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Have you used OLAY before?

15 August, 2021 - 04:58pm by - First Lady | 80 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

Skincare lovers rejoice!  We have one heck of a week for you.  Not one, but FIVE incredible trial opportunties from the global brand OLAY!

To put your hand up for any of the 5 trials, you'll want to complete our survey by clicking here.  

The first product we'll be looking for reviewers for is the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Moisturiser.

Formulated with Carob fruit extract and Amino-peptide complex, it hydrates skin to make it regain it's youthful look.  It promises to renew the skin's surface layers for a smooth texture and refined pores.  It will reduce lines and wrinkles as well as exfoliating for smooth skin.

In just 28 days it could reverse the appearance of up to 10 years of wrinkles! 

We think it sounds amazing but of course it's not us putting it to the test - we need a team of reviewers to take it out for a spin and report back!

To put your hand up to join this OLAY trial team, click here to take our quick survey telling us about your skin.


And when you've done that, why not get chatting below and tell us about your experiences with OLAY.  Have you used many OLAY products?  What are your experiences with the brand?

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Have you used OLAY before?

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13th September, 2021

I used Olay before L'Oreal and really liked it. Then I tried a heap of L'Oreal products through Beauty Review and became influenced! Wouldn't mind having a revisit to Olay!

11th September, 2021

Just love it

10th September, 2021

Never used Olay. Always keen to try new skin care as I reakon your skin gets used to one if you use it for to long and you no longer get the benefits.

10th September, 2021

Would love to try this, I’ve tried Nivea but don’t think Olay has ever been my go too..

10th September, 2021

I am keen to try the Olay products on my over 70's face

8th September, 2021

I have never tried play products but have read great reviews and would love to

8th September, 2021

I have been using Olay products on and off for many years - they are gentle for sensitive skin & reasonably priced. I'm now in my late 50s and wrinkles are pretty established now. But, I'm not ready to give up yet and to be able to strip 10 years away- wow!!! that would be fab and a big boost to the self confidence of us with "mature" skin. Any help gratefully accepted :)

8th September, 2021

As Olay is one of my fave brands I would love to try this on my ageing skin!

8th September, 2021

A long time ago .it was my go-to face moisturiser when called Oil of Ulay. I am in my 60's but like to care for my skin as it ages 'gently'. I'd love to trial a new product and share back. The wee wrinkles I have are needing all the love and care they deserve.........

7th September, 2021

I love Olay. I've used lots of their products, especially the regenerist range, and I find them affordable, effective, and non-irritating for my sensitive skin. But I haven't tried these super-charged trial products! They all look amazing. I wonder if they'd make my skin look amazing too... I'd love to find out :)

7th September, 2021

I think every mum needs a help with wrinkles and as I’m nearing my 40s I’m the first to say I need some help. I am not currently using any Olay produacts but would love to change if they help my wrinkles!

7th September, 2021

Absolutely! Waaaaaay back when it was Oil of Ulan. That really dates me, doesn’t it - AND I’ve got a birthday coming up next week. This would be a wonderful treat.

7th September, 2021

I'm new to Olay face products but I'd like to try the 28 day trial.

7th September, 2021

I am hoping for retinol product!

7th September, 2021

Only 28 days until I can look have smoother skin. I need to test this micro-sculptor miracle.


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