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Your Most Reviewed New Zealand Beauty Brands!

17 February, 2023 - 06:06am by - Head Pixie | 10 Comments

by BR Tabatha

We love celebrating the New Zealand beauty scene! From skincare, to homeware, to haircare and cosmetics, when a new brand comes to market, you can believe we'll be all over it! And we're not the only ones. We dug into the data and discovered that in the past ten years over 10,000 reviews have been written on Beauty Review for New Zealand brands - with five brands standing out with more reviews and Top Rated badges than anyone else!

So, which Kiwi beauty brands have had you, our wonderful Beauty Review community, shouting 'you beauty!' Read on...


With 2,458 reviews, Trilogy took out top spot. Are we surprised? Not at all. Trilogy truly is a beloved New Zealand brand. Founded in 2002 by two sisters, it quickly became known for its Rosehip Oil, which along with their Everything Balm have reached iconic status in the beauty world. Their product releases continue to wow, with 35 having been awarded the Beauty Review Top Rated badge.


Talk about a success story! essano was created in 2000 by Anthony "AJ" Gadsdon and Shane Young, who were all of 24 and 26 years old at the time. All they had to start their business? A washing machine pump and a credit card. Their ingenuity and drive to succeed has paid off, with essano gracing the shelves of department stores and supermarkets nationwide. Loved for their haircare, skincare and homeware, they've 2227 reviews overall on Beauty Review, and 27 Top Rated badges. We can't wait to see what they accomplish next! 


We think it's safe to say that ecostore started up before everything eco was considered 'cool'. Founded by Malcolm and Melanie Rands in 1993, ecostore quickly made its mark on New Zealand with their range of products that cared as much for our bodies as they did for the enviroment. Led by Pablo Kraus since 2013, the brand has continued to produce products that make it one of the world's most trusted and sunstainable brands, with New Zealand beauty lovers having left 699 reviews on Beauty Review, garnering ecostore nine Top Rated badges.

Linden Leaves

There's nothing like necessity to breed innovation, as was the case with Linden Leaves, when back in 1995 the founder Brigit Blair was struggling to find natural products that were kind on her children's sensitive skin. Unable to do so, she created her own. The rest, as they say, is history, with Linden Leaves becoming an internationally recognised brand that has received 510 reviews on Beauty Review, as well as seven Top Rated badges.


With 501 reviews overall, and six Top Rated badges, Goodness rounds out our top five most reviewed Kiwi beauty brands. Cruelty-free, 100% vegan, with a focus on clean formulations that deliver the goods to your skin, Goodness is a brand that has captured local beauty lover's imaginations.

So, did your favourite brand make the Most Reviewed list? Were there any surprises in there for you? Or are you loving what you see? Get chatting below!



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23rd March, 2023

Big fan of Antipodes, Trilogy and Oasis. I use a lot of eco store home products too!

13th March, 2023

We are so lucky we have so many wonderful home grown products.

2nd March, 2023

I love all of those but Linden Leaves is probably in my top spot. I always have at least one of their products on the go.

2nd March, 2023

Ethique is one on my favourite NZ brands.

24th February, 2023

I love Essano and Linden Leaves, but I didn't realise Trilogy was a NZ brand. I thought it was Oz! Shame on me. Oasis is another great one, specifically good for natural sunscreens.

21st February, 2023

I didn't even realise half of these were New Zealand brands - that's awesome!

21st February, 2023

Trilogy is awesome so not surprised it's rated #1 NZ brand on here!. I first tried their cleanser, as I have sensitive skin and loved it. Then I tried a Rosehip Oil that was great too. I recently started using their QO10 Booster Oil which is absolutely amazing its the best Oil I've tried by far. Last week I bought their night cream with Vitamin C but don't think my skin likes it as it becomes dry & itchy after. I also like Essano products especially their Keratin Shampoo that's great. Also their night cream is awesome too. I bought their Rosehip Oil but it's not a patch on the Trilogy Booster Oil. Never tried Linden Leaves but would be great for me with sensitive skin

21st February, 2023

The Herb Farm is another NZ company with a stunning range of beauty products.

21st February, 2023

I have been using Trilogy for well over a decade and I LOVE it! We use a lot of Ecostore in the bathroom & for cleaning products-we LOVE the Kowhai soap. Goodness hand soaps are a fav and the Essano hand cream is a staple. Linden Leaves always feels like a luxury treat. So I’m not at all surprised to see these brands featured as the top 5 Kiwi brands.

20th February, 2023

All great brands. I like Evolu, Ethique and Monday too.



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