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You Can Only Use ONE For The Rest of Your Life...

1 November, 2018 - 08:15pm by - First Lady | 151 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Hair.  Some times drying it is not enough to style it, and more often than not, to style it you need to dry it.  

Now we're lucky people - we live in a world of hair tools that help us efficiently and effectively dry and style our hair.  But what if we took a bit of a step backwards and gave you one of those annoying ultimatums...

You can only use ONE for the rest of your life.  Which would you choose, your hair dryer or your straightener?

Moi?  It would be my straighteners all the way.  Only because I'm shockingly lazy at hair care, and generally just go to bed with damp hair.  Quelle Horreur!  But when I want to look all fancy, I always reach for my straighteners - curls, waves, super-straight, flicky - they do it all.  Plus.  I have so much hair it proper makes my arms ache when I attempt the at-home blow wave!

Anyhoo, enough about me, let's talk about today's trial opportunity.  We're looking for reviewers to put the Remington Infinite Protect range to the test.  

Infinite Protection Technology is a unique combination of an Intelligent Sensor and an advanced ceramic coating infused with Shea Oil & U.V. filters working together to help increase protection against repeated heat styling and exposure to U.V. sunlight for long-lasting vibrancy and shine.

Within each product, the Intelligent Sensor has been selectively positioned so it continuously adjusts the temperature to deliver a healthier styling heat to prevent damage from over-heating.

So, go on, do tell - if you could only use one for the rest of your life what would it be - your hair dryer or your straightener?  Why?  Oh, and of course - which Remington Infinite Protect product would you like to review for us?  The Hair Dryer?  Or the Straighteners?

If you could only use your hair dryer or straighteners, what would it be?

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12th December, 2018

Hair Dryer for me I'm way to lazy to straighten my hair its to long and thick and takes forever

17th November, 2018

Got the invite to trial the straightner but missed the opportunity as was late in checking my emails:( Would love to get another opportunity.

16th November, 2018

Tricky question. I think I might want to keep a hair dryer for life. Don’t think I could survive winter with out a hairdryer to be honest.

16th November, 2018

Straighteners for sure. I've been using my faithful GHDS for 9 years but I feel like the older they get the more damaging they are! Even with using heat spray

13th November, 2018

My hair dryer for sure! However I would love a chance to review the straightener. My straighter died and I have been thinking about replacing it with a Remington. I currently have a Remington hair dryer and it is flipping fantastic!

12th November, 2018

Love straighteners. Sadly, my current cheap version does not live up to my expectations. It would be great to trial a new straightener to revive my desire to actually want to sit down and do my hair.

11th November, 2018

Hmm tricky. I love love love the result of straightening my hair, but it needs to be dried first so that it doesn't fry in the process! I guess I would just adjust my habits and let it air dry, therefore the straightener would be the winner for me. I would love to try either, my current hair dryer is giving me the frizz and OMG that straightener looks gor-ge-ous! Sigh. Okay, okay, I'll be practical and choose the hairdryer... (sob).

11th November, 2018

I have had the same straightener for over 6 years now. My poor hair is extremely prone to split ends so I would certainly jump at the chance to test out the Remington Infinite Protect Straighteners to see if they can improve the condition of my long locks.

11th November, 2018

i would love to review the dryer as i already have a Remington flat iron, however my dryer is grand old Phillips:-)

11th November, 2018

I have straight hair (albeit a bit flyaway) and have never used a straightener before. It has be be a hairdryer for me

11th November, 2018

I'm going to say hair dryer - I've got an old one at home but it doesn't dry very fast. It has a straightening attachment but no concertrated air flow attachment. Of say our dryer gets way more use since my partner also has butt length hair that takes ages to dry (even with our hair dryer).

11th November, 2018

I'd pick the hair dryer. My hair is pretty straight as it is but it takes forever to dry by itself. Even with most hairdryers, it takes ages

11th November, 2018

I would choose a hair straightener cause it looks easy to use with my long hair and I don't like having any air in my face like how the hair dryer blows it out quickly.

10th November, 2018

It's gotta be the straightener—my current straightener is from 2008 so I'm almost definitely doing some damage with such outdated technology! It's a surprise it has even lasted this long, it should probably be in a museum!

10th November, 2018

This is so hard - I used to have a fringe and straighten my hair, but now I have a lower maintenance cut that works with my natural wave. I love my current hair cut, so I'd say the hair dryer to allow me to style my hair without fighting what it naturally wants to do!