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How Eco-Friendly Is Your Flow?

20 October, 2019 - 01:25pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Tabatha

Fun fact: If you ever want to be grossed out by how we dealt with our periods back in the days before pads and tampons, Google it. Okay, it's not really all that gross - bascially for a bit there when women weren't being shunned for seven or so days or making use of softened papyrus to stem the red wave, they just bled into their clothes. Eventually it was decided perhaps bleeding into clothing for days on end possibly wasn't all that hygenic (this was the 19th century so popping your bloodied knicks, skirts and pants into the wash on the daily probably wasn't all that feasible...) and that became the 'a-ha' moment that saw the inventions of what eventually became modern day tampons and pads.

However the times are once again a-changin' and as we become more concious of caring for Mother Nature and not stuffing her full of rubbish, people have come up with nature-friendly alternatives to dealing with our monthly. 

So what's the what? And, er, what's a Whatakrakka? Read on...

Image:  Whatakrakka Fancy Pads

Whatakrakka Fancy Pads are the invention of Laura, a fellow Kiwi who creates bamboo cloth menstrual pads with fab, fun cloth designs. Designed to lay flat and not slide upon in your knicks, they're thirsty-as and come in a range of sizes to suit your flow. Best of all? Being washable, and therefore reusable, you can use them knowing you're not contributing to landfill, and in the long run you'll save money!

Women have gotten on board in a big way too with Fancy Pads, as they regularly sell out and new releases fly off the virutal shelves.

If you're not a pad person...

Image:  Lunette

... Menstrual cups might just be for you! When they first hit the market - and hit the BR crew's radar - well, there was a collective yeah, nah. But over time slowly but surely we're falling for their charms - or at the very least, the eco-friendly aspects - of a menstrual cup. As with reusable pads you'll save money over time, while contributing less to landfill. 

The benefits of a cup over a tampon is - obviously - that they're reusable, they're odorless, oh, and you can go up to twelve hours before having to empty them out. What's that? Less chance of leakage while out and about with no public toilet in sight? Sounds like a win all round to us!

Of course if you want to be extra sure that you'll be leak-free there's also ...

Image:  Modibodi

Period pants. Designed to hold up to a tampon's worth of blood, period pants work by wicking away the blood to keep you dry, fresh and leak-free. Bonus? If you experience the joys of bladder leakage - and some of the mum-types at BRHQ know exactly how that goes - then you'll be glad to know that period pants also work at making those 'uh-oh I'm about to sneeze and weeze' moments easier by absorbing the moisture and stopping it soaking through.

Australian brand Modibodi has also branched out into swimwear, so those who aren't tampon-friendly can now get their swim on no matter what time of the month it is.

So, there you have it! Three easy ways to eco-friendly up your flow! Now, do tell... is your halo shining? Are you already riding the eco-friendly flow wave? Could you be convinced? Or, is it a hard pass? Chat away!


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13th February, 2020

Using a cup has been life changing for me! It took me a long time to get on board with it and I almost gave up, I'm so glad I persisted. Periods are shorter, less cramping, I can wear a cup overnight and don't have to get up multiple times to change it. No leakage, better for the environment and I've saved soooo much money! I'd love to give the period pants a try next.

23rd January, 2020

I have been using a cup for about a year now and I can't imagine going back to using tampons exclusively. I'm sure it has saved me heaps of money. I'm really keen to try some period underwear as this would be great when my flow is very light right at the end, as I find the cups can become uncomfortable when it is very light. I'm on the hunt for some good period underwear. I think that this is definitely something that we need to think more about, since pads and tampons are incredibly wasteful and not particularly great for the environment. It would be great to see more sustainable options at the supermarket.

17th January, 2020

I've been using a cup for about 8 years now! Funny enough I was introduced to them at a sex toy party haha. Best thing ever and I've never looked back! The biggest thing I noticed was that I had fewer cramps - clearly, my body was rejecting the cotton from tampons & I had no idea! I also use period undies for back up and for peace of mind for the potential before days.

2nd December, 2019

Just started using alternative options to the usual tampons and pads.. period cup and period undies! They're no where near as gross as I thought they were going to be either!

1st December, 2019

When the menstrual cups became popular a couple of years ago I decided to make the switch. Honestly haven't looked back! The smell that comes along with having your period always bothered me, no matter how many times we change the tampon and back up pad (yes, mine tends to be heavy so I need back-up), the smell was still there. It used to make me super self conscious. Once I switched to the cup, the first thing I noticed was there is NO SMELL!!! None at all! A once a day change for 4 out of 5 days and usually day 2 gets a midday empty, makes this an easy option for us busy ladies! I will never go back to using tampons or pads!

11th November, 2019

I currently use a cup and find it so much better than tampons. Clean up is not so fun but gets easy as you get used to it. I would really like to try the period pants though to see which is best for me.

4th November, 2019

I haven’t tried the first two options but have about 7 pairs of different modibodi underwear and they are amazing!! They definitely do as they say. So so so comfy!! A little bit expensive but once you have enough you won’t have to buy any for ages! I’ve only had mine 2 months so I’m interested to see how long they actually last

3rd November, 2019

I am at the stage of my life where my period either comes or it doesn't but when it does it's major full on so I have to wear Super heavy duty tampons and pads because of the heavy blood flow.I honestly don't think I would be game enough to try the cup for fear that it would leak and how comfortable it would feel up there.Period panties and material pads I doubt would be enough to hold my blood flow so I just keep on hoping for that day when I am completely period free and continue using the products I have always used.

30th October, 2019

I've been going eco friendly! I've got all of these but in different brands.

29th October, 2019

I don't have periods anymore but I would have liked to have tried a cup back in the day.

24th October, 2019

I do have a cup but I find I still haven't completely mastered getting it to not leak so I end up using disposable pads for the most part and just opt for clothing that won't show it. I do want to try out the panties at some point. I have considered cloth pads but I do live with my family and I'm not sure how well a bunch of stained pads on the line would go over but the panties would be more discreet.

23rd October, 2019

These are good ideas I could consider material pads in future. I tried period pants although I'm pregnant because I had other leakage but it didn't mask smell and I still felt wet. My sisters likes them though they were not cheap. My youngest sister lives her cup. I got one but I haven't ever tried it.

24th October, 2019

I have been wanting to try the panties. Is there a brand you or your sister recommend?

30th November, 2019

Sorry I'm not sure which ones my sisterpurchasedill try remember to ask and update

23rd October, 2019

I always wondered how comfortable those menstral cups will be... And those reusable liners does seem very environmental friendly, but i guess we need to take more care of our hygiene when using these products. I’m still not brave enough to try any of these yet.

22nd October, 2019

I would love to try the underwear if I got a lite enough to wear one. My monthly is so heavy that I would over flow.

21st October, 2019

I'm someone who doesn't need these products anymore due to the Jadelle implant, I like the idea of the underwear though to use a backup in case whatever sanitary product one is using leaks, my teenage self would have loved it!

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