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Is The Glossy Eyeshadow Trend For You?

18 August, 2023 - 08:27am by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Kellie

If there's one cosmetic I'm obsessed with, it's eyeshadow. I love the stuff. I own far too many palettes. So much so that I'm constantly having to stop myself buying palettes I'll never use, simply because I adore the colour story (I'm looking at you, Natasha Denona Yucca palette). I'm that person who spent every day during lock down wearing a spectrum of shadows on my lids simply because it gave me an opportunity to try looks I'm not brave enough to wear out in real life. Naturally, that means when a new eyeshadow trend pops up, I pay attention. The latest look to turn the heads of beauty lovers? Glossy lids. 

To be fair, the trend's not new, it pops up every couple of years, but recently the TikTokkers have given it a reboot, putting it back on my, and other beauty lovers', radar. So how does one achieve the basic glossy lid look?


First of all, to not prime is indeed a crime when it comes to the glossy lid look. The potential for creasing and gloppiness is very real, so you want to lay down a decent primer and give it time to set before you apply your eyeshadow.


Next, choose your eyeshadow colour. Whether you use powder or cream shadow, is up to you. As for the colour itself? I've seen the glossy lid look gorgeous with a neutral shade, and beautifully editorial with a scarlet red colour. Once you've made your choice, place the eyeshadow on your eyelid. Whether it's blended out or set down in a defined manner is up to you.

At this stage, if you're wanting to apply eyeliner, this is the time to do it. Once your colour and liner is placed, get ready to get glossy...


Taking a clear lip or face gloss (making sure it's okay to use on the eyelids), or a clear gloss designed for the eyes, apply a layer using an eyeshadow brush. Take it easy at first, because less is more in this case, then layer if necessary.


That's it. You're done. Glossy lids sorted. You're Instagram ready. TikTok ready. Heading out for a night on the town, or fabulous event ready. Heck, you could be simply picking-up-the-kids-from-school ready.

Bonus Tip

If you want to take glossy lids to the next level, you can get creative and use techniques such as the cut crease, halo eye, ombre, or gradient eyeshadow, before applying the gloss. With this trend, the limit really is your imagination.

What I enjoy about this trend is that it's relatively easy to achieve, and that it can be a one and done look. Something that's eye-catching without being painstakingly hard to do. That being said, for me it's a pass. I don't enjoy the feel of a super glossy lip, and the thought of gloop on my lids gives me a case of the shudders. But that's just my humble opinion - what about you?

Are you a glossy lid lover? Or is this a trend that you won't be batting an eyelid at?

Let us know by chatting below!



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1st October, 2023

That is a negative from me!

31st August, 2023

Pic looks great and I love eye shadow. I don’t like the sound of gloss on my eye lids. And I would definitely wear it awkwardly lol

26th August, 2023

I like foiled eyeshadow I have not seen this trend yet! I might have to give it a try but wouldn't eyeshadow crease terribly?

22nd August, 2023

Eyeshadow is my obsession too and I love this look but does the gloss get sticky on your eyelids? I’m intrigued.

22nd August, 2023

Don't think it wouldnlook good on me. Please it's giving oily eyelids vibes, hmm no

22nd August, 2023

Oh l love the look , but looks complicated for me to do , perhaps one day !

21st August, 2023

Not for me but for a special night out it would look amazing

24th August, 2023

Yes it could be fun to try at home perhaps.

15th November, 2023

You will need to try and let us know.



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