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The Eyes Have It! Makeup Tips For Glasses Wearers.

6 November, 2023 - 07:41pm by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Kellie

The most shocking beauty confession I've ever heard? There are many to choose from... "I don't wear sunscreen", "I never cleanse my face. Ever", "I've been known to do a full face using department store testers". The one that shocked me, perhaps more than it ought to... "I don't wear eye makeup because I wear glasses."

I'm a glasses wearing gal, and I can't imagine not wearing eye makeup. I feel like my glasses swamp my face, and due to that I want to enhance my eyes. Further investigation into this scandalous claim had to be had... and it turns out it's not just a case of "what's the point", but more "I don't know how". So how can those of us who sport specs play up our peepers? Check out these tips and tricks...

The Eyeshadows Have It

While we're all about the "you do you" at Beauty Review, when it comes to wearing eyeshadow when you wear glasses, there are a couple of tips you might like to pay attention to; the first being that you want your eyeshadow shades to complement your glasses rather than compete with them. That means you might like to stick to neutral matte shades, perhaps with a light shimmer in the inner corner of your eyes to add dimension. Alternatively, if your frames are colourful, or have colourful accents, you can take those colours and use similar coloured eyeshadows, or eyeshadows that work with the colour of your frames, to help enhance your eyes. 

To Line or not to Line?

Eyeliner can be a blessing and a curse to a glasses wearer. It can either make your eyes look bright eyed and beautiful, or small and sunken. On the whole it's a good idea to keep the shade of liner you use dark up top, but light down below, as glasses frames can create shadows under the eye area and dark liner on the lower area can exacerabte that.

My trick? I use a dark liner in the upper waterline and along the top lashes (which you could perhaps even flick it out into a wing if your eye shape and the shape of your specs allow). For the lower lash line, I stick to a lighter liner and/or (depending on my mood and what I'm doing, where I'm going) apply a nude or white shade applied in the lower waterline.

The Magic and Mayhem of Mascara 

Mascara has been the bane of my glasses-wearing life. It smudges, it streaks, it leaves little black marks on the glass. The trick I wish I'd known a long time ago to take that mascara mayhem and make it magical? Use a volumising waterproof mascara with lash-lifting properties. Directing lashes upwards, rather than outwards, and pairing it with a formula that sticks rather than smears, means you won't be cleaning your specs every five seconds, and the volumisation will enhance your peepers without adding the kind of length that will see your lashes batting against your glasses all day long.

Don't Forget Your Brows!

You can be sure if people are looking at your specs, they're seeing your brows. This doesn't mean you have to have them plucked and waxed and trimmed to perfection, but keeping them tidy with a little brushing and perhaps a bit of brow gel wouldn't go astray.

The Alternative...

Another option is drawing attention to your eyes by matching your lippy to the colour or the accents within your specs in order to create a subtle but eye-catching look.

So, are you a glasses-wearing beauty? Do you have any tips to make your peepers pop? Or do you prefer to eye up a lipstick over an eyeshadow when putting your face on? Get chatting below!


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13th November, 2023

I just got my first glasses, classic old age farsightedness...

13th November, 2023

I only wear reading glasses but you can get some lovely glasses these days and a bit of eye shadow and mascara can look amazing.

12th November, 2023

I have to wear glasses when I drive at night and if it's raining

10th November, 2023

There are so many lovely looks with glasses

8th November, 2023

Must admit my glasses do mess with my makeup it’s like a little sweat box behind there

7th November, 2023

I've just started wearing glasses in the past year and I never wear eye makeup with them. I would probably only wear mascara.

6th November, 2023

I wear glasses for some things. I don't love it and I don't think they enhance my make up. I'm always worried they'll make lines in the make up on my cheeks.

27th January, 2024

You should experiment with a little make up too.



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