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Are You Concerned With How Much Hair You Shed?

3 February, 2019 - 08:49am by - First Lady | 53 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

The average person loses between 50 - 100 strands of hair a day.  For some it's completely normal to lose upwards of 150.  Now this probably seems a lot, but when you've got around 100,000 hairs on your head, it's not really that bad!

Hair works in growth cycles, at any one time around 90% of your hair is growing and 10% is shedding.  But things can disrupt this cycle of growth and shed.  Giving birth, going through menapause, low iron levels, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), extreme stress, and dramatic weight loss can all leave you seeing more hairs in the shower drain than usual.

We're looking for reviewers with varying degrees of hair thinning / increased hair fall.  Each reviewer will receive two products to use for one month, before reporting back on the results.

We're looking for both male and female reviewers.  If the male in your life would like to give it ago - they can either sign up to Beauty Review and apply for themselves, or you can apply for them, and place their reviews on their behalf.

If this sounds like something you'd love to do (or a man in your life would love to do!), it's easy to tell us:


Are you concerned with how much hair you shed?

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16th February, 2019

My hair is constantly falling out! Huge big clumps of it! No idea why, can’t blame it on diet or how often I brush it- cause that’s maybe once a week (lol) and I don’t heat style it often either

13th February, 2019

Post pregnancy hair loss. PCOS. Probably low iron due to breastfeeding . Ticking all those boxes has left me with half the thickness of hair that I used to have. The hair loss is so bad I can see then patches when my hair is up. I'm not really sure where to start but with life being so busy I haven't even had time to research how to fix it, I just tie my hair up in a way that you will not notice and keep on going. Maybe this is why this email stood out, a calling maybe!

12th February, 2019

Such a coincidence this review has come up as the last couple days I have been staring at my thinning hairline around my face and where my hair parts I can see too much scalp and it really bugs me. I had a baby 4 months ago and have polycystic ovaries so maybe that's why. I never thought to do anything about it though!

12th February, 2019

because I'm hard on my hair with constant lightening, I expect to lose some hair, but over the last few weeks, it has been noticeably more. I can't blame it on diet, but I have been swimming once a week due to the heat, but I don't thing it's that either....yikes...

10th February, 2019

My husband would love to try these products. He has thinning hair and hair loss. He wants to keep his hair for as long as he can!

8th February, 2019

argh I have thin hair anyway and polycystic ovary that with stress and anxiety is a deadly mix on your hair!

6th February, 2019

I had my second baby 5 months ago. My hair is doing the crazy hairfall thing like it did when I had my first baby. Def wanting to try a product to help and provide an honest review.

6th February, 2019

My hair has thinned considerably over the last few years. Not sure what the cause is, it could be stress, medications or something else. But it's driving me crazy.

6th February, 2019

Regular keratin treatments have possibly been the reason why my hair is thinning. I have tried out many hair supplements but have yet to find anything that actually stimulates new hair growth....these seem to help with nails and skin, but not hair. I am always willing to try new treatments to help with hair growth

5th February, 2019

Pregnancy made my hair fall out in clumps last year and even after giving birth my hair is continuing to fall out. I don't have any bald patches but I have differently noticed my hair has thinned out especially when up in a pony tail. I would love to try a product that helps stimulate my hair growth and get it back to how it was.

5th February, 2019

My main reason for vacuuming is to get my hair out of the carpet. I really would like to wear my hair down but if I do then I find my hair gets all over my clothes and chairs and the people I hug, so out of courtesy for others I have it in braids most of the time. I also have lots coming out in the shower so only wash my hair twice a week. I would love is there was a product that could just keep my hair attached to my scalp and make my hair stand through the daily rigors of existing on my head without so readily giving up and leaving me.

5th February, 2019

I always loose lots of hair since it changed when I was pregnant with number 1 10 years ago. Now it often falls out, turns from healthy to brittle quickly and takes more attention than ever. I'd love to try to keep more of it on my head and less on the floor!

5th February, 2019

Ever since having my kids I am always shedding alot of hair. I only have to run my fingers through my hair and pull heaps out. Our vacuum is not a fan. I would share with my partner as I am sure his hair is thinning and with his dad going bald in his 20s chances are he may too!

5th February, 2019

I am in my sixties and have noticed the hairline at top of my forehead thinning, I have always had very thick hair. I would like to try any product that would improve my hair quality.

4th February, 2019

Ever since I had my son my hair has been literally all over the house. He is now 2 and my hair is thin lackluster and clogging the vacuum head like nobodies business. This definitely sounds like something I would like to try.