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Aerosol, roll on or stick ?

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I personally love the Rexona Clinical Protection,
But there are so many cans of different deodorants these days..
Is there really such a need for all the sickly sweet body sprays ? They are not actually anti perspirants are they ? And why do they all end up smelling the same ? 
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stick defenitly although i do like the scent of a spray if im not waering perfume. So sometimes use an impulse spray for the scent but i wouldnt trust it to keep me dry .
345 posts
Love the smell of he dove aerosol range but love the feel of a good roll on, just makes me feel clean lol
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I'm a roll on girl. I'm currently using Rexona's one that doesn't stink blacks and whites,  can't remember the name haha. Karen what do you think of the clinical protection? Do you find it works better or is there not that much or a difference. I think it would be prefect for summer if it was as advertised for strength :)
88 posts
I really like the rexona clinical, it works for me and I am an excessive sweater, Such a relief ..I can actually forget about "wet pits" for the first time since puberty
totally recommend to anyone
228 posts
Glad i'm not the only one Karen. i'm and excessive sweater too but sadly even this product doesnt keep me completly dry :(  but it is defenitly one of the better products out there. Im tempted to get botox in my arm pits. Because nothing works :( so frustrating and unbelievely embrrassing  :(
191 posts
Yay thank you Karen. I think I'll go out and buy it, I hate feeling like my deodorant isn't doing all that much even though it is. I think it's something I'd rather overcompensate in rather than get caught out haha. 
447 posts
I used to use Rexona/Dove but then switched to Cool Charm Frangapani roll on as I find that the Dove and Rexona has a more musky smell and I prefer the more floral of the cool charm. I honestly didn't see a difference in the results and Cool Charm is cheaper, bonus :D
570 posts
I love a good roll-on.  Have been using Mum forever.  Tried different brands (Nivea/Cool Charm) but I end up getting really itchy armpits, so it's back to Mum I go.
447 posts
I tried Mum but didn't reallly like the scent of them. Isn't it funny how the bigger names such as Rexona/Dove aren't necessarily the best as you would think
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Im big on the dove 'anti white mark' roll on range.. They work well, they smell good and they are the best lasting ones i have personally ever used. I used to use rexona sprays and roll ons, along with nivea as i would chop and change.. But they dont cut it compared to the dove!
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I only use the creme stick type (not sure how else to describe that!) the only one in NZ I have found is the Dove one, and most of the time my Supermarket doesn't stock it so I have to go to the Warehouse to buy it. In the States this style of deodorant is really popular and there are so many choices! Last time I visited I brought a few home with me :)
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I use the stick type also , but for awhile no one was selling it! I have just started using dove for men (as its in a HUGE stick) and it's unscented but it works pretty good,
My question for those of you that use a stick how do you remove it? i can't unless i shave it off haha and it clogs up and bluntens my razor, or i remove it with my vibes cleanser, but its so water repellant that no bodywash or soap will remove it
228 posts
Try using makeup rovover on a cotton pad to remove the build up
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I am a BIG fan of Rexona Clinical Protection too. Works a charm, and now I won't use anything else
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another  Rexona Clinical Protection fan here! It actually works and keeps me dry and fresh all day long! You need to apply it the night before though for the best results. I love it and havnt tried anything else since using this!
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Simple Soothing Antiperspirant roll on for me. My armpits are really sensitive and so sprays sting. I like the fact that Simple is natural with no perfume or colour and a 'skin soothing formula' (whatever that means, it works!).
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I use roll on, Mitchum for day to day dryness.  I have been using this forever and it is very effetive.  I also use Impulse spray but I don't trust this for dryness just for smell. 
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definately rexona clinical protection ... nothing like it!
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Dove Clinical Protection for me. The one with a green tea and cucumber smells so fresh especially when you first open it.
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I use the Rexona Crystal rollon and think it does a really good job and smells really nice also. I have tried aerosol deoderants before and haven't been overly impressed but I certainly wouldn't use a bodyspray (impulse etc) as a means of anti-persperant. I'm yet to try a stick, but really want to try the clinical protection i've heard really good things about it. 
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i have never found a roll on that i really love. i usually buy whatevers on special but after reading these comments i think im going to have to give the rexona clinical a try and hopefully find it as amazing as you all seem too!
Yep, Rexona Clinical Protection is amazing!  I no longer sweat or smell and never have to reapply :)
762 posts
I use spray, but am thinking of trying the rexona clinical protection deoderant.  I might just get that next time I'm at the supermarket since people seem to like it :)  Previously, haven't gone for roll ons becasue I don't like the sticky feeling.
i use a roll on ( generally the mum brand as i find it doesnt feel sticky ) and it works well .
i use sprays too , but not as a protection just more for the scent :)
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Having tried all 3 forms of deoderant from many different brands I have finally found a winner with Rexona's clinical protection - the only one I feel comfortable wearing all day without needing a reapplication. It is expensive for deoderant but, I think, definitely worth the money.
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Stick or roll on deoderant i find is the best for fighting BO
437 posts
mitchem is a oldie but a goodie roll on that i find really good
45 posts
I love Soapwalla!
410 posts
Soapwalla is amazing stuff! So glad I discovered it!
22 posts
Right now I am using a roll on.  I prefer to use Avon as they have many scents that i do like. 
506 posts
I was usuing Dove Aerosol... But I notice with prolonged use I get sore almost boil like sore lumps. I was told its because the aerosol blocks the sweat glands/pores and you get a build up? Anyway Im back to usuing Nivea roll on because I love the smell, and no more sore lumps.!
899 posts
I go through phases of roll-on and aerosol, i find after awhile my body gets too used to certain products so i have to change it up a bit for the best results!

