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The Deep Dive on Dolphin Skin

12 September, 2021 - 04:47pm by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Tabatha

You'd think at this point in time a bizarrely named beauty trend wouldn't see me bat an eyelid. Well, apparently I can still be shocked or, more accurately, made to shudder. As was the case when I recently came across the new trend called 'dolphin skin'. Dolphin. Skin. Um, you what now?! When I think of dolphin skin I imagine greying, rubbery, slippery skin. Is that the kind of skin I want to achieve for myself? That's a big yeah nah.

So what is dolphin skin? Is the name all that accurate for the look it's trying to achieve? And, if you wanted to, how would you achieve it? I took a deep dive... (Pun totally intended).

What is Dolphin Skin?

Turns out a sickly grey, rubbery look is not the inspiration behind the trend. What it refers to is that smooth, wet, fresh from the water look that a dolphin has when it emerges from the water to cackle at us before sinking back under. 

Is dolphin skin that different from glass skin or honey skin or any other 'skin' trend?

The main difference in this trend is that it's the makeup that creates the magic rather than the skincare, which makes it more achievable, since the majority of people I know - myself included - can have the best skincare regime in the world, but still fail to achieve supermodel skin due to genetics/environment/not being a zillionaire with on tap access to dermatologists and estheticians.

How can I get the look?

The key here is that you want to gleam, not sparkle. So avoid any makeup products that have glitter in them.

A hydrating primer and dewy foundation are a must! From there, apply cream blush and bronzer, then follow it up with a cream or liquid highlighter on the high points of your face - think your cheekbones, brow bones, tip of your nose and your chin. Finish off the look with a lush lip gloss and a spritz of hydrating setting spray (MAC Pre + Prime Fix+ would be my pick!), and you're good to go!

When all is said and done, I'm still not sold on the name. If anything it gives me a case of the squirms, but I do like the look it creates and think it's the perfect makeup vibe as we head into the warmer months.

So... How do you feel about dolphin skin? Is this a look you'd like to achieve? Or do you think all these 'trends' are starting to feel a bit 'same look new name'? Get chatting below!


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28th October, 2021

I'm not fan personally - having naturally oily skin this is definitely the end of the spectrum I try to avoid. And it just feels like another version of dewy - all of which would look like an oil slick on me, particularly in summer.

17th October, 2021

What a great article, I had no idea what to imagine behind that name! There sure are a lot of different skin trends around at the moment.

3rd October, 2021

Into the whole wet gleamy look but its so hard to find a good dewy hydrating moisturiser

26th September, 2021

I was think grey dull looking skin ah no lol Totally misunderstood.

18th September, 2021

Glass skin sounds better than Dolphin skin and I do love this look.

16th September, 2021

Bahahahahahahahaha i thought this article was written just for me! I love being dolphin smoooooth but perhaps dolphin skin is just a bit far

16th September, 2021

Yeah not sold on the name either.

14th September, 2021

Sounds all well and good but I wonder if this look is only possible for young smooth unwrinkled skin?....

14th September, 2021

Looks good, but definitely not for me with the texture I have, lol!

14th September, 2021

It sounds interesting, looks lovely

13th September, 2021

Hmm sounds interesting. I have to agree, Dolphin skin sounds rubbery.

13th September, 2021

Looks like nice enough but not something i'd be interested in trying.

13th September, 2021

As much as I like the look, I do think you need to have good skin to pull it off as texture does show. I tend to prefer more coverage in specific areas so have been steering away from dewy foundations for the past couple of years.

12th September, 2021

I like classic dewy foundation look. Yes some are same trend new name but fashion is like that.

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