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How To Know When Your Perfume Stinks!

9 January, 2022 - 10:28am by - Head Pixie | 16 Comments

by BR Kellie

Ever done something and instantly regretted it? And not in an 'oh bum, that wasn't my best idea' kind of way, but more in a 'what the heck was I thinking? I'm an idiot! I am NEVER doing that again' way? Recently, the latter happened to me after, while cleaning out my walk-in wardrobe, I spotted a perfume I'd forgotten about and spritzed it on, only to gag at its 'scent', which was nothing like the zesty, floral, sexy fragrance I remembered.

I ran to the bathroom and attempted to wash it off. I scrubbed, and scrubbed and soaped and scrubbed, but that sucker was staying on my skin for the foreseeable. What had gone wrong? How had an old favourite perfume become a rancid bottle of revulsion? Well, it turns out my perfume had expired, something I'd not even considered before dousing myself in it, leaving me smelling like I'd been on a boozy bender.

So how are we to know when it's time to relegate a fragrance to the great perfumery in the sky?

Unsurprisingly, an easy way to spot a fragrance that's past its use by is by its scent. But don't figure that out by doing a me and applying it to yourself, instead squirt it in the air and have a sniff. If it's no longer smelling like it usually would, it might be time to say goodbye. If it smells vinegary or metallic, it's definitely time to say au revoir.

If the colour has changed and become darker, or the liquid has become cloudy, that's another sign the perfume is on the turn.

More obviously, if a perfume that never irritated your skin in the past suddenly does, it's time to bin in.

So what can we do to keep our fragrances in fine form?

Depending on its composition, the average fragrance will last anywhere between three and five years when stored correctly, which means keeping it in a cool area away from sunlight. Keeping air from mixing with the fragrance is also important as oxygen can change its composition, so if its top can be unscrewed, refrain from doing so, and ALWAYS put the cap back on after using.

Keeping your perfume in the box can also help extend its life, and some even recommend keeping perfumes in the fridge - which, if anything, will make for a refreshing spritz in summer.

Suffice to say, after reading up how my mishap had happened, I went through my collection and ended up having to throw away all but two perfumes. The biggest lesson? Only buy what you can use, and actually use it! Lesson learned.

So have you ever had a fragrance fail that saw you stinking after squirting expired perfume? Do you have any you need to toss out? Get chatting below!


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18th January, 2022

I only ever buy the small bottles of perfume so then I can make sure I use them up before they turn into something better found on a skunk.

16th January, 2022

I keep my fragrances in a drawer in the wardrobe, it is dark and a constant temperature.

16th January, 2022

I have habit of using my perfumes to make a whole room smell sweet, so I go through the less inspiring ones and save my favourites for more special occassions.

16th January, 2022

Recently went through mine and the ones I now longer wanted went to my girls. I tend to keep them in a drawer away from sunlight.

15th January, 2022

Informative article. I am gonna keep mine in the fridge from now on.

14th January, 2022

It surprises me how many don’t realise you are meant to keep fragrances in a cool place. I’ve often told people after they have posted a picture showing their display. Sure it looks good but it ruins it hopefully the article will save others collection some have spent a lot on them

13th January, 2022

I got heaps I’m trying to pan of lush and EDT . Won’t be repurchasing any of them.

12th January, 2022

When I first bought perfumes I used to display them and the first small bottles of my favorite fragrance ended up on a sunny spot on my dresser. Then I read about storing them correctly and they're stored in boxes in cool dark drawers. The main problem I have is with the spensy EDT samples I get as freebies evaporating before I use them because they maybe more of an evening fragrance.

11th January, 2022

wow might have to try this, I have had too many spoil on me

11th January, 2022

I've never heard about keeping perfumes in the fridge, but I guess it makes sense. It's also recommended for some cosmetics.

11th January, 2022

I bought a perfume online a few months ago and I knew it was a perfume I loved. It arrived and it was completely different to how I remembered it! After a quick google search i found a website where you could check the 'batch code' of your perfumes to see how old they are and when they would be expiring. Turns out i had been sent an older one, almost three years old that was very close to end of life.

10th January, 2022

I didn't realise perfume went off... I get sort of hooked on one scent at a time, so I guess I don't have lots of different bottles lying around and gradually turning into bad-smelling booze! I love the idea of keeping it in the fridge though anyway. A cool, fragrant spritz sounds perfect right about now :)

10th January, 2022

I’m a heavy perfume user I never keep mine long enough to turn old

10th January, 2022

Ooh what an experience. I don't buy too many perfumes. Mostly because it's hard to find ones I like. When I do find I like, I purchase it. As I'm all about the Empties and getting my money's worth I do my bestest to finish it before getting another.

10th January, 2022

I had to throw out my last bottle of Epris long after it was discontinued and not before it started to smell bad. So sad. Best perfume ever. I have Giorgio and Beautiful and I'm using them to make sure they don't go off.

13th January, 2022

Maree, everytime I smell Giorgio I think of you xx

12th January, 2022

Yep, I'm the same, tabucutie! I hate wasting money and/or product :)


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