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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug

Do you buy the same foundation every time?

26 January, 2018 - 09:28pm by - First Lady | 268 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

If you've been shopping for a new foundation lately you'll know the choice can be overwhelming. Decoding the endless combinations of formats, formulas and finishes is almost as daunting as selecting the perfect shade!  Its no wonder then, that when we find a foundation that works, we tend to stick to it right?!

But what if by sticking to what we know, we're missing out on something even better?  Ah the age-old dilemna, what if the grass is greener?

Well, ever your doting Beauty God Mothers, we're giving 60 reviews the chance to trial a hot new foundation, due to land in NZ towards the end of next week.  This has sold out around the world, so we're pretty excited to see what Kiwis make of it!

L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation is a pro foundation with an all day glow - you can expect up to 24 hours of flawless wear!  The hydrating glow comes from a lightweight and creamy formula that goes on smooth, offers medium coverage and hides imperfections instantly, leaving you with a clear complexion.  And, it contains SPF 15, so yay, hydrating and protective!  WINNING!

If you fancy trialing a new foundation for us you'll need to take our pre-qualifying survey, telling us a bit about your skin and the important part - selecting your shade!

Click here to take the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation survey.


After taking the pre-qualifying survey, why not chat to us about your foundation - do you stick with the same brand, or do you try different products whenever you go shopping for a new one? Are you a powder girl or a liquid girl? 

Get chatting below!




Check out The Beauty Review Guide To Foundation before you next go shopping for a new foundation you'll be armed with the essential knowledge to come home with the right product for you.

Do you buy the same foundation every time?

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I am forever changing my makeup trying to find the perfect one I have retired other 24 hour ones And am still to find one I like. This one sounds great would love to trial it

I'm forever guilty of trying new foundations as I don't believe I've found the perfect fit for me yet. I love th fact that this is 24 hours. I'm currently using colourstay which does stay on but it lacks lustre. I love the idea of this one having a glow to it! I'm strictly a liquid type of girl. I'm a bit of a Lancôme lover and they do produce my favourite foundation but the price doesn't quite fit the day to day concept for me. I love all of my L'Oréal products so I'm sure this one will be beautiful.

I'm still waiting on that holy grail, maybe this will be the one

24hr flawless wear? SPF15? Protects AND hydrates? YES PLEASE!! I have yet to find a light weight foundation that can stand up to daily wear without making me look like the Jokers ugly cousin by lunch time lol would love to give this a try... maybe this will be my Holy Grain of foundations

I use a mousse foundation I like the ease of application but winder if there is anything that may give better coverage.

I've used MAC foundation before. Currently using Maybelline. I wonder what L'oreal would be like. Some friends say it's good but I've never really used any of their products

I have been using the same combination of products for the past 2 years now. Cailyn primer. Garnier B.B. cream, TheBalm concealer, TheBalm no shine powder and ChiChi brow pomade.

I’ve tried other foundations, concealers and powders but sometimes when you have found the one that you’re comfortable with - you always go back to it. It’s easy, uncomplicated, does what it needs to and stays on all day.

I'd love to try this as I've not found the perfect foundation yet - dream matte mouse was pretty close. I wouldn't buy mineral again, I think a liquid or a mousse would do me in future. It just needs to last until bedtime and not slide off... so I'd love this opportunity please

I would love to try, I love trying new foundation .

Ive used hourglass veil foundation for a fuller coverage and stick with bb cream and oowder for everyday wear. Am looking to try out this wet look foundation for a lighter coverage int he summer but also to achieve the dewy look that is so popular in korean skincare and slowly making its way into the european market.

I have dry skin and love a dewy finish... But many foundations don't last on me so still on the hunt to find my perfect long lasting dewy foundation!!

Have completed the survey. Very excited to try this foundation as it seems to tick all the boxes for me, and will be readily available, and more affordable than most!

I'm forever trying to find my holy grail foundation - can't we just have something that stays on during this ridiculous heat we've been having?! I'd like my 'face' to stay on my face! I'm on the last dregs of my current foundation so have my fingers crossed I might be one of the lucky ones to test this out!

Would like to use this product, having sensitive skin and hyper pigmentation, be interesting to see how this covers the pigmentation & would it stay on the face or melt away.....

I use foundation or B.B. cream daily, sadly my skintone is rather uneven, sometimes because of redness, sometimes because of light adult acne and other times because my skin is so dry and everything gets stuck in the tiny wrinkles around my eyes. So far I keep swapping lots of different bb creams and foundations, according to how my skin feels that morning, would love to add this one to the repertoire. :)


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Does your foundation last all day?

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