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Ten Tips For At-Home Colouring Success!

3 March, 2024 - 07:35pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Amelia

Taking your hair colour into your own hands is a brave move. It can result in your loveliest locks ever at a bargain price... or in a follicle fail that'll see you spending a fortune at your hairdresser to hide the horror of your at-home dye job gone wrong. So, what are ten tips that'll reduce the chances of creating terrible tresses and enhance your chances of style success? Check these out...

1. The first tip? Choose a colour that will work with your natural hair colour. At home is not the place to take your hair from black to platinum blonde; it's safest to go a few shades lighter or darker to avoid any major disasters. With that in mind, you'll also want to work with your natural tone. Not sure if you're warm, cool or neutral? Check out this helpful article.

2. Colour sorted? Don't go all in without reading the instructions first. Make like a scout and be prepared.

3. The instruction that mentions 'patch test' needs to be adhered to. It's better to patch test on a small area of hair and scalp and discover you're allergic, than suffer the pain of a full head of hair allergy.

4. Colour chosen and instructions read? Patroleum jelly (such as Vaseline) is about to be your best friend. Apply it generously along your hairline and around your ears (don't forget the tops) and it will help stop the colour from staining your skin.

5. Next, line your floor with towels or newspaper. In my experience, at-home colouring tends to result in spatters, and cleaning dye from grout can be a painful process. Also have a damp rag ready to quickly swipe any blobs that might end up on the wall.

6. Now that you're all prepped, it's time to get colouring! Get the gloves on (yes, they're unwieldy and often a really strange shape, but they are a must), mix up the colour as per the instructions, then apply the colour from the roots down to your tips. I also like to brush my hair at the end of the process with a wide tooth comb to ensure even coverage.

7. Got an old shower cap hanging around? Pop it over the top of your hair once you're done with the dye. This'll stop errant drips from hitting the floor or furnishings as you wait for the colour to do its thing. 

8. Speaking of waiting for the colour to do its thing - while being a little early or a little late isn't the worst thing in the world most of the time, it can be disastrous when it comes to at-home hair colouring. Take it off too early and the colour won't penetrate the hair properly, leaving you with a lacklustre result. Leave it on too long and you run the risk of damaging your hair, or even ending up with a result that's darker than you'd like. When it comes to colour processing, stick to the time on the box.

9. Ready to rinse? Rinse your hair with warm water until the water runs clear, then use the conditioner that comes with the colour to give your hair a nourishing boost.

10. Lastly? If any of the above seems a little overwhelming, the best advice I can give you is to see a professional, or get a friend who's comfortable with colouring hair to help you out. Hair colouring doesn't need to be a hair raising experience, nor should it become one.

So, do you consider yourself an at-home hair colourer of epic proportions? What are your tips and tricks? Sharing is caring so chat below!



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27th June, 2024

Main thing -Give it a go.So many good products out there and fun to try

24th June, 2024

I get bleach and tone at salon and do the touch ups at home. Easy enough to do, more affordable and the result looks good every time. No fail results yet.

18th June, 2024

I have been doing my own hair for about 3 years now and agree with all of the above. I worked for an Organic Hair Company also and can attest to the patch testing, I spoke to many clients that used the same colour for years and years and didn’t complete the patch test, then one day suddenly had an allergic reaction. It’s more about hormones that change

14th June, 2024

Now is certainly the time for tips for doing things ourselves!

9th June, 2024

It's been a very long time since I've coloured my hair, and I mostly remember how messy it was.

14th May, 2024

I love to experiment with colour and nothing is a real disaster that can't be changed

13th March, 2024

I have gone away from permanent colours in the last few years and enjoy wash out temporary ones but for them to stick long I need to lighten or bleach my hair or regrowth. The most annoying thing is I keep getting grey peeking through

9th March, 2024

I have tinted my hair a bit at home but, atm I don't have any grey hair and I know I'll probably have to color my hair when I get a significant amount of grey hair. So I am putting off dyeing my hair. I know coloring my hair is going to be expensive since my hair is black-brown and beauty treatments are already pricey.

7th March, 2024

I have coloured my own hair for years and did my Mum's too. I have always found it easy to do .I bought a hairdressing cape to save mt clothes and wrap my hair in glad wrap while processing.

4th March, 2024

I am a do it yourself hair colourer. So far I haven't had any disasters. I can't justify paying so much at a salon nowadays. I don't have any tips really, just follow the instructions.

4th March, 2024

I'd love to colour my hair but it's too fragile and grows too fast.

3rd March, 2024

Have coloured my hair for many years and the best tip is that colour removes colour. Before rinsing your hair use the dye from your hair to rub along your hairline and scalp then add a little water each time and you won't have any marks to show you did it at home. With this method I don't need Vaseline.

3rd March, 2024

I've coloured my hair at home for over 20 years. Top tip is throw away those ridiculous giant gloves and buy a box of latex gloves. A million times easier to do everything!

4th March, 2024

Good point Lisa. When I dyed my hair years ago I always ended up with dye everywhere from those gloves.

4th March, 2024

Oh that is a good tip!

8th March, 2024

I do the same and yes it really works

16th March, 2024

Yes I was taught this tip and it works well.

16th March, 2024

From your photo your hair is a lovely colour so why change it?

16th March, 2024

I agree Kimrose . The home colour kits you buy are pretty fool proof if you follow instructions.

19th April, 2024

I have had a few funny colours but I just pretend that's what I wanted and don't purhase again

27th June, 2024

Well done !!



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