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Can a Machine Help Improve Your Body's Skin?

14 November, 2021 - 09:07pm by - First Lady | 78 Comments

Poll posted by BR Tabby

Can a machine help improve your body's skin texture and tone?  We're putting together a trial team to find out!

The latest from Manicare might just be the answer to your skin's woes - promising a reduction in cellulite and an increase in skin firmness!

The Manicare Firming Body Sculptor uses uses salon-grade Electronic Muscle Stimulation Technology (EMS)  to stimulate muscles through gentle contractions creating a mini workout to improve tone and firmness for the skin.  LIPO vacuum suction mimics petrissage massage technique known to improve skin firmness.

It is clinically proven to reduce visible cellulite by 26% and increase skin firmness by 24%^.

You begin by targeting each area for 3-5-min each day to improve skin firmness and uneven skin texture in the comfort of your own home.

We think it sounds pretty amazing - are you as intrigued as us?

Click here to take our very quick survey telling us more about your skin type!

And then why not head back here and chat to us below about all things cellulite and beauty tech - do you want to take this baby out for a spin?  Why?

Can a Machine Help Improve Your Body's Skin?

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20th November, 2021

I don't have too much cellulite due to doing yoga and pilates workouts everyday for 30 minutes or so but I am interested in how well this actually works on helping keep the skin firm all the same so looking forward to reading the reviews.

20th November, 2021

I've lost 40+ kilos in the last 2 years so will be interested to see how this goes!

19th November, 2021

I definitely think this works and I would love to try it! There are def parts where it would be great to try on my skin and see the difference it makes! I have never tried this before but have heard good things about it

19th November, 2021

Omg! Who wouldn't want to get rid of cellulite! I'm always covering it up. I'd love to be able to be more comfortable this summer in skirts and shorts. I also need something to help my neck not end up looking like a Christmas turkey!

18th November, 2021

This would be fantastic to try. I have cellulite on my legs and floppy skin on my arms. I swim most days and am always conscious of it. I would love to reduce the dimples and firm up these areas.

17th November, 2021

My husband recently realised that all the cellulite on my thighs has disappeared! Thanks to doing karate no doubt. But I've still got stubborn fat bits on my "baby gut" the babies are now 15 & 12 so time to sort that area out now!

17th November, 2021

Oh wow! This would be great to try! I usually wear knee length shorts and skirts to cover my cellulite, it would be amazing if this could help reduce its appearance!!

17th November, 2021

I have always had cellulite and it stops me wearing short shorts which I love. This definitely sounds like something I need to try

17th November, 2021

if this works it will be amazing

17th November, 2021

Wow Id love to try this, cos you know ageing!!!

17th November, 2021

What a nifty little tool this looks to be. I'd love to firm up my jiggly bits and not feel quite so nervous about getting my thighs out during the summer. How good would that be!?

17th November, 2021

I would love to try this on the sides and back of my knees!!

17th November, 2021

I would LOVE to know if this machine improves a body's skin, especially cellulite and firmness!! I know exactly where I'd try it out on!!

17th November, 2021

This sounds right up my alley. I would love firmer skin. Yes please I would be grateful to be considered for this trial :-)

17th November, 2021

It would be great to use something to reduce this before summer as the cellulite all comes out and I have to try and brown it so it doesn't look as bad!

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