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The Beauty of Beauty Rituals

31 October, 2021 - 11:56am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Tabatha

What's been getting me through this never-ending lockdown? Not chocolate (though that's helped). Not Netflix (if anything watching Squid Game followed by Midnight Mass only upped my urgh). Not baking enough banana bread that I might well be turning into banana bread. But beauty rituals.

After an initial bout of malaise, when I couldn't be bothered brushing my hair, let alone putting on makeup, passed, I found myself finding comfort in little daily shows of love to myself, and it got me thinking that if these acts of self-care were helping me, perhaps they could help others.

So what beauty rituals can we incorporate into our life? Read on...


We only get one body, we may as well do our best to treat it well. In terms of beauty rituals, that can look like spending some time exfoliating away the dead skin cells, before massaging in a moisturiser or oil. Alternatively, or on top of, you can take some time out of your day to go for a gentle walk, smash out a work out, or do a little yoga. Massage is another wonderful beauty ritual that will make the body sigh with happiness. If seeing someone isn't a possibility right now, rope a loved one in to knead your neck and shoulders! No loved one available or willing? YouTube is awash with tutorials on how to do self massage.


At-home facials are the most obvious beauty ritual we can undertake. Cleanse, mask up for twenty minutes while you read a book, listen to a podcast or do some tidying for the soul, then follow it up with a toner, serum and moisturiser.

A little lymphatic massage (again, YouTube has tutorials), is a great way to see puffiness drain away, or simply procure a roller and let the coolness of the jade or rose quartz, or whatever crystal's been whammed on it, soothe you as you roll your face in order to create a less puffy version of yourself first thing in the morning.


Those of us still in Level 3 will know all about having bad hair days. Mine is a hot mess. I don't recall the last time it was this long. But as tempting as it's been to shove it in a messy bun or ponytail, to not wash it, to ignore it, a little treatment can go a long way to making it look better and you feel bettter. (And that applies whether we're in Level One Million, or no level at all.)

Take the time to add a hair mask into your routine in order to hydrate, smooth and create shine. And if you've been rocking the same mop for weeks, why not try something new? Curl your hair, straighten it, create waves. Get your primp and preen on, then swan about feeling fab!


Take a moment each week to pamper your nails! Clip them, buff them, polish them with whatever colour makes you smile! And since summer is upon on and sandal season is all but here, do the same with your toes! Manicures and pedicures for the win!


There's nothing quite like a long bath to help relax a tired body or overwhelmed mind, and there are so many ways we can turn a basic bath into a beauty ritual:

Light candles or burn your favourite oil, then dim or turn off the lights. Add a handful of bath salts, a bath bomb, or a few drops of a scented oil. Romance yourself by scattering rose petals into the water. Then lie back and listen to your favourite music, take in a podcast, or read a good book or mag.


No bath? Even the shower can be the perfect place to create a beauty ritual. A shower fizzer will fill the air with an aromatic scent. A body oil massaged in after cleansing will not only hydrate your skin but leave the air, and you, beautifully perfumed.

Speaking of perfume...


This is the simplest, easiest beauty ritual that can elevate your mood in seconds. Simply choose a favourite fragrance, spritz yourself, breathe in, then go about your day. Or in my case, go back to the couch and watch some more YouTube in between writing articles and refreshing Insta.

So, my lovelies, what are your beauty rituals? How do you treat yourself when you're in need of a lift? Sharing is caring so get chatting below!



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23rd November, 2021

Bath is a big one for me - I try to have one every week on my day off with candles and a bath bomb. I often combine this with a face mask. I really want to get into the habit of doing my nails, they are so neglected!

12th November, 2021

I love to do all of these things nails, hair, skin. I do need to admit I don’t do it enough I don’t usually have enough motivation to do it often any tips on that one? Is there anything other than hair masks that may help repair hair? I have really dry frizzy hair and would like it to grow longer and maybe thicken it a bit?

9th November, 2021

I love perfume showergel and shampoos on the rotate. Also I use night serum creams to treat wrinkles I also like to colour my hair with temporary colour. I will need to take alot of care in the sun now as weather is hotter and I burn very easy

7th November, 2021

I no longer have a bathtub so I love a good shower and a skincare routine. It’s part of my daily me time self care.

2nd November, 2021

I can get quite lazy with beauty rituals especially scrubbing my body simply because the bathroom is cold, so anything that requires being in there for awhile I tend to procrastinate. But I do feel good about myself if that week I masked, microneedled my face and neck, my hair has been washed twice that week, my nails look tidy and my heels aren't too rough. If I waxed, pedicured and scrubbed my body I feel especially good about myself.

2nd November, 2021

I need to top up my perfume collection thats a good point

2nd November, 2021

I love a soak in the bath every now and then. All depends on how much time I have

1st November, 2021

I definitely love a good bath! I do bubbles, candles and music! Now I want a bath.

1st November, 2021

Wish I had a bath! Pretty basic self care but a staple. Currently 4 step beauty routine morning and evening. Hair mask once a week. Face mask twice a week if I remember. Body exfoliating twice a week. Keen for a proper massage after lockdown...and a pedi

1st November, 2021

I love soaking in the bath. I've been working long hours and that's how I treat myself. I always have rock salt and epsom salts and a scented body wash - it all helps with the aching bones

1st November, 2021

Hair masks, baths, and lying around in a towel with a face mask on while burning some essential oils. Love a self-care day!

2nd November, 2021

oooh and providing an excuse for buying new perfume is good too!


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