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How to Stretch Out Your Hair Appointments!

13 December, 2020 - 12:14pm by - First Lady | 4 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

When you opt to colour your hair you do so knowing they'll be upkeep involved.  Semi permanents need refreshing often and permanents may stay vibrant for longer, but they'll grow out leaving you with the mean root line.

It stands to reason then that when you opt to colour your hair you know you're going to need to spend money and time at the hairdressers more regularly.  But what happens when life gets in the way and you can't get to the salon when you need to?  Or what happens if the look you want is just a little too much maintanance for your budget?  

Never fear!  Here's our top tips for making your hair colour last longer - stretching out the time between appointments!

After the hairdressers:

1.  Wait as long as you can before shampooing to give the colour a chance to really permeate and, for want of a better word, stick.


2.  Don't shampoo more than 2-3 times a week.  You should find when you have a full head colour you can stretch your shampooing out longer than usual.  Take advantage of this.

3.  Use products specially designed for coloured hair.  If you have the option, choose products for you specific colour.  For example purple shampoo and conditioners for blonde hair.

4.  Refresh with colour conditioner.  You can buy special colour conditioners that contain colour particles, you use them every few weeks in place of your conditioner for a colour boost, leaving hair as vibrant as it was when it was first coloured!   If you want a cheaper option you can make your own by adding a little semi-permanent dye to a bottle of conditioner and use as usual.


5.  Protect your hair from known enemies.   Look for products that contain SPF to prevent the sun fading your colour.   Also avoid contact with chlorine.  Yes if you want longer visits between salons you're going to have to don the swimming cap.  As The Mothership would say; "it's not a fashion parade".

6.  Avoid deep conditioning if you've coloured your hair brunette or reddy tones especially.  Yes deep conditioning is great for your hair, but it's very design works against hair colourants.  Deep conditioners are designed to deliver moisture deep into the hair follicle, and when it's rinsed out it can take the colour particles with it!  Daily conditioning (but not daily shampooing!) will keep your hair feeling silky soft.

7.  Limit heat styling to a couple of times a week and always use a heat protection spray.  


8.  Headwear is an invaluable tool - especially if you're self conscious about your fading locks.  Have fun with hats, headscarves and statement head bands and cover what you're not fond of!

10.  Changing your part can give the illusion of less regrowth - from a messy zig zag, to an en-trend centre part, if you can't get in to the salon, this quick fix will have you feeling fabulous!

So there's our top ten tips for lengthening the time between salon visits - do you have any tips to share?


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29th December, 2020

These are some great tips! I already wash my hair only 3 times a week.

19th December, 2020

I always leave it as long as I can before washing after getting a colour- it’s like the longer you leave a stain on washing the harder it is to get out!

19th December, 2020

Haha yes a hat is my friend when I see the greys popping up again!

13th December, 2020

Great tips. The best advantage of not hair washing in summer is that my hair gets a bit heavier and doesn't frizz so easily.

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