve-step skincare routine at home. Stick to a cleanser, face mist/toner and moisturiser. Take a serum and eye cream if you REALLY feel the need to. Also, sunscreen is a must.

Want to pack even lighter? Many skincare companies have mini-sized trial packs that you can buy to try their products, which are also ideal for travel!  


You don't need to take your whole bathroom with you on holiday, but I do recommend a couple of bobby pins and/or hair ties. A disposable razor's good if you're going to be baring your limbs. Nail clippers are a must, because there's nothing worse than breaking a nail and having to deal with a ragged edge. And, of course, a brush/comb.

As for straighteners, tongs and hairdryers? Unless you've an extra special event to go to, leave them at home. The amount of times I've brought them on holiday with every intention of using them and then not... well, let's just say I could've used the space they took up in my bag for better things... like more shopping, and gifts for my loved ones.


Remember that toiletry bag that I didn't open once while on holiday? It contained nothing but makeup. I did the most un-Tabby thing ever and went bare faced the whole time I was away. It seems I no longer care what people I'll never likely see again think of me not wearing mascara. Shock horror.

That being said, if you are going away a few items can go a long way if you're planning to head out and want to add a little extra to your appearance. A concealer that matches your skin tone can be used to cover any dark circles/spots, and you can mix it with your moisturiser to create a lighter coverage foundation. A small eyeshadow palette - four or six pan - in neutral colours can also be used as eyeliner and brow powder. A lipstick can double as a blush. And mascara is always good for a quick and easy way to make your eyes pop.

And that's it. The best basics for the ultimate beauty travel kit. It's a little, but it goes a long way.

So... has the way you packed for holidays changed over the last two years? How do you pack now? And will you be taking less or more beauty products with you on your next trip? Get chatting below!



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15th October, 2022

This a great packing list for travelling! I always overpack when it comes to essentials/toiletries but then I realise I don’t even use everything that I pack.. will definitely consider packing light next time lol

4th July, 2022

I don't think the way I pack has changed, but to be honest, it feels like "pre-covid" was such a long time ago that am not sure I accurately remember.

15th May, 2022

I'm travelling tomorrow so about to pack. But am going to try pack lightly lol

14th May, 2022

I used to over pack. I probably still do but must have improved right?

11th May, 2022

I have so many products and not enough bags. Someone make a travel bag that fits everything beauty related in.

9th May, 2022

I bought an amazing toiletries bag from Kathmandu that has vastly improved my travel packing - and now all my products stay upright so no worries about things leaking - is there nothing worst than shampoo leaking in your bag!!! I've definitely started packing less - although I did forget my whole makeup bag when travelling for a special occasion one time which was a pain! But a quick trip to chemist warehouse for mascara and lipstick and a foundation application at Mecca and I was away laughing.

2nd May, 2022

I'm not great at minimal packing but I have learned that a good skin oil will cover all my cleansing and hydration needs on a trip.

2nd May, 2022

When I go on a holiday or a long weekend I will let you know lol. Still haven't been anywhere since 2019. :(

I always pack my full skincare routine. Makeup is basic. Mascara, liner, sometimes an eyeshadow palette sometimes not. Always a coloured Lipps and a lip Balm. That's it. And hairbrush. No tools. Just rock natural hair.

2nd May, 2022

Definitely packing less now. Just cleanser, moisturiser and tinted sunblock, tinted lip balm and eyeliner (always my one absolute must-have makeup item). It's quite freeing actually! It makes holidays seem more... well, like a real holiday :).

2nd May, 2022

I definitely always over pack! Now it would be my staples....deodorant, bb cream, moisturizer, cleanser, razor, tweezers and a couple more little things.

2nd May, 2022

Great article, l usually overpack things l do not need so , thanks for good ideas about getting it right!

4th May, 2022

Honestly same. Even had a little pack like that in my handbag... even one in my work lunch bag (I don't take my hangbag to work). It has everything from eyeshadow to sunblock to a bandage.

2nd May, 2022

Oh good point - sunblock! I haven't been on a sunny holiday for years and um holiday = work travel.



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