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Do You Like Your Foundation To Be Comfortable?

26 May, 2021 - 11:27am by - Head Pixie | 64 Comments

by BR Kellie

Back in the day full coverage foundation was both a blessing and a curse. It did a marvellous job of hiding pimples, blackheads, uneven skin tone and/or scarring, BUT it came with the issue of giving you that caked-on 'if I hit the back of my head my face would fall off' appearance. Thankfully massive strides in foundation formulations have occured since those dark days... which is why we're excited to offer Beauty Review members the chance to trial the new L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear foundation!

L'Oréal Paris Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear foundation is formulated with comfort in mind! It's lightweight, breathable, and has a natural finish, so - unlike matte formulations - you can enjoy full coverage while not having to contour, highlight and blush your way out of a corpse-like appearance.

So what sets L'Oréal Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear apart from other full coverage foundations? The innovative oxygen technology gives your skin a lightweight feel, while the ultra-stretchable formula ensures excellent coverage without giving you a case of cake face.  

Have a busy day and night ahead of you? With its 24 hours long lasting wear, there's no need for major touch ups! As for worrying about staining your tops when you whip them on or off (or your foundation slipping when you work up a sweat on the dance floor?), there's no need, as it's transfer and sweat proof! And it features SPF25 for added sun protection!

If you're looking for a full coverage foundation that's comfortable to wear and looks natural, this is sounding like liquid foundation perfection. 

So... are you excited to try L'Oréal Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation?

Take our survey, and let us know your skin's needs and you could be part of the trial team!

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

And why not comment below and tell us what you look for in a foundation?

Do You Like Your Foundation To Be Comfortable?

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13th June, 2021

Love foundation . Always sets a good base for make up .

4th June, 2021

I got selected for the trial then missed out on a place but this is something I’m going to have to go out in get one day cause it seems too good to be true! I would love to see how this foundation works on my skin and see if it covers my pigmentation!

2nd June, 2021

I would so love to be part of this trial! I love lightweight foundations however most of them don't provide the amount of coverage I like especially during my weekdays at work. I like to pop something on in the morning and not have to touch up. I have a few sunspots on my lower cheeks and concealer doest make the cut..I cant get it to look natural. Please consider me for exciting!

1st June, 2021

I would love to trial this foundation on my sweat and sunspot prone, but dehydrated skin

31st May, 2021

I love experimenting with different products to achieve flawless results. Would love to give it a try!!

31st May, 2021

Would love to try full coverage and lightweight sounds like the perfect balance

31st May, 2021

A foundation that lasts 24hrs?? Yes please! I always have trouble with foundations that sit well on my combination skin so it I'm keen to put this one to the test!

31st May, 2021

I've been looking for a new foundation with SPF in, and I usually get quite warm especially in summer so find I really need a foundation that stays - it's a fine line between not wanting to look like I've painted my foundation on.

31st May, 2021

would love to give this a try and see what it's all about!

31st May, 2021

I like using bb creams as they are light in weight and don't feel caked. I would love to give this a try to see how comfy it is. Full coverage and light is cherry on the cake

31st May, 2021

I usually use a light foundation but for winter with red cheeks becoming an issue I’d love a fuller coverage that still feels light

31st May, 2021

I totally need to try this foundation out . Give it a good test for my skin, and see how long it lasts. Ohh and of course to see how it looks on... Light and full coverage hell yes.. sign me up

29th May, 2021

This is my favourite everyday foundation. Definitely a trial team you want to be on .

27th May, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good coverage foundation that feels light on skin?!? Yes please!! I would love to look awesome with this foundation!

27th May, 2021

Who doesn’t love a good coverage foundation that feels light on skin?!? Yes please!! I would love to look awesome with this foundation!