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The Beauty of BB Cream!

28 November, 2021 - 03:29pm by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Kellie

Maybe it's the approach of summer, maybe it's a need for simplicity, maybe it's that I've become a firm fan of less is more, but in recent months I've falled back in love with BB Creams. Those little tubes of goodness have seen me change up my makeup... by paring things back. Something that is delightfully freeing, in that I now spend less time slapping on product after product, giving me more time to do the things I love... like watch beauty YouTubers talk about beauty Christmas offerings (no, you're addicted).

So what is it about BB Creams that make them so beloved? What sets them apart from the rest of the foundation family? Read on...

One Shade Suits Many

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to find the perfect shade of foundation? You can spend hours, not to mention hundreds of dollars, trying and buying foundations only to find the shade's too dark, too light, not the right undertone or, worse - after it's been on your face for five minutes it's a whole new colour (helloooooo oxidisation!). BB Creams, though? Due to their sheer coverage it's really hard to go wrong with the shade match. The only time I've had trouble was when I decided I was 'medium'. Reader, I am pasty and I looked like I'd had a run in with a bad fake tan. It's the 'light' shade all the way for this beauty lover and it's never failed me yet!

Easy To Apply

While I find buffing and bouncing foundation into my skin wonderfully soothing, I don't always have all the time in the world to do so, which is why I love the ease of applying a BB Cream. You simply blob in on your fingertips, move it around to warm it up, then spread it on your face. One quick glance in the mirror to make sure you're streak-free and you're good to move onto your next makeup step, or head out the door knowing your skin is looking brighter, fresher and more even-toned, but still super natural.
Kind To Your Skin

We love a product that does double duty, and BB Cream does all that and more. Not only does it, as mentioned above, give your skin a fresh, natural look, but it can also feature ingredients that work to care for your skin by hydrating and protecting. We're talking hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera, ceramides and more. 

Simple Sophistication

You know those women who look like they've made little effort yet still appear polished? That's how I feel when I wear BB Cream. It evens out my skin tone, adds luminosity and gives me the appearance of someone who's not tried too hard, but tried just enough to show I care about my appearance. These days, along with my BB Cream, I add a little cream bronzer and blush to liven up my face, followed by a simple sweep of eyeshadow, mascara, and a lick of tinted balm or a lip oil. All up it takes about five minutes and then I'm out the door feeling pulled together and ready to take on whatever the day hiffs in my direction.

On top of all those reasons to love BB Cream, there's also the bonus of extra skin protection in the form of SPF (although we always recommend applying regular sunscreen as well to ensure full coverage protection). Not only that, the evolution of BB Cream now sees formulas to suit all skin types and requirements (and if you've not done so already, check out our Garnier BB Cream trials on the homepage!) Lastly, there's the affordability factor - many BB Creams are at the price point where you can buy them in your grocery shop and not bat an eye. All in all, what's not to love?

So, have you tried BB Cream before? Are you already a fan? And if you are, what is it you love about wearing BB Cream? Chat below!


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7th March, 2022

I don't use BB cream, and it's hard to believe that one shade suits many people.

25th January, 2022

I have tried many, but none seem to last on my oily skin in summer :(

15th January, 2022

I do not use BB creams very often but I should give them a go!

17th December, 2021

BB creams are great multi-purpose products.

13th December, 2021

I did a tester of a BB cream once (can't remember what brand) and it felt gluggy and icky and too dark for my pale skin, so I was put off them and haven't tried them since. I did have a 'tinted moisturiser' from Stila which I loved though - lightweight and hydrating with an spf - and it did make my skin look more even and polished but without looking made up. I was gutted when they stopped making it. And I guess I haven't had the courage to try something new yet. But I know really should. I do love a multi-tasker :)

1st December, 2021

What I love about BB cream is that it is light. I find foundation too heavy for my aging skin during the day so BB cream or tinted moisturiser work better.

1st December, 2021

What I love about BB cream is that it is light. I find foundation too heavy for my aging skin during the day so BB cream or tinted moisturiser work better.

29th November, 2021

I have mixed results and feelings about BB creams. Years ago one of my first trial teams was a Garnier one and the coverage was impressive though it was a bit dark. Unfortunately all the others from then on have not been as good. I like the idea of a BB cream being good for skin and having a multiple use for example no moisturizer required

29th November, 2021

I love a good bb cream especially with slightly aging skin. Foundations seem to heavy for everyday and require more effort so sit right and not accentuate any aging signs. A good bb cream I can slap on and run.

29th November, 2021

I prefer BB cream to foundation because I prefer lighter coverage with less fussing and effort but struggle to find ones that aren’t too orange on my pasty skin

29th November, 2021

Love BB Cream! Actually not using it at present but definitely need to get some!!

28th November, 2021

I love BB cream. My main problem is sometimes I find the one shade fits all a bit orange. I loved the NYX BB but they changed the formula and it's a weird colour on me now.


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