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Are You Guilty of Ignoring This One Area of Your Body?

17 May, 2021 - 06:19am by - Head Pixie | 8 Comments

by BR Kellie

If you were to ask me how careful I was about my skin care regime, I'd tell you I was fastidious. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. I apply serums. I mask. Eye cream is a must. I never miss a day, and the last time I fell into bed without taking my makeup off was... well, so long ago I genuinely can't remember.

BUT there is an area I'm guilty of ignoring... and that's my neck.

It's like it doesn't exist in my field of skin care vision. I cleanse away my makeup and stop just under the jawline. I moisturise my face and stop... just under my jawline. It's like there's a blank spot between my head and my shoulders that others can see but I can't.

So how important is it to take care of your neck? I don't even need to hit up my ol' mate Google to know that it's actually really important. The skin on your neck is thin, which means it's more likely to incur damage more easily than other areas of your body. It's also less oily than other areas. Add thin skin, less oil, and the reduction of collagen production as we age? Well, that all adds up to create a prime target for fine lines and wrinkles. 

So what's a girl to do?

A) Invest in millions of scarves to hide the lack of care?

B) Become the Queen of Turtlenecks?

C) Simply start taking the extra minute to add a little care to that which props up her head?

I know, I know. 'C' is the correct answer. And really, what's another minute or two of moving your cleanser, serum and moisturiser down a few inches?... and following up with SPF... which I should also be doing more regularly....

Um. Yeah. Awkward. That's a topic for another time!

So, do tell, my beauties... Are you guilty of ignoring your neck? Take the poll, then chat below about the skincare regime you have - or don't have - for your neck...

Do you show your neck some love on the regular?

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24th July, 2021

I am getting into a habit now of my neck becoming becoming part of my twice daily skin routine. Starting with a nice massage (sometimes using my gua sha stone), followed up with my day or night time moisturiser. I wish I had started earlier to look after this area. I hate the sagging lol.

4th June, 2021

OMG I didn’t realise how important my neck was. I’ve never even considered doing anything to my neck in my regular or makeup routine. This is definitely something I’ll pay attention to now!

24th May, 2021

I am terrible, I pretty much only take care of my face! I do remember every now and then to pop some moisturizer down my neck, but I would say 95% of the time I forget!

24th May, 2021

Argh I feel like I have a wrinkled neck I do not like it at all

22nd May, 2021

I do focus on my neck with serums and moisture, but could do better with decolltagé applications.

20th May, 2021

Always forget

18th May, 2021

I always moisturise my neck.

18th May, 2021

I always remember someone saying 'your face ends at your boobs'!! It's actually stuck with me, especially when I see people with perfect faces but crepey, dry skin on their neck and chest. And my skin is particularly thin on my neck, so I give it all the same love I give my face. I kinda have to, if I want to minimise the turkey-neck look. And it's easy enough to include it all in my daily face-care routine, so why not? Definitely can't hurt.



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