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Have You Used Glycolic Acid Before?

30 January, 2019 - 04:19pm by - First Lady | 81 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Another day, another fabulous review opportunity!  It's a tough gig getting selected for a Beauty Review trial, but we're hoping we can talk some of you into it! 

For this skin care trial team, we're looking for 30 members to each put FOUR full sized products to the test, worth over $150!

The only catch is...after using the products over a few weeks, you'll need to write 5 helpful and informative reviews.  One for each individual product, and one for the regime as a whole.

So what can I tell you about these four products?  Well, there's a cool treatment product, a day cream, night cream and serum.

The standout ingredient of this trial is Glycolic Acid.    It's one of the alpha hydroxy acids which smooth fine lines, help fade blotches, and allows other anti-aging ingredients to penetrate faster and work more effectively.  It also encourages an increase in collagen production. 

Does this sound like something your skin would love to try?  Then you know what to do by now;


And why not chat to us below about your experiences with Glycolic Acid?  Have you tried products containing it before, or is it all new information to you?

Have You Used Glycolic Acid Before?

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16th March, 2019

I am in the process of hunting down a skin care range with glycolic acid! I have started noticing the dreaded sun damage and pigmentation age spots from another hot summer and have seen some wonderful results on before and after shots. I think this is my go to next skin care regime to make my skin look younger without the heavy coverage of makeup.

10th February, 2019

I have heard about Glycolic acid before and always been curious to try it. This sounds like it would e an interesting trial to be a part of and may help with the skin discoloration that remains from pregnancy. I would love to review this

10th February, 2019

I've always wanted to try this. I've heard such wonderful feedback from others that have, so I'd be excited to try it!

8th February, 2019

Yes! learnt about this in beauty therapy

8th February, 2019

Never tried it, but have heard amazing things about it! Would love to try it to see if it can help remedy some of my skin problems

8th February, 2019

Sounds like it would be a great addition to the arsenal to combat aging. I would be in.

7th February, 2019

I would like to try this, as I have problems with pores and patchy dry areas, also dark patches with sun damage.

5th February, 2019

Everything that these products say they help with are all issues that I currently have with my skin. It sounds almost like this trial was created for just me!!!!

Hoping like crazy I get chosen

5th February, 2019

I have never used Glycolic Acid before, but even though I have heard of it I have never been aware of its benefits. I have always known about alpha hydroxy acids and how effective they are in skin care, so I am interested to learn about this new combination. The fact that it allows other anti-aging ingredients to penetrate faster and work more effectively is of particular interest - and makes me keener than ever to try this Fab Four for myself.

4th February, 2019

I haven't used or heard of products with this in it before, but I am wanting and willing to give it a go. My skin tone is so uneven and I have been looking for a good product to brighten up my skin, but products that actually work tend to be rather expensive so I would love to trial these products for you.

4th February, 2019

When I was young, oily skin was my trouble.. now I am much older I struggle with dry areas, fine lines and blotchy areas. I'm yet to find a product which is effective and affordable too!

4th February, 2019

I would love to try these! I have dry patches on my face and these days I also have breakouts and dark circles, really looking for something to help!

4th February, 2019

I'd love to try this, with aging skin and previous history of very oily skin I've been having facials using this and would be keen to try a product range which has that in it as it really does refine the skin.

4th February, 2019

I've had glycolic facials in the past, I really love how smooth my skin feels afterwards. I'm planning on doing another series of them as soon as finances allow, so would love to try this regime instead

4th February, 2019

Yep I use it nightly as a toner! I tend to get really discoloured skin no matter how much sunscreen I apply to it sadly.