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The Basic Beauty Tips You Ought To Know By Now

19 May, 2023 - 08:01am by - Head Pixie | 14 Comments

by BR Tabatha

We've written plenty of articles on basic beauty here at BRHQ, (if you want to read how to create a basic makeup kit, click here. If you're looking for a basic skincare regime that's also budget-friendly, click here.) but we've never really gotten down to the nitty gritty of basic beauty. The absolute essentials. The non-negotiables. The day-to-day must-dos that will see you shine from the inside out. Until now.

So what are the absolute basics of beauty that must we do on the daily to look and feel our best? Check these out...


Before you hit the hay, you must clean your face. Even if you've not worn makeup that day. Cleansing removes dirt and pollutants, works to unclog pores and prevent breakouts, and helps keep your skin looking fresh. If you did happen to wear makeup? Go for a double cleanse with a balm or oil first, followed by a gentle cleanser second.

What about first thing in the morning? A gentle cleanser is good, but many swear by a flannel and warm water as a great way to start their cleansed skin day.


Morning and night, it's important to moisturise. A good moisturiser keeps your skin hydrated, helps protect the skin barrier, and works to plump up your skin, making fine lines less visible. The key is to find a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Here's a handy article that can help you do just that.


If you've been around Beauty Review for any amount of time, you know that this is our biggie. Our number one beauty tip: wear SPF. Sunscreen will prevent premature aging, sunburn, and skin damage. As far as we're concerned, it's a must.


Brushing your teeth is a beauty step that can't be overlooked. Brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily, and visit your dentist once or twice a year for a check-up and clean, because there's nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile. 


It's called beauty sleep for a reason. A good night's sleep can help improve the look of your skin's texture, tone, and appearance, as those extra zzzz's give your body extra time to renew skin cells and produce collagen. Not only that, proper sleep can work wonders on our mental health, and for that alone we recommend doing your best to improve your sleep habits. Struggling to get to sleep? Check out this article on good sleep hygiene. And if sleep's a serious problem, do talk to a health professional.


Hydration is so helpful when it comes to keeping yourself looking and feeling your best. Keeping on top of your water intake can help improve the texture and appearance of skin, while working to keep skin plump, which as we know reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not a big fan of water? Herbal tea counts towards your daily H2O intake, as does eating water-rich food like cucumber, watermelon, oranges and strawberries.

Eat Well

We're not fans of fad diets or detoxing here at BRHQ, what we do like, though, is indulging in a healthy, balanced diet, featuring fruit, veges, protein, whole grains and healthy fats, in order to get the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants we need to nourish our skin from the inside out. Also, a little something that makes you happy is good for the soul, so don't be afraid to indulge every now and then. 


If you feel good on the inside it shows on the outside, which is why embracing self-care is hugely important. This might mean exercising, journalling, embracing therapy, spending time with those you love, spending time on a hobby that brings you joy. If it relaxes you, reduces your stress, or makes you feel full of joy, be sure to carve out time to do it, because you deserve to feel your best.

So, my lovely, are you down with the basics of beauty? Have you got all the boxes ticked? Or are there areas that could be improved? Chat below!



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3rd February, 2024

Sleep is a problem as I really struggle to get to sleep.

3rd June, 2023

I’m pretty good at brushing my teeth and skincare. Everything else needs work ;’-D

31st May, 2023

Definitely need to improve on my zzz's.

27th May, 2023

we all have something from that list we could improve on

26th May, 2023

These are all such good advice! I'm currently working on upping my water intake and eating better - you notice a difference so quickly!

26th May, 2023

I feel pretty good about most of these, but I have to admit to sometimes leaving my eyeliner on at night. It's such a good eyeliner that it barely budges overnight, which means I can skip doing it in the morning! But my eyes have often felt quite irritated lately, tired and stingy, and it makes me wonder if micro particles are actually creeping into my eyes overnight... I'm taking it as a wake-up call to do better :-)

26th May, 2023

Great tips and I pretty much do all of these except sleep! I'm a bit of a night owl so getting to bed early is something I need to work on but it's hard when you are hooked on a show that you are watching on a streaming platform lol.

26th May, 2023

I pretty much do all of these things but it’s so amazing how a bad nights sleep affects the face. I’m often left with baggy under eyes and a puffy face. I definitely need to get more sleep.

26th May, 2023

Do most of the above so it's always good to read an article like this incase l miss something!

25th May, 2023

sleeping well, eating well, and plenty of water has always been a challenge for me. But still must continue to try

24th May, 2023

Agree, diet and water intake are my my challenging areas. Everything else I have down pat though.

24th May, 2023

Great article thanks. Need to keep on top of H2O in the cooler months.

24th May, 2023

Very good advice.

22nd May, 2023

Great Article. It is so good to think about the basics.

25th May, 2023

I must admit drinking water is my downfall .I have to think about drinking it which I often forget.



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