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The Best Hair Brands According To YOU!

24 March, 2023 - 06:38am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

Honestly, I'm a hot mess when it comes to all things hair. I've given up on trying to colour it because I've never found a shade that suits me. On the rare occasions that I curl or straighten my mop, it ends up in a bun after a few hours because it begins to kink or frizz. The only success I've ever had is when it comes to shampoo, conditioners and treatments - and that's only because I've read reviews on here first and trusted the opinions of our wonderful Beauty Review community. So what brands are the best? Who's making the products we need to try (especially those, like me, who need all the help they can get). From hair tools to shampoos to treatments, here are the best brands giving you your most glorious hair ever... according to YOU!

Shampoo - Liquid

Herbal Essences BioRenew Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo - 4.5/5

You say: This shampoo left my hair feeling really clean, I get very oily roots and normally have to shampoo it a few times but only had to shampoo once using this product. It has a pleasant smell and great package size. Beauty Review member - purgatori

Shampoo - Dry 

Garnier Hair Food Shampoo Bar Banana - 4.3/5

You said: The bar was just a perfect size to hold in your hand and get it into the roots of your hair. It foamed up immediately and cleansed deeply. The fact it had no artificial colours, was dermatologically tested and was 98% biodegradable was a big plus. My scalp is fairly sensitive but this bar shampoo didn't leave it itchy . Overall I was very impressed and would use it again. Beauty Review member - mollysmum

Shampoo - Dry

Batiste Dry Shampoo - 4.5/5

You said: I have tested a number of dry shampoos, and this one is the best! Based on their price and performance, it far exceeds any of the $50 ones I have tried. It’s simple, doesn’t smell too fragrant, and it does its job. Beauty Review member - Irenelee


Herbal Essences BioRenew Hydrating Coconut Milk Conditioner - 4.6/5 

You say: The formula is very luscious and creamy. I left it on my head for 5mins before I washed it out and I could feel how soft it left my hair. Having a whole bunch of natural extracts makes me feel as though I am really looking after my hair. Such a treat! Beauty Review member - Katya

Hair Mask

Garnier Fructis Hair Food Banana - 4.5/5

You say: Results are impressive. It is so hydrating and nourishing on my hair without making it greasy or heavy. I can easily comb my hair without tugging and once I have blow dried my hair it feels soft, smooth and knot free with reduced frizz. Beauty Review member - Emily-jane

Hair Oil

Wella System Professional Luxe Oil - 4.7/5

You say: Beautiful light weight oil. Nice fragrance and left my hair soft with no fly aways. The condition of my hair improved more as I kept using it. Beauty Review member - AmieA

Hair Serum

Redken Extreme Anti Snap - 4.7/5

You say: Loved this product for treating my hair after having had it chemically straightened for a few years. Made my hair feel so much smoother and less coarse feeling. Quick and easy to apply with good pump dispenser. Beauty Review member - polisheddiff74

Colour - Permanent

Schwarzkopf Brilliance - 4.4/5

You say: This is one of my ultimate favourite hair dyes. I love the hair oil it comes with. Gives good coverage and colour and with the added oil, gives a lovely shine. BR Member - Mumof3Munchkins

Colour - Temporary

L'Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss - 4.3/5

You say: This is a great semi-permanent hair colour. I have used it countless times with consistently great results. I find it lasts much longer than 28 days. It is very easy to apply, quick to work, and washes out easily, with a nice fragrance. BR Member - Trace


GHD V Gold Classic Styler - 4.8/5

You say: GHD - always does what it says on the tin. Without doubt the best straightener out there. It's easy to use & a decent price for the length of time you'll have it.... Aka years and years! Beauty Review member - CharlieBrown

Straightening Brush

Lady Jayne Salon Pro Rechargeable Straightening Brush - 4/5

You say: This really does straighten my hair just by brushing through it, it's that simple. Way easier than using a regular hair straightener and it's much harder to burn myself. I tried using this on my mother as well since she has very curly hair and it even worked well on her. Now she wants one too! Beauty Review member - Leanne765


Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush - 4.7/5

You say: This brush feels great on the scalp because of its cool curved shape. I found this does a good job at detangling without yanking on my hair, which is super important as I have fine, thin hair. It also works wonders for brushing through hair masks or leave-in products. I absolutely rate it. Beauty Review Member - kirstiep

Congratulations Herbal Essences, Garnier, Batiste, Wella, Redken, Schwarzkopf, L'Oréal, GHD, and Lady Jayne! YOU are the brands creating Top Rated products that have wowed our community - and their hair! 

So, did your favourite hair brand make the list? If not, which brand deserves more hype?

Get chatting below!



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6th September, 2023

Garnier tubs are amazing to use and really are good value.

14th April, 2023

I’ve not used any of these before so will definitely be interested in trying some. The flexi-guide brush looks interesting

13th April, 2023

I am really interested in trying a shampoo and conditioner bar

4th April, 2023

I'm interested in trying the new herbal essences shampoo now I've seen them around but the sniff test either was not impressive or the price wasn't. I liked the idea of no parabens however I did see their conditioner wasn't silicone free or diamenthicon free - some of the shampoo are. I like the banana hair food I've been a user of that for years now thanks to BR. I'm yet to try a shampoo bar. Those special brushes are great too. The one I have feels very different on the scalp than other brushes

2nd April, 2023

I like Herbal essences shampoos.

1st April, 2023

I totally agree that the Garnier shampoo bars are great! In fact, I'm sure I left a 5 star review for it!

31st March, 2023

I am also not great with styling my hair, a ponytail and bun is about as good as it gets! I agree, the Garnier Banana Hair Food, and the Lady Jayne Flexi-Glide Brush are both fantastic! The essano coconut conditioner is really good too.

29th March, 2023

Love Pantene but Essano is great aswell , l dont use a lot of shampoo , and use heaps of conditioner on ends of my hair

29th March, 2023

I use the Pure range of professional hair products because not only are they beautiful products that give my hair the care it deserves but the full range is totally natural with many ingredients being organic, including their colours. My favourites are Goddess shampoo & conditioner, Sacred mask and Fusion bond repair treatment.

29th March, 2023

I love the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil range for my dry, curly, frizz-prone hair. It's been better than most for me. But I see some Garnier Hair Food in my near future... I haven't tried that range yet, but the BR reviews of it look pretty great.

29th March, 2023

Batiste Dry Shampoo always has a place in my bathroom :-)

28th March, 2023

I LOVE Redken Extreme rang and my new favorite love is the Lady Jayne FlexiGuide hair brush.

28th March, 2023

I’ve had my GHD for 14 years and while it’s not as effective as it used to be it still works and when I replace it it will definitely be with another one. Definitely loving the look of the Lady Jayne straightening brush though.

22nd May, 2023

I am not great with styling my hair either . I would love to be able to.

9th June, 2023

Yes they are really lovely.



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