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Natural Deodorants- do they pass the sniff test?

3 February, 2024 - 01:55pm by - BR-Queenie | 149 Comments


Let's talk about something we all deal with – the quest for the perfect deodorant. The supermarket shelves are lined with a mind-boggling array of options, all promising to keep us fresh and dry, but have you ever considered making the switch to natural deodorants?                                          

When we’re talking about the scent game,  natural deodorants don't just mask odours; they tackle them head-on with the power of nature. Think lavender, tea tree, or eucalyptus oils – the kind of aromas that make you feel like you're strolling through a serene garden, waving goodbye to those overpowering artificial fragrances that make you cringe every time you catch a whiff of your underarms.

One of the most fantastic perks? The reduction of skin irritation. You're not alone if you've ever experienced redness, itching, or rashes after using a traditional deodorant. Natural deodorants are designed with sensitive skin in mind. The absence of harsh chemicals means you can bid farewell to those uncomfortable reactions and embrace a gentler, more soothing deodorizing experience. 

For environmentally-conscious souls out there, natural deodorants are a dream come true. Many brands package their products in eco-friendly materials, cutting down on plastic waste and contributing to a healthier planet. So, every time you swipe on that natural deodorant, you're not just doing yourself a favour – you're giving Mother Earth a high-five too.

Let's not forget the crucial point – the fight against body odour. Natural deodorants are up to the challenge, armed with antibacterial properties that combat the bacteria responsible for those less-than-pleasant smells. But we know what you might be thinking – do natural deodorants stand the test of a sweaty workout or a hectic day at the office? Absolutely! Many natural deodorants are formulated to keep you feeling fresh and dry, even in the face of adversity. They might not have the industrial-strength chemicals of their conventional counterparts, but they hold their own in the battle against sweat.

 But of course, we’re not going to take the brand’s word for it for any of this, we’re going to put it to the test. A’Kin is a brand that has been at the forefront of natural beauty product development for over 35 years. They’ve just released a range of roll-on deodorants in three mouthwatering fragrances:

-Lime and Orange

-Rose and Mint

- Geranium and Wood

All variants provide 24-hour protection against odour, leave no white marks on your clothes, are 100% vegan, and use 100% recycled packaging. 

So if this sounds like you and you’d like to be part of this trial team, comment below letting us know your thoughts on natural deodorants and what fragrance you’d like to choose if you’re selected.

*** This trial team has now been selectd and has been closed off***



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24th February, 2024

I missed out on being chosen but am looking forward to the reviews.

22nd February, 2024

Rose and mint, past experience they don’t work for me but I would love to try these ones for myself.

19th February, 2024

Definitely seem to sweat more being the summer seasons, this would be perfect to trial

14th February, 2024

Will try these as I’m a sweater, but not much can stop me sadly

13th February, 2024

24 hour protection while being vegan! This sounds like an ideal deodorant, especially for these summer days. Geranium and Wood sounds like a delish scent.

12th February, 2024

I would love to find a natural and safe product that is effective and does not leave white marks.

12th February, 2024

Oh how I would love to find a pleasant smelling natural deodorant that didn't give me a itchy red rash under my arms. Please can I try the Geranium and Wood.

12th February, 2024

Oh how I would love to find a pleasant smelling natural deodorant that didn't give me a itchy red rash under my arms. Please can I try the Geranium and Wood.

12th February, 2024

love to try

11th February, 2024

Oo sounds like a great product to try

10th February, 2024

Yes please, I’ve had breast cancer, and lymph nodes removed so I need to be careful What I use . I would love to trial these products please .

9th February, 2024

I am looking forward to seeing the reviews

8th February, 2024

I would love to give this a go. I've tried a few other bar deoderants from other brands but never find them quite as good as the supermarket staples. I'd love to try Lime & Orange if I'm selected.

8th February, 2024

I'd love to try this as I react to a lot of deodorants. Would love to try something natural

7th February, 2024

After just having recovered from a rash under my arm pit (the heat exacerbates things of course), I am ready and super keen to try this new A'Kin De-odorant. When these more natural de-odorants first came out they (some companies) put them in nice looking cardboard, to be eco conscious - but the problem was these cardboard packets were awful to actually use. I love the look of these eco conscious plastic containers. If I had a choice I would want to try Lime and Orange by far the most, second to that would be Rose and Mint. I am concerned about the chemicals we put on our bodies, and in turn, into the environment. I fully support companies who are doing the right thing by the planet and the right things by our bodies. We only get one (of each of them!) so it's worth taking time to think about how our individual purchasing power affects the big picture too. I really hope this is as awesome as it sounds.



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