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Do You Have A Troublesome T-Zone?

1 June, 2021 - 10:29am by - Head Pixie | 24 Comments

poll posted by BR Amelia

The battle to beat bothersome oily skin is real. One finds themselves constantly trying to keep the oil in control, while battling breakouts, as well as redness, oh - and the dreaded shiny T-Zone. Thankfully skincare has come a long way since the days when we were instructed to take the most stripping skincare ever and apply it to our oily faces (which only resulted in more oil and breakouts and badness), and now we're being blessed with skincare that works with oily skin rather than against it in order to control the issue.

The latest to hit our shelves is the Oil Control range from none other than the wonderful (and beloved by Beauty Review members) New Zealand brand, essano!

essano's Oil Control range features Niacinamide (try saying that five times fast!) and zinc to help remove excess oil, mattify skin and clear pores. So how does Niacinamide and zinc help oily skin? Niacinamide supports your skin's barrier and microbiota (aka the bacteria/fungus that naturally lives on your skin), while working to brighten and rebalance uneven skin tone, and reduce the apppearance of blemishes. Meanwhile zinc controls sebum production while helping moisturise skin without causing it to become more congested. 

Now, as you know, we're not the types to dangle a fabulous new range in front of you without there being a good reason or, in this case, a GREAT reason. We've got our hands on the Deep Pore Cleanser, Balancing Toner and Oil-Free moisturiser, and THIRTY Beauty Review members are needed to put all three products to the test! Could it be you?

Take our survey, let us know your skin issues and you could well find yourself on the trial!

CLICK HERE to take the survey!

And why not comment below and tell us why you think the essano Oil Control range is for you!

Do you have a troublesome T-Zone?

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5th June, 2021

Yes please! I love Essano products and have been keen to try products containing niacinamide.

4th June, 2021

I have this problem since forever ! chin ,nose and forehead shiny as Dorothy Red shoes from Wizard of Oz , help haha

3rd June, 2021

I wear glasses and am constantly having blackheads and whiteheads around my nose area. No matter what I try, I can't stop them appearing and it gets a bit depressing after a while! I'd love to try anything that may help!

3rd June, 2021

I'm intrigued to see how this range performs as I'm looking at skincare for my daughter.

3rd June, 2021

Even in winter I still blot my forehead with tissue and mattifying powder. I’m one for never having the same 3 brands for each skincare step so it would be good to see if a regime helps of the same ingredients. Well done essano looks like you’re keeping up with the internationals with product development!

2nd June, 2021

Finally...At last an oily T zone range that controls that horrendous shiny nose and forehead and combats open pores, the days of makeup melting into a shiny sheen are over, the ultimate range for the midwinter melt in front of the fire. Will definitely be purchasing and reviewing if I'm not selected

2nd June, 2021

This sounds fab! I have combination skin so my T-zone is oily but the rest is normal/dry; I wonder how effective this will be on the oily parts of my face as well as the others - will it dry it out?!

2nd June, 2021

Wow this looks so good! Look forward to reading the reviews for this

2nd June, 2021

I’d love to try this, my skin is often oily and I haven’t tried a good face regime yet that works for me, I’d love to try this! I really love essano products!

2nd June, 2021

This would be perfect - I love Essano and I have oily skin. Would be great to see if it works.

2nd June, 2021

Ahh yes, would love to trial this product and put it to the test. Essano proving a strong contender in the beauty product market, and this sounds great to try on my T Zone that can still play up on more mature skin... :)

2nd June, 2021

Love your humourous write ups on these products I'm a great fan of the Essano range and try and support it being an NZ brand. Love their Keratin shampoo probably best shampoo i have tried and their night cream is just fab, wasnt sure on night cream to start with but more I've used it more I like it. I would definitely love to trial this range as I have an oily T zone, since reaching menopause my nose especially is oily. Niacinamide sounds an interesting ingredient dont think i have used anything containing that before. I've yet to find a toner that suits me too.

2nd June, 2021

Yes! My t zone gets so oily and gets black heads it would be great to try something to help with this. So my make will possibly stay on my twine nicely

2nd June, 2021

I get a lot of redness around my tzone especially around my nose.

2nd June, 2021

Oily T-zone is one of my main skin concerns. It doesn't seem to get better or worse with the change in season or my diet etc. I'm just always shiny. I've tried a few "oil control" products,and blotting paper, but I haven't found a go-to product that I can rely on to keep the shine away.

I'd really love to give this Essano range a try!