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Six Beauty Products Getting Us Through Winter

15 July, 2023 - 07:23am by - Head Pixie | 9 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Brrrr, my beauties, brrrrrr. We're in the depths of winter and, as much as I appreciate the chilly months, I'm feeling it. Heck, the whole team's feeling it. Perhaps it was the severe lack of summer, the lack of sweet, sunny days, or maybe it's just a case of us picking up every bug floating around and being over feeling icky, but we've been batting a case of the growly grumpies. We've armed ourselves with hot chocolates, M&Ms, Coke Zero and, of course, a plenty of beautiful self-care. Or should that be beauty-full self-care. So what are the pretties that are helping us climb out of our wintry doldrums? Read on...

Body Wash

Glow Lab Rhubarb & Rose Body Wash

Those five (or, let's be honest, ten to fifteen) minutes spent in a deliciously warm shower are made all the better when combined with a lush body wash. Something that has a tropical scent that can transport us to the warmer sides of the world, or a fragrance that will put pep in our step thanks to the zesty or minty fragrances, or a perfume, like the Glow Lab body wash pictured above, that makes us feel like we're in a fancy spa while we stare at that little mould spot on the wall that's reminding us it's time to clean the shower... again.

Body Moisturiser

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

We may be rugged up in a hundred layers to keep us warm, but we're still taking the time to nourish and hydrate our limbs! While I'm happy to slap on any old moisturiser, BR Kellie swears by Sol de Janeiro's Bum Bum Cream, saying that the scent reminds her of the lush, summery days we're currently longing for.

Face Moisturiser

L'Oréal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Cream 

Huddling underneath a heatpump all day wrecks havoc on the skin, so we're levelling up our facial hydration. The easiest way to do it? Pop on a skin-plumping, deeply hydrating night cream. L'Oréal's Age Perfect Cell Renewal Midnight Cream was recently a Top Rated winner, with an overall rating of 4.6/6 - and it's one moisturiser that I'll be making a point of procuring.

Body Brush

Manicare Dry Body Brush

As much as standing about in the nude on a chilly winter's day is not fun, the pain is quickly forgotten once the benefits of dry brushing kick in. Between the circulation stimulation and the skin exfoliation, we're left feeling as invigorated as if we'd just gone for a brisk walk around the block.

Lip Balm

Ethique Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Balm

There's not a chapped, dry lip to be seen within the Beauty Review crew... But there are plenty of lip balms. In our handbags, in our desk drawers, on top of our desks; not an hour goes buy without a little balm being applied. Not only does it help nourish the lips, if you get a tinted one, it pretties them up, too. Bonus!

Nail Polish

Essie - Break It Sundown

As much as we adore a deep, dark, vampy nail polish during the colder months, bright and brilliant shades have their place. Colours that bring a smile to our dials while we take in the rain, the clouds, the clothes horse that's permanently in the lounge drying our clothing because the weather's not dry long enough for it to go outside. Yes, while living in a grey world, you can bet on our tips and toes we're sporting shades of sunshine.

So, my beauties, how are you going this winter? Are you using the powers of beauty to get you through? And if so, what are your go-to products?

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1st September, 2023

Aaagh we have to move house so I need to de clutter my products and up my skin care anti aging game stress shows on me!

1st September, 2023

I'm not up to too much but have been binging my way through a lot of Essano skin care products to protect my skin from the effect of cold and wind.

25th August, 2023

The Glow Lab wash is so lovely

13th August, 2023

Bum bum cream is a definite and using the shiwer gel with the spray oh mygoodness. I'm going to get the karger spray bottle for summer. I exfoliate with my mitt to get the dry skin away. Cereve and smin republice skin care with Dr Lewins & Neurtrogena. Got to have some wi ter styled manicures too. As Ive been a little unwell ive also been combinning rongoa Maori oil into my body sjincare routine. To oil up my tattos ad give that heaming effect all over.

23rd July, 2023

I've been using a gradual tanner that doubles as a daily moisturizer to give me a healthy sun kissed glow.I just recently purchased that glow lab body wash as a wee treat for myself to use while on my overseas holiday next weekend.

21st July, 2023

I'm going to give the Manicare dry body brush a go. Dry brushing was recently recommended to me in a FB Group. I've read the reviews so hope it's ok for sensitive skin. If anybody on here can confirm this would be great

21st July, 2023

Love my Loreal Night cream , very luxurious and nourishing for the winter months , great feeling spring is on the way soon !

20th July, 2023

Lacking on the body moisturiser/oil side of things I know I should but I can't bring myself to be cold for an extra 5 10 mins. Did get a yellow mustard nail polish but it's not giving me life..prefer the glitters. Actually, all the glitter shades in my palettes give me life this winter and I'm enjoying using greens and blues.

19th July, 2023

Take the lotions up a notch or seal with an oil.

21st August, 2023

You will love it .Hope you have since bought.



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