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Is It Time To Change Up Your Routine?

10 May, 2021 - 06:13am by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Kellie

How easy is it to get stuck in a rut? To wake up, toss your hair into a ponytail, smash on the same makeup in the same order, and head out the door. Far too easy. As a lass who spent the last decade living my best bun life, I should know.

Lately, though, I've broken out of my same ol', same ol'. These days the hair might be straightened and worn out, popped in a low ponytail, a side bun, SPACE BUNS even! I've played with different shades of shadow on my eyes. Put the peachy/apricot blusher to the back of my makeup stash and enjoyed a little pink flush. I've even dared to line my lower lashes instead of leaving them bare.

Has it changed my world? Nope. But has it made getting ready an adventure? Added a spark to my otherwise mundane and routine-driven life? Damn straight it has!

So what are the easy changes we can make to break us out of our beauty habits? Read on...

Switch Up Your Makeup!

Embrace the opposite! Like a natural look? Try contouring for a change. Like a nude lip? Pull out a red! If shades of brown are your eyeshadow go-to, pop on a peacock blue! 

Are you a full face of powder products kind of gal? Powder blush, bronzer, highlight, eyeshadow, with a dusting of powder all over your face? It's time to dabble in cream products! Prefer cream? Why not give powder a go? If you've been living a matte life, try a dewy look. If you do the dew on the regular, break out of your comfort zone and swap to matte for a day!

Subtler options to change your look can include going from black to brown eyeliner, trying a new shade of blush, or even just adding a dusting of highlight to your cupids bow. 

Play With Your Hair!

Creating a new do doesn't have to mean going from black to blonde whilst chopping off your waist-length hair in favour of a pixie cut, it can be as basic a change as trying a different part. I've always gone for a side-part, but an off-to-the-middle side part created a level of sophistication I did not expect. A deep side part can create a bold and beautiful look! Prefer a messy part? Go straight. Like it straight? Try it messy!

Plaits, buns, half up-half down, quiffs, ponytails. There are plenty of easy styles to play with to amp up your day-to-day look. Or break out the tools and curl your hair, or straighten it... or go crazy and create some beachy waves!

If you're wanting to add a little extra somethin somethin, pop on a hair accessory. Headbands, scrunchies, sparkly clips. There's a huge range out there, and the addition of one can transform a whole outfit, creating romantic/fun/cute/whimsical/fashion-forward/sophisticated vibes.

Of course, if you really want to take the bull by the horns a new cut and/or colour can give you a full, fresh, head-turning look!

Nail It!

Haven't changed your nail style from rounded with a pale pink shade since forever? It's time to break out of your comfort zone! Try an almond or square shaped nail, or go crazy with a stiletto or ballerina shape. Be bold and bright with a hot pink, sultry with a midnight blue, flirty with a bright yellow shade. And if you really hate your new look you can a) get things reshaped or b) remove the colour. No harm, no foul.

In fact, the same can be said with all of the above. Whether makeup, nail or hair (excluding cuts), they can all be wiped off or switched back in a hot second if you find you're not feeling it! 

If this ol' lazy bones can learn to embrace the new, you can to! So... I dare you to try something fresh! Decide which element of your style you'd like to change up, then do it and tell us how it goes!

Get chatting below!


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16th May, 2021

Hym... i have been lazy with everything lately. Maybe time to start doing up my nails again?

15th May, 2021

I want to try stiletto nails break out of my coffin shaped habit.

14th May, 2021

I was thinking the other day of cutting a foot length off my hair - not sure my husband would approve though :P

12th May, 2021

Having my hair curled for a wedding was a treat!

11th May, 2021

I'm wondering if I should get a haircut. But when I do, I usually regret it and it takes years to get my hair to grow again. Dilemma ....

10th May, 2021

I definitely need to start using nail polish! I got my nails done over Christmas and it just puts you in a completely different mood!

10th May, 2021

I enjoy changing up my routine but mostly do this to make sure all my products get used before they expire. The hair thing is probably the only one I make the least amount of effort. Unless I really feel the need to straighten, curl, etc it will usually just be left out with a part down the middle.


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