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The Best of Beauty Baubles!

4 December, 2017 - 10:39pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Remember the dark old days where Christmas decorations came down to multi-coloured tinsel thrown around a tree, interspered with round globes in gold, silver and red. Then for the piece de resistance you'd grab handfuls of gold tinsel and drape it over the poor pine's foliage. It was a good time, to be sure, but we've come a long way since those golden days, and now trees are works of art, or in this case works of beauty. 

You see beauty brands have caught onto the most marvellous of marketing tricks. Take their products, pop it in some cute packaging, add a ribbon - and boom, the ultimate Christmas decoration. So what do we want to see not under our tree but hanging off our tree this Christmas? Check these beauties out...

Limited edition. New, exclusive lip colours. Those two points alone make this gorgeous decoration/gift... gifteration??... from Ciate a yes please!

Have a Beautyblender-obsessed friend? Slip the Midas Touch decoration on her tree (comes with a Beautyblender and Blendercleanser solid) and she won't beat about the bush telling you how much she loves you!

No need to split hairs about this Christmassy treat. The bauble is stylish, the product inside ideal for those who need to show their hair some love.

Anyone seeing this appear on their tree will be awash with praise to the person who put it there! 

Have a friend who's balmy about balm (I'm looking at you BR Nat!), this decadent decoration will have them puckering up with thanks!

Love a little luxury? This Jo Malone Christmas Ornament containing an Orange Blossom Cologne, and Grapefruit Body Creme offers just that! 

Do you get so excited for Christmas that you can't sleep the night before? You might want to crack into this gem early then! BR Kellie has the Sleep Plus and she reckons it's lavendery goodness is just the ticket to help send you to the land of nod.

Yes. Want. Gimme. 

We've already mentioned a lip product... but this one is sooooo cute, and at $16 from Mecca it's a steal! Except, we wouldn't steal it, because then we'd be on Santa's naughty list and we wouldn't get any beauty goodness from him... so we won't steal it, we'll just buy it, and keep our names on the 'nice' list. 

Soooooo... do any of these beautiful baubles have you feeling festive? What would you love to find hanging on your tree? And am I alone in wishing I could have a tree entirely made up of beauty baubles? (Sorry tinsel... you're dead to me.) Chat away!



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17th December, 2017

What is it about cute packaging that installs a FOMO?! and how cool would a tree look all covered in nothing but beauty baubles and bows <3 love that idea

16th December, 2017

I wouldn't mind getting any of these for sure. An entire tree of beauty bubbles just for me would be such a dream! hehe!

13th December, 2017

These are amazing gifts and perfect for the stocking fill too. I think this is perfect for tree decoration with name of the people to pick up each instead of gifts under the tree. I am sure there will still be some gifts under the tree. I loved it.

12th December, 2017

They are all so cute..Mecca has some cool stuff that's for sure

11th December, 2017

Super cute, I love the look of the Sleep Tight and the GHD bauble but only because it's purple and would look great on the tree ha ha ha.

10th December, 2017

A lot of the small gift sets at Mecca have xmas decoration packaging. I don't think I'll actually hang it on my tree though

7th December, 2017

I don’t know about feeling festive, maybe if I had the Energy Zest and Sleep Tight I would be in the zone.

6th December, 2017

I bought myself a Too Faced Christmas cracker containing a mini eye primer, mascara, lipstick and cute bag. I love all the Christmas beauty things!

6th December, 2017

These are pretty cool. I didn’t know they had beauty ones

6th December, 2017

Gosh beautiful!! I’m thinking I should get another small Christmas tree and decorate it with these beauty baubles. Will look great in a beauty room.

5th December, 2017

oh my! yes I wish my boyfriend would get these for me :D

5th December, 2017

Such a great idea for the beauty loving babes in our lives!

5th December, 2017

I'd love a tree decorated with beauty baubles and decorations so long as the tree is out sunlight or the lippies might melt. Soap and Glory have a cute foot and handcream ornament set for $10 and then there's Dermalogica that has a mini facial oil decoration. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting to mention.

6th December, 2017

Oh the bodyshop has a variety of them as well.

5th December, 2017

They look beautiful - I want them all :)

5th December, 2017

Well then xmas decorations just got a heck of alot more cooler not to mention that I love these way more! I'm all over that Too Faced and Beauty Blender one like white on rice! Off to online shop visa will not thank you later BR but I will :D