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The Five Day Hair Challenge - Fab or Fail?

14 April, 2023 - 06:25am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

by BR Kellie

A couple of weeks ago I set myself the challenge to change up my hair five times in a row. The big no-no? No buns. Well, to be specific - no top knot, because a high bun is my lazy day go-to. The problem being that every day had become a lazy day.

So how did this challenge turn out? Did I manage to rock a pretty ponytail? To let loose and wear my hair out? To beat the bun into submission? Read on

Day One: Wear your hair in a way that is not your usual

Would you look at that! Not a high bun in sight! And my hair's not scraped back straight from my head. This is change! Change is not just afoot... it's happening. Sort of. You see, I kind of cheated. I'm meant to be avoiding buns, but my hair wasn't doing anything right. The ends were looking ratty. The frizz was next level thanks to the humidity. Failure was nigh. So I decided two low buns with a messy part would count as shaking things up. Right? No? Sigh. I promised myself I'd do better the next day.

Day Two: Change the part

Okay, so after the first day's failure, I decided to not try and get too fancy. A simple part, but one that was far deeper that I'd usually go for would make for a fresh change. Even better - I low-ponytailed it to keep things fresh. What I liked about this hair do was that I could wear it all day without thinking about it. I felt put together, I wasn't self-conscious, I just felt like me - but with new hair. Succees, I'd say!

Day Three: Accessorise

So... It turns out accessories and I are not friends. I ended up going out and buying a trio of pretties - plain and basic to match my general style vibe, and they just looked straight up strange on me. The claw round headband sat too far back on my head. The small headband sat oddly and you could see gaps of air between my skull and the headband. And the claw grip just made me look like a giant insect had attacked the back of my head. I'll leave the accessorising to my daughter.

Day Four: Change up the texture

I started out day four with straightened hair. I was sure this was a look that would go the distance. Except then my hair kinked, so I got out my trusty tongs and curled my mop... and ended up looking like Shirley Temple. I then ran my hands through said curls and ended up with the picture your see below. 

Did it go the distance? Oh, only for an hour or so before I got annoyed with having hair around my face and tossed it back into a ponytail.

Day Five: Do day one again, but do it different

Okay, so I know I've already worn a pony, but at this point I was feeling inspirationless. I'd tried doing cute plaits - but on me they just looked like tangled rats tails, so scraping my hair back into a ponytail that sat at my crown was a goer. Also, my daughter liked it and kept stroking it like it was a cat's tail. Would recommend. Very soothing.

So, what did I learn during this challenge? I'm basic. Fancy styles are not for me. I can't do them. Accessories and I don't really float each other's boat, either. Also, I really don't enjoy wearing my hair out. It gets in my way, it looks lank easily and, randomly, it makes me feel like it's harder to think. Which is why on day three it ended up in a bun. Also, because it's good to be honest, on day one the humidity took its toll on my twin buns and my hair fully foofed in the front... so it went up into a high bun the second I caught sight of my hot mess self.

I guess I'm just a high bun girl whether I like it or not. One who'll pop her locks into a ponytail every now and then. And I'm good with that. 

So, did you take part in the five day hair challenge? How did you mix things up? And was it fab or a fail for you? 

Get chatting below!



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28th April, 2023

I'm going to now that I have seen you do this Kellie,thank you for the inspiration and ideas :)

21st April, 2023

Hair wash day I always straighten and wear out, day 2 is usually out then it's messy bun time lol.

21st April, 2023

Wow, that's pretty inspirational!! Don't think I could do it. I start with leaving my hair open the first couple of days and then have to be creative as my hair starts to get a bit oily.

21st April, 2023

Well done Kellie :)

21st April, 2023

Wow... 5 different styles in 5 days... I take my hat off to you! I can do ponytail or loose. Pretty sure those are the only 2 options that exist...

20th April, 2023

I loved the side part on you looks good. I’m struggling to find hair dos as I have shoulder length hair now .

16th April, 2023

LOL tangled rats tails. You look gorgeous in all pics. My hair style range is very limited as well. I don't know that I could pull off 5 different styles. mmmmmmm something to consider though.

14th April, 2023

My hair is too short and too thin to do much with but it would have been fun to let loose if I had better hair

26th April, 2023

Yes the side part was good .Very brave and I wish I could manage this.



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