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Clarins Tonic Body Polisher Review

Clarins Tonic Body Polisher Review
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Clarins Tonic Body Polisher Review

It’s the ultimate glow-getter! Clarins’ spa-fresh body polisher—with essential oils of Rosemary, Rosewood, Mint, Sugar and Salt Crystals—feels ooh la la luxurious as it smoothes away dry cells, flakes and impurities to reveal the glowing skin beneath. Leaves skin looking toned, radiant and sleek.


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Clarins Tonic Body Polisher Review

Clarins Tonic Body Polisher Review


Overall rating:
25th July, 2015
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That Smell.

I purchased this product in a hurry, as a gift, before finding something else and leaving it at the back of the cupboard. When my current scrub ran out, I decided to keep this for myself. Although there are some likes rather than loves, Clarins products never fail me. A little always goes a long way and the brand, product names and prices scream luxury.

The packaging varies from other Clarins body products, which are in reasonably feminine, lightweight packaging. This one is bright, bulky plastic. It is a jumbo, plastic version of the day and night cream jars. Whilst this would be fine for a body cream, where am I supposed to put it in the shower? It fits nowhere but the floor. There is nothing practical about this packaging and it is difficult to feel like you are in a spa between removing the lid, getting out the product, and jamming the lid back on before water gets in, whilst trying not to drop it. Lets save this one for the bath - although I prefer to scrub my dead skin cells straight down the drain.

If I had opened this product for the first time in the shower, I would have dropped it. It stinks. "It stinks" is purely subjective, and comes down to personal preference. But for whatever reason, this stuff makes me gag. I have never felt this way about a beauty product, and I don't consider myself picky. Try before you buy, and perhaps avoid giving this as a gift.

Although I couldn't stand the smell, I needed a scrub, and I was already undressed, so the Clarin's Tonic Body Polisher found its way into my shower. It performed well enough, it was a mixture between a shower gel and a scrub, gently buffing away dead skin cells but not enough to remove old fake tan. If I was to use this as my regular scrub, I would use it every second or third day to maintain my fake tan, in comparison to once a week for a coffee scrub to remove fake tan.

Unfortunately, I cannot move past the smell. It stinks, it lingers, and it's not harsh enough to use on my feet. If the scent of this product has your nose halfway into the jar, then this would make a lovely addition to your shower routine, however it was not a match for me.

Tips: Try this product in store.

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