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Why You Should Never Spend Hundreds On Straighteners Again!

2 March, 2018 - 09:46pm by - Head Pixie | 222 Comments

***This competition has closed***

By BR Kellie

Kellie Confession:  I don't rate GHDs.

I know. It sounds mad. GHDs are the gold standard for many people, and I have friends who swear by them. But I don't. 

I once bought a pair as a 'congratulations' to myself for getting a job. I was so excited to trade in my cheapies that basically left me looking like I'd shoved a finger in an electrical socket, for a pair of straighteners that promised salon-straight hair at home.

Except it never happened.

My thin but curly and lots of it hair never took to GHDs. The less curly undersides of my hair would go wonderfully straight, but the curly bits? No matter how much I went over them, no matter how small the section, no matter what expensive styling product I bought to help the process, I ended up with a mop of frizz on top.

It got to the point that I never used them and then one day moved them on to a friend who had GHD-friendly hair.

Since then I've shunned straighteners. I've stuck to using my KMS Tame Frizz, my blowdryer, and/or my more recently acquired hairbrush straightener, which gives fabulous results. But sometimes I want that chic salon-straight hair. It's like how sometimes you want to amp up your makeup from barely there to va-va-voom. And recently I've found myself investigating straighteners once more. But having being burnt by them once (metaphorically and literally), I wasn't willing to shell out $300+ again in order to experience disappointment.

I searched the interwebs, read reviews and nothing took my fancy... until recently, when I saw a Remington straightener being advertised on the old Facebook via Farmers' page. 

The Remington PROLUXE Salon Straightener caught my attention for two reasons:

I liked the name. Pro and Luxe sounded fancy.

I also liked the colour of the plates and logo. Yes, it had me at rose gold.

The PROLUXE straightener also promised 5 x smoother ceramic for effortless glide. 47% straighter hair with one pass compared to starndard Reminton straighteners, and twenty-four hour lasting salon results. All good things.

So I started researching and discovered it was new to our market, so to overseas shores I travelled via the interweb and found myself looking at reviews on Harvey Norman Australia and Amazon UK.

One particular theme kept coming up over and over in the reviews I read... 

'As good as GHDs'

We're not talking just one or two comments here. We're talking a good chunk. Some people said they were even better. Well, that was enough to make my cynical old heart go... yeah, let's do this. Bonus? Farmers had 50% off at the time - meaning I could get the Remington PROLUXE's for less than $90.

Game on!

So this is what we're dealing with. My hair is curly. Unruly. Poofy as anything. (The hair on the left has been brushed, the hair on the right is what I wake up with.)

First thing I liked about the Remington PROLUXE straighteners? They give you the chance to vary the heat based on your hair type - and there are instructions on how to do this. Because I wanted salon results I clicked onto the PRO+ setting, which keeps the heat at 185 degrees, which seemed like a good fit with my hair condition and type.

As for pre-straightening product? I ran some Morrocan Argan Oil through my hair. Contentious! I've read articles saying this is bad, and that combined with heat sees it burn hair. I've read articles saying that argan is a great heat protectant, therefore perfect for use with a straightener. My take? On my hair it works really well - better than the $40+ hair protectant sprays I've used, so I ran a little of that through my lengths before straightening. As always, you do you - and test a patch before going all in.

You know how more affordable straighteners can be heavy and unwieldy to use? These aren't. They're light as anything, and you don't get arm-ache using them. I decided to use them as I would my old GHDs in order to be all scientific in my approach - so sectioned off my hair and began straightening the underside, then worked my way up little by little. Remington PROLUXE straighteners must have taken ballet lessons, because they really do gliiiiiiide through your hair. Even better? On my less curly lower layers one quick pass was all that was neeed to get super straight hair.

Working my way through the ease of use continued, and then I got to my curly mop up top. This has always been my problem area - the area my GHDs could not tackle. No matter how many passes I attempted, I was left with kinky hair that would go full frizz after an hour or so.

Hand on heart, Remington PROLUXE dealt to the area beautifully. I took three passes and the results blew me away. Better yet? In the five times I've used them since buying them not once have I seen my hair go all fluffy once I've gone outside - and we've had some hot and humid days up here in Auckland - and the style has held all day and night.

Results? The proof is in the picture.

Without a doubt I can say Remington PROLUXE are better than my GHDs. Faster. As easy to use. Better results. AND the straightening survived the humidity to last all day and night.

More importantly for those of us who can't justify spending $300+? The price. Even NOT on special they're under $200. And on special, as you'll see below, they're a bargain!

Now before we get to the exciting part I want it to be clear... this review is 100% legit. I bought the straighteners with my own money from my own bank account. I bought them for me off my own bat. These were not gifted. There was no reimbursment. I quite literally just did what so many Beauty Review members have done before - read a review and decided I had to have them. Here's the receipt - complete with two Wet n Wild brush purchases on it that I'd be stalking Farmers for since they came out...

NOW... here's the exciting part... After I gave a rave review to the Beauty Review Crew we decided we couldn't let these gems go unnoticed, so we got in touch with our friends at Remington and they've given us two full sets of the Remington PROLUXE range to give away.

That's right... there's a range! 

