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Beauty-Full Gift Idea For Dad's Day!

27 August, 2023 - 12:45pm by - Head Pixie | 6 Comments

by BR Kellie

Long gone are the days when the only gift you could give the beauty-loving Dad for Father's Day was a bottle of Brut 66, or Old Spice if he wasn't fancy enough to appreciate Brut. These days, blokes know their beauty, and if they don't, they're often open enough to give it a go. So what can we give the dapper dads in our lives this Father's Day? From hirsute himselves through to the more genteel gents, we've got you sorted!

Handsome #1 EDT Fragrance

Fragrance is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only will the father fella in your life enjoy smelling as fragrant as a manly flower on the daily, whether you're a wife, son or daughter of said-father fella, you'll get to enjoy the scent of your choice everytime he wafts by.

As for the kind of fragrance to buy? Our one tip would be to buy a scent that suits his style. If he's sprightly, then a citrus, zesty aroma might be up his alley. If he's so laidback that he's pretty much horizontal, then you might consider an earthy fragrance. No idea what scent he'd like? Then a coffret is always a good idea.

Our pick? We're all about the Handsome fragrance because, no matter how it smells, flattery will get you everywhere.

Braun Series 3 Wet & Dry Shaver

Got a hirsute type, who likes to keep himself silky smooth, on your hands? Throw his basic plastic razor in the bin and present him with some serious machinery in the form of a shaver upgrade. Add in a nice after shave balm, and he'll be set!

Earnest Empire Beard Oil

Living with a lumberjack? Or perhaps your dad's just a fan of the beard? Give your bloke the gift of beard oil, and give you and/or your kids the gift of no longer feeling like you're being attacked by a hedgehog whenever you go in for a kiss.

Stuff Skin & Body Pro Kit

Sometimes all it takes to nudge a man into the realm of beauty is the gift of giving. A skincare duo could see him become a regular cleanser and moisturiser. A good body wash could see him appreciating the art of showering in a way he never thought to before. Even if he's never going to go full metro on you, the dad-type in your life will appreciate having extra products on hand, saving him time, energy, money and effort in buying them at a later date. Best of all, if he takes to skin and body care like a duck to water, you'll never ever have to think too hard about what to give the father in your life ever again. 

Oral B IO Series 6 Electric Toothbrush

There's nothing more beautiful than a toothy grin, which is why if the dad in your life isn't all that into fragrance, skin or body care products, you can always treat him to a super duper fancy toothbrush. His dentist will also love you for it.

Run out of time to order a gift online? Or don't see yourself heading into the shops anytime soon? E-vouchers for the win! Send him off for a massage, a facial, a manicure or pedicure. Treat him to a close shave at a barber, or to a new hair do. Whatever you give him, he's sure to love it, because it comes from you! (Hallmark, I'm available for hire.)

So, do tell... is your dad or dad-type a fan of taking care of himself? Is he a beauty curious lad? And, what beauty-related gifts do you think would rock his world this Father's Day?

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1st October, 2023

Alcohol is always a good choice for my dad lol

3rd September, 2023

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there .

1st September, 2023

My fiancé likes to have a shampoo he enjoys and a spray deodorants

1st September, 2023

There's some great gift options there. I don't have a dad though.

31st August, 2023

All lovely gift ideas. I’ve sent my Dad a gift box of goodies, mostly edible :-)

28th August, 2023

Just give you Dad lots of love firstly and make sure he knows he is valued.



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