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Essie No Chips Ahead Review

Essie No Chips Ahead Review
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Essie No Chips Ahead long live color! formulated with a wear extender and color shield to protect against fading, resist chips and peeling, this high-gloss top coat extends manicures for days.


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Essie No Chips Ahead Review

Essie No Chips Ahead Review


Overall rating:
20th September, 2014
3 members found this review useful
Essie Yessie

I am a major Essie fan. I think they hands down have the best nail shades available and because i've been so impressed with them so far I thought I'd give the top coat a whirl.

First thing I want to praise them for is their displays! Even before I bought this product I was impressed. They have all the shades displayed easily and the treatments/bases/topcoats on a seperate side. I find this makes the whole process of selection so much easier and less stressful so A+ for that.

Next - the bottle design. It is so sleek and simple and I love the white lid. The colour is easily identified whether you store them in a box or on a shelf which I find helpful. It can be a little bit hard to open them sometimes but no where near as bad as OPI polishes - Just be sure not to screw the lid on too tight.

Right, on to the top coat itself! The formula, as always with Essie, is PERFECT. I have never encountered another polish which goes on so easily. Of course because its a top coat its less detectable if you muck up but to be honest I think Essie has made it so easy for you that you probably won't! It takes a few minutes to dry but once it does you can be sure its locked in. I will mention that I find I get the best results in terms of staying power when I pair it with other Essie polishes. Don't get me wrong its still good with other brands I just think its extra magical when paired with Essie because it's obviously made for it!

I can not and will not stop raving about Essie polishes and I thoroughly recommend you all go buy yourself some!

Tips: Go to your nearest Essie stockist. Stand in front of the display in awe. Buy one, then proceed to buy all of them.

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21st September, 2014

Love Essie! You won't regret it :)

21st September, 2014

This sounds so good! I have yet to try Essie polishes, but I need a new top coat, so I'll have to check this out. Great review!! xx

20th September, 2014

I wondered how good this was thanks for the review :)

20th September, 2014

I think a little bit of Essie may be going on my wish lists.

20th September, 2014

I was wondering what this was like! Might have to invest in a bottle and try it out for myself, cheers!

20th September, 2014

Thanks for this ive been a die hard OPI fan but have always admired the Essie shades. May just have been converted to try them.find


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