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Is Shower Time Your 'Me Time'?

30 May, 2018 - 09:19pm by - First Lady | 282 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

I don't know about you, but I'm a little bit picky about who I invite into the shower with me.  It's MY time.  It's (mostly) child free time.  It's (mostly) alone time.  It's (mostly) relaxing time.   And I don't want to share it with bland, boring product, and I definitely don't want to share it with products that don't work!

I'm really quite picky about what new products I choose to try in the shower - I don't want to waste my time with a let down and is there anything more unsatisfying than an anti-climatic shower?  

We're looking for reviewers who want to add a gorgeous and more natural product to their shower routine.

The L'Oréal Paris® Botanicals Lavender Soothing Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with lavender essential oil, soya & coconut oils to soothe sensitive scalps and hydrate delicate hair.  

We love the Botanicals ranges at BRHQ - they're luxurious products infused with botanical ingredients and fresh aromas. The high quality formulations are free from silicones, parabens and colourants.  Trust us when we say...they smell incredible!

We need 30 reviewers to put these to the test for us! 

So why not tell us all about your shower time.  Is it your quiet time, where you get to spend some time on yourself, or do you just get in, get the job done and get out?  Are you picky about what new products you choose to use, or will you try anything? 

Why do you want to review the L'Oréal Paris® Botanicals Lavender Soothing Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner for us?  Get chatting below!  We might pick you!

Is Shower Time Your 'Me Time'?

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13th December, 2018

I love my shower time! It's me time!! I tend to use new products that sound luscious and exotic, and then I get to believe I'm spoiling myself!

17th November, 2018

I am a long shower girl.... gotta leave the conditioner in for as long as possible... we have a shower dome, so it is so cosy and warm....

16th November, 2018

No matter how long or short a time I spend in the shower it is my ME time. I dont get alot of ME time so the shower is where it is at. I try to take some extra time with my hair at least once a week, nothing turns a frown upside down like soft silky hair.

6th October, 2018

I'm definitely told I take longer than I need to hahaha. Sometimes you need extra time in the hot water, maybe a soak with some soothing bath salts.

27th July, 2018

With three little girls having a shower when you finally get one is heaven. Hot water beautiful fragrant smells coming from all the products, closing your eyes and just taking those few minutes for yourself.

11th July, 2018

I love my showers - I really feel like its a treat every time and if I can use a flash product even better

10th July, 2018

I’d love to trial this please I recently got hit head on by another car and ended up with multiple broken bones resulting in surgery the medication is hard on my hair and skin so this could be a fabulous fix for dry dreary hair

10th July, 2018

I love products that use natural oils - the smell cannot be equaled :) My hair is very fine, I would be interested to see whether they made any improvement.

10th July, 2018

Silicone and sulphate free you have no idea how great that is for your hair. Silicones coat your hair that's why it looks shiny or rather synthetically shiny....these new l'oreal hair products sound marvelous

27th June, 2018

I have tried the strengthening one from this range. The conditioner was very good and a little went a long way. I like to use lavender oil to help me sleep at night. This looks like a great wind down bed time ritual or relaxation aromatherapy idea. I would like to try this I am looking for a new conditioner. I think this might help my daughter sleep better too she is getting her 2 year old back teeth so wakes up frequently and is very grumpy off and on.

26th June, 2018

Recently had my hair coloured, on the lookout for something more moisturing and to keep my hair healthy.

25th June, 2018

Ohh yes please, I so need something soothing for my scalp, I know lavender is so good for you, and relaxing, such a great product to use in the shower before bed. I always have a long shower at night, especially in the winter, it warms me up and helps me to relax, but I get 15mins of quiet from the 3 kids!!

17th June, 2018

Its a bit of both, a shower is a great way to get some quiet but if its a shower in the morning it has to be as quick as possible in order to get the kids to school on time!

12th June, 2018

This soothing shampoo sounds perfect for my thick hair that needs some TLC over winter.

11th June, 2018

Would love to try this have just had a baby and my hair has been neglected!