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Braun July
Braun July

Are Your Pores in Need of Refining?

16 January, 2020 - 08:52pm by - First Lady | 251 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie

Have you looked in the mirror lately and wondered why some of your pores are enlarged?  You're not the only one - enlarged pores affect almost everyone at some point, whether it be the occasional one, the odd patch or what seems like an entire face full of them.

Probably the most important rule to minimising pores is to effectively cleanse the skin.  Excess sebum, deposits of makeup and environmental dirt can all clog pores and stretch them. 

We're putting the Garnier Pure Charcoal Tissue Masks to the test.   These are the new generation of tissue mask, with innovative black tissue infused with charcoal to draw out stubborn dirt, oil and impurities from the skin. 

With a paraben-free formula enriched with Black Algae extract, it purifies, refines pores and smooths skin texture while leaving skin hydrated. 

We think they sound great, but you know the's not us who gets to put them to the's you!

So do you fancy reviewing one of these masks for us?  Tell us below about your skin type and your experience with Charcoal in skin care.  We might just send you one to report back on!

Are Your Pores in Need of Refining?

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27th June, 2020

Since having my baby my skin is a total combination of types!! Definitely have some serious pores that need refining in my T zone!!

25th June, 2020

I have a really great facial cleansing routine at the moment but it doesn’t seem to matter what I try I still have enlarged black pores on my nose chin, and cheeks! I would love to try this and see if it’s going to be another great addition to add into my routines!

6th June, 2020

Yes I will definitely try this one as haven’t used charcoal before for skin. I have used charcoal powder for teeth whitening and it acted as miracle so this will be worth a go. I have heard and read about the benefits of using Charcoal and do struggle with pores issue as sometimes get lazy cleaning skin after a tired day on a regular bases.

30th May, 2020

I haven't tried charcoal before but my pores could really do with some help!

21st May, 2020

Would love to try this mask as am wearing make-up more often.

2nd May, 2020

I have combination skin. Most of the time dry, but because of the moisturiser that I must apply, it gets oily in certain areas and I still get pimples! This may be a fix.

21st February, 2020

I usually have dry skin, but with summer here, I've been sweating up a storm! My skin is now more oily than dry, and I can definitely see my pores for the first time. Curious to see how well charcoal works on my skin!

20th February, 2020

I have combo/normal skin with a decent amount of pores on my forehead and chin at the moment so a mask like this would be amazing! I haven't tried charcoal skin care products but would love to see what they're like.

17th February, 2020

I would love to try this out and see how it works on my skin.

16th February, 2020

Would love to try this mask out! My wedding is coming up in 5 weeks and I have been so busy I haven't even started any skin programmes or products to prepare it for the big day! ( new baby and busy 7 year old! ) My skin is mostly normal but it does get dry, and i get red patched under my nose and chin. I have enlarged pores on my cheeks that I just thought was my skin and have always been skeptical that any products could reduce pore size like they claim!

16th February, 2020

I’ve got combination skin with noticeable pores and I’d love to try this charcoal mask to see if it would make a difference!

14th February, 2020

I would love to try and see if this actually works like it promises.

12th February, 2020

I’ve never actually used this sort of stuff but I would like to give it a go as I have very oily skin and still have a lot of breakouts because of it

12th February, 2020

I have combination skin and have large pores. The only charcoal product I have used is a teeth whitening powder and it worked a treat. I would love to test this!

12th February, 2020

I’d love to try this I have larger pores on my nose, I’ve never tried a charcoal sheet mask!


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