There's also a PROLUXE Salon Dryer, which features ionic conditioning technology to reduce frizz levels, an innovative style concentrator to enhance air flow and heat distribution, and i's unique style shot has been engineered to create longer lasting styles.

There's a PROLUXE Salon Styler - Twist To Curl, which might just be the most pretty and interesting looking hair curler I've ever seen. Like it's straightener sister, it comes with variable heat settings to ensure the care of your hair. It's proheat sensor technology boosts the temperature if it starts to drop. And, the Ultimate Glide Ceramic Plates ensures hair glides across the ceramic while creating gorgeous curls. 

Topping it all off is the PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush. What I love about straightening brushes (and yes, I own one - Remington's Keratin & Argan Nourish Straightening Brush - and, yes, I really am obsessed with straight hair) is that you can achieve straight hair while still keeping things looking natural and voluminous. This straightening brush goes next level with the Ultimate Glide Ceramic Heated Plate and Bristle Tips for even smoother more silky results, more even heat, as well as longer lasting plate durability.

So here's the bit where you get to win one of these gorgeous products. Simply tell us which product you'd like to win:

PROLUXE Salon Straightener

PROLUXE Salon Dryer

PROLUXE Salon Styler - Twist To Curl

PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush

Tell us WHY you'd like to win it, and you're in the draw!

A massive thanks to Remington for hearing our love and then sharing it! (And a personal thanks to Remington from me for creating a product that gave me the salon-straight hair I've long dreamed of!)

The Boring Bit.  aka T&Cs.

1.  NZ residents only.

2.  To enter simply comment which Remington Proluxe tool you would like to receive - and why.

3.  You'll need to be a member of BR to enter - its free to join, register here.

4.  Competition closes midnight March 14th 2018

5.  Winners will be drawn at random on March 15th 2018 and notified to their BR inbox.

6.  Prizes not claimed within 2 weeks will be redrawn.

Want to win one of the Remington Proluxe range?

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13th March, 2018

Oh this is so hard to choose, mostly I just brush and hope for the best, on rare occasions my $40, 15 year old hairdryer comes out, on even rarer occasions my $20 mini straightener gets used and with my straight hair I've always wanted gorgeous curls so choosing is hard. If I was chosen though I think I'd get the most use out of the PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush but I'd be happy with any.

13th March, 2018

I would love to try the Pro Luxe Straightener. Have not tried any Remington hair stylers before and this is a great product to test out. I have frizzy hair which can get tangly.

13th March, 2018

I have a Remington straightening brush and it is great! Now I really need a better hair dryer to go with it!

13th March, 2018

YES! A million times YES! Pretty please! I would love a PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush to tame my naturally fizzy, curly hair

13th March, 2018

Oh my gosh. Remington know how to knock things out of the park with their products. I'm always time poor in the mornings so the ionic straightening brush sounds right up my alley - I could skip sectioning my hair to straighten it!

13th March, 2018

I would love the twist to curl salon styler! I find using my straightener to curl so awkward and I can never seem to maintain the right temperature. It's amazing to hear that the salon styler has different temperatures that it'll maintain throughout curling time!! If I had the salon styler I would definitely curl my hair more regularly.

13th March, 2018

I'd like to win the Straightening Brush. It seems less effort to use for me. I'll just have to brush my hair as normal and get straighten at the same time. Fingers crossed! !!

13th March, 2018

I would love to try the Remington Proluxe hair dryer, it would give my hair a lovely lift for the winter. Thanks for the article it was interesting to read all about the Remington products which are actually quite affordable

13th March, 2018

I love the idea of the twist and curl! I have naturally curly hair but it does need some styling when I wear it out so I'd love to try it for myself

13th March, 2018

I would love to try the PROLUXE Salon Styler - Twist To Curl as when I try to curl my hair with straighteners it never works out properly as they aren't for curling and when I let my hair dry naturally my curls look like I tuck my finger in a power plug! To try something specifically designed to help make curls easier as well as being a slim design would be awesome!

13th March, 2018

I would love a PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush . I have fairly straight hair and a brush would help keep the frizzy hair in place. And it would be easier to use, less time consuming with an infant around. Thank you for this brilliant opportunity!

13th March, 2018

If I could try one it would be the PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush! I'd love to try it out as I can never seem to properly get the back of my hair straightened and I suspect this may help... I also do my mum's hair sometimes and she can never sit still for long enough for me to do a perfect job. Maybe this would speed up the process of me doing her hair too :)

13th March, 2018

I really want a go at thd straightening brush. Ive always liked remington. My first straightener was a remington. Lasted ages.

13th March, 2018

I would LOVE to win the Proluxe Salon Styler - Twist to Curl, because I still haven't mastered doing this to my hair!

13th March, 2018

I would love to try PROLUXE Salon Iconic Straightening Brush. My mate and I are always in the search of getting our very thick hair tamed during our busy life. Keen to try the brush and see how it turns out :)


Last month we sent out the Olay Collagen Peptide 24 Serum and Moisturiser to reveiwers - the results are in and it's safe to say we'll be sneaking these into our trolleys when we're next buying groceries!

We're giving two of them away - all you need to do is tell us which product you'd most like to easy is that?!