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Ten Simple Ways To Self-care!

11 August, 2023 - 07:20am by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

 by BR Amelia

Much is made about self-care is this day and age. People have opinions on what it is, what it isn't, and how best to do it. Some say it's doing nice things to and for yourself, others say that true self-care is going deep and learning to create a sense of calm and contentment within one's mind. My take? I'm a fan of both. That being said, it can be hard to find the time to dedicate to self-care. It can even feel overwhelming. Which is why we've put together ten simple ways to adopt self-care into your routine.

1. Take time to ease into the day. Make waking up a time of reflection rather than rushing. Take a moment to breathe in and out three times. Maybe do some gentle stretches in bed. Think about your day and what you want from it. From there, carve out time to nourish yourself in a way that feels good to you and your body before heading into the rat race.

2. Make your shower or bath special. Whenever you hop into the bath or shower, take a moment to appreciate what you're doing for yourself. Cleaning yourself, pampering yourself, showing your body you appreciate it by doing the basics to care of it. Then take that care to the next level by adding in divinely scented body washes, grainy cell-sloughing body exfoliants, bath fizzers, bath bombs, oils - whatever you have on hand. Between the scent and the act of self-appreciation, you'll feel so much better for it.

3. Pet something furry. This was a big one in our How To Feel Better Instantly article, with many of our Beauty Review members citing cuddling furry friends as helping them feel great. While doing so has many health benefits, I'd say it also helps our heart's feel happier, so if you don't have a pet on hand, go for a walk and make friends with your local tail waggers today.

4. Try a new hair or makeup look. Tired of the humdrum of putting your hair into a ponytail or parting it on the same side? Go for a bun or switch the part side. Always wear a nude lip? Be adventurous and go for a rosy lip. Pink blush your go-to? Try a coral colour! You could find yourself discovering a whole new version of you that you love! (And if you don't like it, you can switch back and congratulate yourself on knowing you well enough that you've got your best looks sorted.)

5. Don't put so much pressure on yourself. How many times do you put pressure on yourself toso something immediately because the worst thing in the world will happen if you don't? To run from here to there without taking a breath? Whenever you feel that tension bubble up, take a moment to breathe, to connect to yourself, to realise that if you stop for five minutes the sky won't fall. That the world can wait. That you taking time for you is of benefit to everyone in the long run. Because it is. You being the best, most measured version of yourself can do far more than the one who is rushing about in stress mode.

6. Trim your nails. It may seem like something you ought to do anyway, but how many times have your glanced down at your tips and toes and noticed they'd become claww, or were bitten and ragged and in need of love? Five minutes with the scissors or nail clippers will see you looking a whole lot more pulled together, which is a feeling that's always good for the soul.

7. Pamper your body. Much like adding some goodness in the form of beautifully fragranced body washes and exfoliants in the shower or bath, a great way to show yourself some care is to moisturise your limbs, pop some nail polish on your tips and toes, give yourself a hair mask, or simply enjoy a little self-massage. It doesn't have to be an hour-long process. Just a few minutes of giving your body some you time can create a happy buzz that lasts all day.

8. Make your meals extra. This does not mean cooking cordon bleu style, although you're more than welcome to pull out some chef-like goodness if you want. For me, making my meals extra means serving the food on a nicer plate. Using the good cutlery. Lighting a candle and placing it in the centre of the table. That little flair has a huge feel good factor, and I'm sure my very much non-restaurantish mac and cheese tastes better for it.

9. Treat yourself. Sometimes you just need to gift yourself a little something. It doesn't have to cost a fortune - it could be that lipstick you've been eyeing up for ages, or the lemon muffin at your local cafe or, if you do have the cash to splash, it could be that designer handbag that you've been drooling over for a year. Better yet - do it on the day when you've achieved something, even if it's just finally clearing out that pots and pans cupboard. It makes the reward that much sweeter. (And, if you're like me, it inspires you to sort out the spice drawer.)

10. Get moving. Never underestimate the importance of movement. It helps the head and the body, and - in the long run - the heart and the soul. Getting moving doesn't mean you have to run a marathon, either. Ten minutes of slow flow yoga, stretches done while sitting in a chair or a walk around the block are all great acts of self-care. Heck, even housework is a great way to get moving. Not only will your body get a goodly workout after a bout of vacuuming and shower cleaning, but your mind will love how much better your space looks afterwards.

And there you have it - ten simple ways to self-care! Will you be giving them a go? Or are there other ways you like to show yourself some love? Sharing is caring, so get chatting below!




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26th December, 2023

It is good to assess yourself and improve your own care

22nd August, 2023

Such useful advice, must add some to my list !

15th August, 2023

Get moving! Such a simple thing that really does help mental health. Doesn’t need to be expensive either; my favourite thing is a walk or run outside in nature.

15th August, 2023

Definitely a nice bubble bath with candles and music.....ahhhhh

14th August, 2023

I love having a bath with some salts or a bath bomb. General pampering, treats, making meals a bit extra and yoga all count as self care in my book!

13th August, 2023

A good walk does it for me.I can shake off the negative and enjoy life around me.



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