Does anyone else find that?
34 posts
I usually use roll on because I've heard aerosol blocks out pores and somewhat linked to breast cancer, not entirely sure but also for the sake of the enviornment it's harder to dispose of. However I'd have to admit using aerosol is easier to use and it dries faster. Never used stick before but may try it. All deoderants don't necessarily leave me feeling dry, but drier than no product at all. 
45 posts
I use a Roll On and Anti Perspirant - Only Nivea and the clear liquid roll on. I find they work well together, smell good and last a long time, they keep me fresh and feeling good all day and they do not contain any alcohol which means they can be applied right after shaving with no burn. Works for me!
231 posts
I'm def a roll-on girl. I want it on my armpits not around the room and in my face lol. I feel like they work better for me.
3402 posts
I totally agree that a roll on is less invasive, by not spraying the area around you and then breathing it in, I use roll on as it stays in place for longer.
899 posts
I absolutely hate breathing in aerosol deo.. i almost hold my breath to avoid it haha. 
410 posts
Definitely roll on, I agree with what others said about aerosols, I don't feel like inhaling it!
I'm a roll on girl, I do not feel that aerosols work as well and I always find I use half the can to feel protected enough. This of course is not good for the ozone or my wallet! It took me a very long time to find a roll on that was ideal, eventually I found amplex. Unfortunately amplex can't be found in NZ so I order it online from the UK. I feel protected all day even in the humid, sticky weather - great product :)
104 posts
I usually use Rexona Clinical Protection and love it as it keeps me super dry and fresh! But Dove stress protect spray has worked well for me, I have never been kept dry with any other sprays or roll-ons
52 posts
Dove Aerosal here, I find the roll on's leave me feeling sticky, not a good feeling
1547 posts
I like roll on. I also use Mitchum as I've found it to be the most effective and keeps you dry for a while. I've found the sport one to be best. However, recently I've started using the nivea stress protect roll on since trailing the aerosol. It's just as good as Mitchum, maybe even better but I'll need to use it for a bit longer to see. I liked the aerosol as it dries really quickly and doesn't leave white marks on clothes. I do prefer roll on though, as I don't like the "pollution" from the spray being released into the air lol. But that's just personal preference as I did like the results the aerosol gave me.
78 posts
I prefer roll on, like most of the other reviews here I find the spray from aerosol very overpower!  I really like the Nivea Stree Roll on at present with dryness that last the whole day.  Roll on is also alot easier to apply when you have clothes on too, not having to stuff a big old aerosol can down/up your top!

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