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10 Excuses for When Your Next Online Order Arrives!

17 July, 2017 - 11:01pm by - First Lady | 34 Comments

Article posted by BR Amelia

We've all been there.  Your clandestine internet order arrives either earlier, or later than expected leaving you to unveil your unnecessary purchase in front of your disapproving partner, your frowning mummy or your friend, Judging Judy.

So you have two choices, as you so often do in life.  Confess your weakness for online shopping, or destroy the invoice and lie.

We all know what the moral thing to do is.  But this wouldn't be much of a top ten list with one point - TELL THE TRUTH listed would it?  No.  So should you choose to shamelessly spin the truth* here's ten excuses we, the Beauty Crew, or our inner circle, have told.  Store them in the Excuse Vault, ready to tap into when your next order arrives unexpectedly.

It was the last in stock... it was now or never, and I was totally planning on buying it next month anyway. 

I used my rewards points... really, it was free.  

Mum bought it me as a present...

 ..can't my mum buy me a present?  I dare you to say she can't. 

I haven't bought anything new in ages...

 ...what do you mean I bought a palette last week?  That wasn't last week, the shipping just took forever!

It's limited edition...

 ...that means its like, super rare.  I could resell this right now for double.  But I'm not going to.

I won it...

 ...amazing right?  I don't even remember entering the competition!

I got it to cheer myself up...

 ...I was so sad on Monday remember, it was Monday after all.

It was on a super special and I got extra reward points and it came with a real pet unicorn...

 ...her name is Judy, she's in the garden.  

It's a gift for my friend Bex...

...What do you mean who, you met her that one time remember?  But it turns out she already had one, and that rip off store makes you pay for returns, so I'll just keep it.

It's a replacement the last one broke after like a month, can you believe it... coincidence they sent me a different shade after I announced I needed one in every colour.


So, erm, there you go.  Our sneakiest, most deceptive article ever.  What lies have you told when your online order arrived in front of the disapproving folk?  Share them below!


*Yes, these vary drastically from truth-bends to outright deception.  But hey, who are we to judge?!

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I enter comps and win things often so I can easily use the "I won it" excuse when I shouldn't be spending money lol

Beauty review sent it to me

Ahaha this! Although I buy so much stuff online that when I actually do get a review product or something I've won nobody believes me. Think I overused all my excuses lol.

18th July, 2017 at 2:05 pm

If I really need to, I tell people "it's a gift" and then mentally "from/to myself". The other one I use is "I ordered it online" but don't say who I ordered it for.

It's a trial -Yes I was so lucky to get picked !!! -Isn't it awful to feel you have to do that but we seem to think we shouldn't spend on ourselves or let out partner see us spending on ourselves .

I always like the one "I deserve it!" .... for putting up with you.

Haha I've used the "I won it" or "it's a trial from Beauty Review "

I've definitely said the rewards one or "it came with a gift which was worth way more so really I was saving money".

I used to tell porkies. But now I just tell him the truth.

Same - my husband is pretty on to it now and questions me as soon as it appears on the bank statement (cursed online banking revealing all my secrets) so I can't really fool him anymore.

18th July, 2017 at 10:33 pm

Yes Online banking tells the tales lol That's why I can't lie

19th July, 2017 at 12:19 pm

You get to have bourbon so this is my luxury hehe although it's not a lie it's me trying to justify my spending

Lol I use that one too :D hubby is pretty understanding though and If in doubt it becomes part of the scenery very quickly ;)

22nd July, 2017 at 6:54 pm

hehe yussss its a great justification if I do say so. Mines quite understanding too so yay for our husband choice

25th July, 2017 at 1:25 pm

I don't need to make excuses. But these are funny!

Ermmm, how about "none of your business" lol. The only person I really have to answer to is myself. My colleagues are always curious to see what's in the parcels, especially as I always look so excited. One of my male colleagues always asks to try the product if it is a face cream lol.

Oh and of course saying it's from Beauty Review!!

I have used lots of these excuses over the years. I recently used the, I had a voucher to redeem from months ago which was semi true (just wasn't months ago). I try not to be sneaky but sometimes it's just easier.

mine's simple ' I work hard for my money - and I want this' :D

Yeap, that is all.

18th July, 2017 at 8:36 pm

If I had to hide my gifts to myself, then I think I would need some help. Honesty is my favorite policy.


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