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Five Reasons To Fall In Love With Autumn!

15 March, 2021 - 06:11am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

by BR Kellie

As I write this I'm wearing jeans.

And I'm not okay with this.

Summer is my jam. Summer is my spiritual home. Summer is my eternal love.

Flippy frocks, short shorts, t-shirts, jandals, sandals, sporting prettily-coloured toenails, gloss galore, bronzers and highlight and luminous skin... it's allllllll glorious.

And then in a swoop of a low-pressure system it's gone.

Le sigh.

We're told that acceptance is a major part of the grief cycle, and every year in order to come to terms with the loss of my favourite season I go through the reasons I'm grateful for Autumn. So here are the top five beauty reasons I can find to love the cooler months of the year...

Embracing Hairy Legs

Yes, I am aware that one can embrace hairy legs at any point in the year. There is nothing wrong with baring hairy legs, but for me I enjoy the aesthetic of smooth skin when paired with leg-showing clothing. You do you, I'll do me. However, come autumn the shaver becomes invisible to me, and I allow that extra layer of warmth to grow. My protective coat, if you will.

Moody Nail Polish

Or, in my case, wearing nail polish full stop. Does anyone else find that wearing nail polish in summer makes them feel even hotter? Just me? Anyhoo... When the temperature drops my nail polish box comes out, and my tips are painted in dark nudes, and vampy purples. Some might say it's finger-tipping good.

Flushed Cheeks

A summer flush is basically proof of being a hot, sweaty mess. In Autumn a flush is a sign you've been active. It says 'I've just been for a power walk through the park, kicking piles of leaves like I'm six again'. It reeks of health and vitality. Best of all? In Autumn you can fake the flush with a little blush and cuddle up under a blanket while binge watching your favourite show without having to step foot in a park. Then when you go out looking all glowy no one will know you've been living your best autumnal sloth life.

Beauty Maintenance Downtime

Much like not having to shave, there are other beauty benefits to Autumn such as not having to bronze. It's cold, you're expected to not have a summer glow lighting up your face. Spent all summer moisturising your legs and arms so as not to appear to be one of the lizard people in bad disguise? With your arms and legs hidden you can give that up for a few months. Sunscreen should always be applied to bare skin, but with so much less needing to be bared you can save yourself loads of time! 

Switching Up Your Perfume

Much like hairy legs... actually, much like anything in this world... you can wear whatever kind of perfume whenever you want, HOWEVER during summer I can not bring myself to wear my Kenzo World perfume. To my nose it's too intense, too sultry, too overpowering for a sweet summery day. But in Autumn it fits right in. It's as rich as the changing colours of the leaves, as heady as the scent of smoke coming from my neighbour's fire. It's Autumn in a bottle. And I can't wait to wear it again.

Autumn. Not so bad after all.

So are you looking forward to the cooler months? What are you favourite parts of Autumn?

Chat below!



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12th June, 2021

I love the leaves! I do not do well in too much heat

19th March, 2021

I love autumn because it's so much easier to dress for, no need to worry about being too hot or too cold, perfect time to wear a cute dress and a jacket, without the addition of sweat!

17th March, 2021

I love our open fireplace in winter, but getting out of a warm cozy bed in cold weather I dislike a lot.

16th March, 2021

I love the colder months! Sitting by the fire, fluffy robe, pjs, hot chocs! The one thing I don't like is getting in and out of the shower.

16th March, 2021

Oh I love the colours of this season

16th March, 2021

I like winter... jeans and chunky jumpers. I can’t not shave my legs every day - regardless of winter... to set in my ways I think

15th March, 2021

I'm not a cold weather person - I really don't like it. But not shaving my legs would be a bonus!

15th March, 2021

YES YES YES!!! Particularly the hairy legs and the nail polish. I wonder if it's because we are at home more in the winter and therefore have more time on our hands to do our nails?


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