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The Beauty Guide To Goblin Mode

22 January, 2024 - 01:36pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

by BR Tabatha

My wardrobe is now 80% activewear (which I'm rarely active in), my hair thinks my brush is an instrument of torture, and my skincare regime is a three-step routine on a really good day.

Goblin mode is real, and I'm not angry at it.

After working from home for so long, after reading tragic new stories, after seeing the world change - and sometimes not change when it should - is it any wonder that we want to blob? To slob? To slop around like that long forgotten tub of leftovers in the back of the fridge?

Unfortunately the reality is that we can't always live our best goblin life. Sometimes we have to pull ourselves together in order to face said world. So how can we make the most basic of efforts to look world-ready while still embracing our goblin mode aesthetic? 


Frankly, I think the short-haired among us have it sorted. Just run wets hands through your hair, maybe use a bit of product, and you're good to go. Have long hair and are being forced to care? Tip your head upside down, scrape it all together, twist it round and throw it up into a messy bun. Cute with minimal effort for the win! 

Hair need a wash but you can't be bothered doing so before heading out? Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail and twist it into a ballerina bun for a 'polished' look.


Goodbye twelve million step skincare regime, hellooooo washing face with a flannel and warm water, or maybe - if you're pushing the boat out - micellar water and cotton pad, followed by moisturiser and, during the day, spf. (What? You think we're not going to insist on spf? Embracing goblin mode should not interfere with your health).


Need to look a little more pulled together? If you've been hiding from the sun so much that you could be mistaken for a goblin vampire, a tinted moisturiser will add a little life and dimension to your face. Next, grab a lippy, dab a bit onto your lips with your fingertips, then take what's leftover and blend it onto your cheeks for a hint of colour. Finally, run a little mascara through your lashes, and you're good to go.

One last tip...

While goblin mode is all well and good and fun to joke about, there is a difference between having an off day, and actually letting yourself go due to your mental health not being at its best. If you do find yourself in a proper rut, please talk to a medical professional. 

So, are you a goblin gal? Do you engage in goblin mode? And how do you do it, but make it beauty? Or do you prefer to keep yourself looking polished 99% of the time? Chat below!


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23rd February, 2024

There are times when this is as good as I get! I think everyone deserves goblin mode once in a while.

18th February, 2024

I activate goblin mode every dinner, particularly camping.

5th February, 2024

Goblin mode gal most weekends unless something is happening like an event or lunch date.

5th February, 2024

I think I just love being in PJ's and tend to just throw my hair up and have no makeup more often than not

3rd February, 2024

I work from home most days and I get all comfy being in goblin mode.

28th January, 2024

I’m a full on goblin on weekends. I love nothing more than doing a full face of makeup for work but am just too lazy when I’m at home.

23rd January, 2024

I don't need to be in goblin mode to be lazy with my hair and have a minimal skin care routine :)

23rd January, 2024

I am much more relaxed than I used to be but do like to get smarted up every now and again

22nd January, 2024

Yes. Paragraph one sounds like me! It's hard to try really hard with clothes, but make up is a bit easier. My hair is fine and thin since my illness so it has to be in a ponytail as short hair turns to a frizzy mess for me. I had covid over Christmas and did nothing at all. Barely made it into tights and a tee shirt! It was kinda nice ...

15th July, 2022

Lol I know this look too well

15th July, 2022

lol Goblin mode! I wish, although even when I was isolating for a week due to Covid I still put on my face and did my hair haha

14th July, 2022

I am kind of, definitely with my hair and not so much to my skin and face though.

11th July, 2022

Anyone else feel like this is like mummy mode?

7th July, 2022

Yep, I'm pretty comfy being a goblin at home. If I need to go out though, a tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and tinted lip balm are my go-tos so I don't scare small children. I never skip basic skincare though - my face would be drier than the Sahara.

5th July, 2022

I didn't know goblin mode was a thing. I think I ace it well though. Been wfh for almost a year and I love my homey clothes, no make up, slightly greasy hair that I use dry shampoo for when I can't be bothered washing it.

23rd January, 2024

good on you -self awareness is positive

24th January, 2024

No it is good sometimes to have a lazy day and enjoy it.We all need a break sometimes

4th February, 2024

That is not lazy -that is relaxing



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