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Is Colour-Fade the Reason You Say No to Unicorn Hair?

14 April, 2019 - 09:45pm by - First Lady | 23 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

I LOVE unnatural hair colours.  Mermaid hair.  Rainbow hair.  Unicorn hair.  Emo hair.  Funky hair.  Bright hair.  Whatever you call it, you know what I'm talking about right?  Hair colour not found naturally.  Green.  Blue.  Pink.  Yellow.  Purple. Orange.  All at once, or alone, I'm a fan.

What I'm not a fan of?  Maintenance.  Because, although unicorn hair can be nothing more than a fun fling, for those who want to rock it for the long-term, it's actually rather high maintenance.  And even though the innovations in bright colour are advancing massively, even the best colours can't combat the effect things like heat styling, sun rays, chlorine or deep conditioning (yeap you heard us right!) have on your colour.  All of these things cause your hair colour to fade more rapidly.  Heck.  Even one hair wash can impact the intensity of bright colour.

Those clever folks at Schwarzkopf have launched a product for us rainbow-loving ones that is going to boost and prolong the colour of our pink, purple, blue or pastel grey hair.   And of course - we're going to be sending it out for review.

Available in four shades, the LIVE Colour Boost Shampoo keeps coloured hair bright and vibrant. Specifically formulated to boost your favourite LIVE Colour.   This shampoo can be used in three ways:

  1. To refresh and prolong the vibrancy of your LIVE hair colour
  2. To boost the intensity of your LIVE colour
  3. To create soft pastel hues on a light hair base (natural or pre-lightened)

Each member of our Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Boost trial team will receive 2 packs of Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour and the matching Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour Boost Shampoo in the shade of their choice.

CLICK HERE to tell us more about your hair (and what shade you want to try!)

And while you're here - why not tell us your thoughts on brightly coloured hair.  Do you love the bright, but hate the fade?  Get chatting below!

Is Colour-Fade the Reason You Say No to Unicorn Hair?

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19th June, 2019

I would love to try as the only thing holding me back from bright fun hair is the colour fade

29th April, 2019

These who be wicked to try

28th April, 2019

I've received mine in the mail! Can't wait to review I've got purple dye in as I write this!

24th April, 2019

would like to try the purple and shock my family lol

23rd April, 2019

I would love to have bright pink or purple hair, but unfortunately, I can't rock up to job interviews with that hair.

18th April, 2019

My hair is pink and purple if you can call it that as the colour has faded drastically currently debating if i boost it or get rid because of the fading would love to give this a go

18th April, 2019

That the one thing I hate about getting my hair coloured.. the fading.. my hair looks awesome the other long after it starts to fade. I would love to try this product out.

17th April, 2019

I've used so many different brands in many different shades throughout my life and have experienced varied degrees of colour fading. Be nice to find one that actually lasts and gives the vibrancy I always hoped for!! Have always loved Schwarzkopf products! Having the boosting shampoo as well fills my heart with joy!

17th April, 2019

I've got bright red hair at the moment and colour-fade is definitely annoying! I'd love to try a different bright hair colour though. I've always wanted to try Purple or pink hair!

17th April, 2019

I have green & pink hair. It starts out vivid green & fades to a more pastel colour. The pink started out as royal blue, faded to purple & now pink as I am due for a re-colour. I often put blue in when my green fades so the blue & purple could work for me. I love my coloured hair & maintain & care for it so can't see me going 'normal' anytime soon ...

17th April, 2019

I wonder if the silver or purple tones blonde hair somewhat

17th April, 2019

Would LOVE to try out silver one! BR and Schwarzkopf - count me in to rock the silver hues!!!

17th April, 2019

Erm... sorry, pastel grey I mean!

16th April, 2019

This sounds cool! I would love to brighten my hair up for the cooler months.

16th April, 2019

Sounds cool. When I had pink and purple hair this would have been awesome but I’ve gone back to brunette now.

16th April, 2019

I just love bright colorful hair. I have had pink, purple,blue,turquoise and red. All fade so fast. If there was a way to help I would love to review these products!

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