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How often do you exfoliate your feet?

28 January, 2014 - 09:52am by - First Lady | 34 Comments

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Poll posted by BR Natalie

Here's our foot fact of the day - the skin on our feet has no oil glands.  This means the skin is naturally dry.  Ever wonder why your feet seem sweatier than the rest of your body?  You feeit rely on the thousands of sweat glands to keep them cool and moisturised.

Which means if you don't moisturise your feet on a regular basis you're going to end up with very dry feet.  And very dry feet lead to 3 things - cracked skin, flaky skin and thick skin.  Now prevention is better than cure, but never fear - if you've let things fall by the wayside beneath your ankles there are things you can do.

Top of the list is to remove the dry skin.  And to do that you need an exfoliant of sorts.

The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub uses volcanic rock to "slough away rough patches of hardened skin".  An exfoliating not only removes the dry and dead skin, it will stimutalte circulation and give your tootsies a nice foot rub.

Once you've exfoliated we'd recommend slathering your feet in a rich moisturiser, popping on a pair of cotton socks and watching a couple of episodes of Downton Abbey.  Your feet will thank you!

If you'd like a spot on the trial team for this Pumice Foot Scrub, why not tell us about your feet - do you suffer from dry skin?  What exfoliant do you currently use?


How often do you exfoliate your feet?

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7th February, 2014

I used to pay a lot of attention to my feet as I have always had a dislike for feet in general but I just haven't had the time this summer after being too pregnant to reach my feet and then being to busy to even remember they exist. I would love to see a product that can fix the neglect my feet have been experiencing. Maybe I'll even get the strappy sandals out before next year...

7th February, 2014

I don't really have the tools necessary to exfoliate. But my feet really do need it! Hard to find good foot exfoliants though.

7th February, 2014

I'm so bad at exfoliating my feet! I play a lot of sport so should really get into a better habit of looking after the skin on my feet!

7th February, 2014

I have very hard rough bits around my heels and year round find it difficult to keep them soft and 'normal'. This sounds lovely!

5th February, 2014

I wear alot of open shoes - jandals/sandals etc and barefeet outside at home, so tend to always have cracked heals. I do put body moisturiser on them daily but this doesnt seem to help - maybe I need to try to exfoilate my feet to see if this would help

1st February, 2014

My feet desperately need this.

30th January, 2014

Guilty of not doing it often enough but when I do pamper my feet they get the full treatment. Sadly they are kept hidden a lot in shoes/boots :(

30th January, 2014

Not as often as I should!

29th January, 2014

I tend to only really give my feet a good scrub when I'm planning to wear open shoes out for a big night! I shod definitely do it more.

28th January, 2014

Hahaha. I need to exfoliate all the time, especially over summer. Wearing high heels at work all day is not good. I use concrete steps, pavers or anything rough I can get my feet on. An exfoliante I could use in the shower would be awesome.

28th January, 2014

I use a pumice stone several times a week so would be keen to try this body shop one. Heel creams help with the dryness and it's definitely more of a problem in the summer time with exposure to the elements in open toed sandals but sounds like I also need a decent moisturiser to treat my tootsies.

28th January, 2014

I literally never exfoliate my feet. But now that you bring it up, I probably should.

28th January, 2014

I give a massage to my feet every other night with butter cream. So my feet feel soft and smelling like strawberry. ;-)

28th January, 2014

I barely ever exfoliate my feet! I always forget and it's just something that easily slips my mind. I don't have scrub that is purposely aimed at feet either, so this would be awesome to try.

28th January, 2014

Yip, im one of the not so often exfoliating eeeek! I am a massive jandal wearer in summer and because of this my heels are known to get a little flacky and gross, so im forever using a heel file to sort them out. So i would totally love to give an exfoliant a go, esp a soothing one, sounds like bliss!!



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