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I'd Like A Bar Of That! Beauty's Gone BARnanas!

10 July, 2022 - 09:40am by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

by BR Kellie

Remember how for the longest time we wouldn't have a bar of bar soap? Then we dispelled the myth that it was icky, and since then it seems the fear of the bar has well and truly gone the way of the dodo. In fact, over the last decade we've seen more and more bar varieties of skin and haircare pop up alongside their bodycare bestie. 

So what beauty products can now be swapped out for a more environmentally-friendly, package-free/less solution? Check these out!


Basic old bar soap has come a long way since its humble beginnings as fats boiled with ashes back in ancient Babylonian times. These days it's filled with all sorts of ingredients to suit our skin's different needs. Hydrating, acne-fighting, exfoliating, gentle... there's a bar to suit everyone, whether you've the most sensitive of skin to the kind of skin that would make a rhino proud.


Bar shampoo and conditioner continues to go from strength to strength, with more brands getting on board and bringing new ranges to the market. The formulations are excellent, too. With bar shampoos and conditioners for those who need hydration, who have frizz that they want tamed, those with oilier scalps, those with dandruff, those with coloured hair, and so much more.

Other than (often) being kinder to the environment, shampoo and conditioner bars can also last a goodly amount of time, with brands suggesting they offer anywhere between 50 to 80 washes, which makes them both a bank balance and earth saver, and who doesn't love that!?


The first ever skincare in bar form I used was good old glycerin soap. Boy, have things changed. These days skincare in bar form is nowhere near as basic; you can enjoy cleansers formulated for dry skin, oily skin, pimple-prone skin, and 'normal' skin. You can even find exfoliators, makeup removers, serums and moisturisers in bar form. It seems there's a full face of skincare for everyone, bar none!

Our one tip if you're a fan of bar beauty products? Invest in a good container to store it in so that a goodly chunk doesn't end up melting away in the shower when the water hits it. 

So, are you a fan of bar beauty? What products do you keep on hand? Or is it bar beauty something you still won't have a bar of? Chat below!



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7th August, 2022

I love beauty bars! No waste (at least the Ethique ones come in home compostable packaging), less space and therefore fossil fuels needed for transport, what's not to love? Having said that, not all beauty bars are made equal, just like with all beauty products. Luckily we can review Ethique products now on BR, which are my favourites, and I'm sure there will be more over time!

15th July, 2022

I’m on the fence over shampoo bars only because I have extremely dry hair but with oily roots, I love the look of the Nivea bar though. It would definitely be quicker having a bar in the shower rather than an added step in my skincare routine.

15th July, 2022

Always wanted to try a bar shampoo to see how effective they are especially for my curls,these all look great and so I might have to treat myself over the weekend hehe.

15th July, 2022

Like the look of that skinnies bar

15th July, 2022

Love beauty bars, they save on packaging and most tend to work well

15th July, 2022

Love handmade soaps and really like EcoStore shampoo plus conditioner bars.

14th July, 2022

I’ve tried shampoo, conditioner, soap and scrub bars. The shampoo and conditioner bars are more of a regularly thing but soap and scrubs I’m picky with. I think they’re a great ecofriendly alternative as long as there is a good drainage dish to keep them long lasting.

12th July, 2022

Not a fan of bar Soaps I've tried so far, the end result smell and feel. Don't think I've tried shampoo/conditioner bars yet. Have purchased a Ethique mystery box so will get to try some bar options soon.

11th July, 2022

I have always preferred bar soap. Less ingredients, better packaging and there are some truly luxe bars out there. I have used Lush poo bars and love them. Haven't had as much success with conditioner bars though.

11th July, 2022

I used to hate soap bar as a teen and went to a gel. However I've converted back again and now use bars as a shampoo, conditioner, face, exfoliant & body. Love how they last so long, and that it is a little something to help the environment.

11th July, 2022

I must admit l have never been tempted to try them to any extent , possibly a good idea , and less waste as far as packaging goes and waste priduct you can't get out of normal bottles, thanks.

11th July, 2022

I've never tried any beauty bars - other than soap! I would be interested in moisturiser bars the most

11th July, 2022

Honestly I don't think I've tried bar beauty stuff aside from bars of soap. I'd be into trying a bar shampoo or conditioner

11th July, 2022

I have always preferred bar soap. Less ingredients, better packaging and there are some truly luxe bars out there.

11th July, 2022

I use bar soaps now too.....there are sooooo many nice ones out there! I find them very cost effective. Am just getting into shampoo bars etc.

14th July, 2022

Try an Ethique conditioner bar! I didn’t like the Lush ones either.



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