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If these 6 reasons don't make you quit biting...nothing will

6 October, 2019 - 02:17pm by - First Lady | 30 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

Are your nails thin, brittle or weak?  The common cause of nails lacking strength is onychophagia.  That's nail biting to you and me.  Which we all know is unhygenic and well, gross.  But in the nail biter's defense (ok in my defense) it really is a tough habit to break.  That being said, if you are a biter, by golly gosh, you need to quit.

Here's six reasons why.

  1. Your fingernails contain twice the bacteria of your fingers - basically, whatever your hands touch during the day makes it into your mouth, where it breeds and multiplies causing infections, particularly gum and throat infections.

  2. Three words.  The Common Cold.  If you're a biter and are prone to picking up colds the answer is simple.  Nail Biters catch more colds because they're literally putting the germs into their mouths.  Oh and how about another word.  Hepatitis.  We'll leave it there, but know this...we speak the truth!

  3. Biting the skin around your nails can remove the cuticle, opening your nail bed up to bacterial and viral infections.  We're talking fungus, yeast and oozing pus. 

  4. Nail biting can cause dental problems such as affecting tooth alignment and causing gum injury.  Regular biting can shift your teeth out of position as well as wearing them down and weakening them!

  5. Saliva reddens the skin around your nails and the more inflammed skin is, the more prone to hangnails it is, which in turn increase paronychia; infections of the skin around the nail.  It's a vicious cycle y'all.  

  6. Fingernails can become severely deformed after years of biting and worse - the longer you bite before quitting, the more at risk you are of an ingrown nail.  Yes, these don't just happen to your toes!

So many icky feels right now!  So its time to find something else to replace biting your nails with and make 2018 the year you finally broke the habit.  Get playing with a hair tie or twirling a ring, or dig out the already-forgotten fidget spinner, and preoccupy yourself.  Your health is literally at risk!


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12th October, 2019

Never jad the habit but gosh i didnt think it can impack so much... Os scary

10th October, 2019

Omg wow! Definitely guilty of tidying up a nail if I’m out and away from home might have to stop this yikes.

9th October, 2019

I'm more of a picker unless I'm super anxious

7th October, 2019

Good i grew out of this nail biting habit early.

7th October, 2019

I'm not a nail biter but I have other bad habits that are probably worse.

4th February, 2018

I used to bite my nails when I was entering my teens. Then my mum introduced me to nail polish ! Lol ! My nails looked so pretty I never bit them again !

30th January, 2018

I have never bitten my nails but I had a boss who chewed his nails down, almost so there was no nail to speak of! Gross!

28th January, 2018

Eeeeeewwwwww thank goodness I kicked this habit years ago!

27th January, 2018

I used to bite my nails when I was a teenager and then again in my early twenties and then one day I just stopped and have never bitten them since but my 20 year old son is a biter and he bites right down to the quick,his nails are a complete mess but he won't stop so I wonder if this could be hereditary as he is definitely not the nervous type,far from it actually.

27th January, 2018

Never have been a nail bitter, but I am a nail picker! I'm always picking at hangnails and trying to fidget with the cuticles which I think is equally bad.

27th January, 2018

I do this bad habbit when nervous or anxious but I more pick not bite them. Right now they are growing nice though I didn't know it was bad for teeth! Good information

27th January, 2018

I was a nailbiter for over 20 years but stopped four years ago when I got a new job and needed nice nails haha for me it was I habit I started when I was younger and got in trouble and ever since then I continued to bite my nails knowing that it was a disgusting habit but it really was a hard habit to overcome so I was quite surprised when I was able to stop and would never go back now as I love having beautiful long nails

25th January, 2018

Gross! Luckily I never got into that habit of biting my nails and skin

25th January, 2018

Eeek! Thankful I’ve never been a nail biter. I understand it’s a hard habit to kick though!

24th January, 2018

Yuck! Thankfully I lost the habit some time during childhood. Thank goodness, because I'm rubbish at breaking bad habits!