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Are You A Conscious Beauty?

1 October, 2022 - 09:39pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Amelia

The latest buzz term in the beautysphere? 'Conscious beauty'. It seems I can’t open a news or beauty-oriented website without seeing it pop up. However, a buzz term it may be, but the meaning behind it has been around for a while now and it only continues to grow as time goes on. So what is conscious beauty? Quite simply it's about making ethical, responsible purchasing choices in an effort to do the best you can by the world around you - both the environment and those who inhabit it.

So, how can you become a conscious beauty? Here are five conscious considerations that can help you make buying decisions you can feel good about.


More and more in the last few years we've seen companies rework their packaging to make it recyclable, to use recycled plastic, to do away with unnecessary packaging, or to use fully biodegradable or refillable packaging. Luckily for us, these businesses are not backwards in coming forwards about their changes, and many products sport information front and centre about the environmentally-friendly packaging making it easy for us to spot great buying options when buying the shelves. 


Another step some take is to consider the ingredients used in cosmetics. Are they organic? Are they vegan? Where do they come from? How were they sourced? Are the ingredients all natural? Are they free of chemicals such as parabens and phthalates? What will the ingredients used in a product do to you, or the environment?  


Long before 'conscious beauty' was a thing, consumers embraced the idea of buying cruelty-free products. Over time, more and more companies have made the decision to be cruelty-free. Much like the recyclable packaging, this is usually stated clearly on the label, making it easier for you to know the product you're buying hasn't been tested on our furry friends.


An area you may want to look at when purchasing is the supply chain. Where is every part of a product sourced from - from the ingredients used to the packaging a product comes in. For some this will mean wanting to know that the workers in the factories where products are being made are being paid decently and working in good conditions. For others this will mean ensuring that any palm oil or cotton used is certified sustainable. 

While it's not always easy to find out this information, some brands are transparent and will explain where they source their products from on their websites.

The Brand 

Finally, one thing you may want to consider when buying is a brand's ethos. Who are they? What do they believe? Are they inclusive? Do they celebrate diversity? What are their goals in trying to do the best for the environment, and for those of us who walk, crawl, gambol, or slip and slide over it? Do they walk their talk?

Me? I'm not perfect. I will never be that 100% natural ingredient cosmetic and skincare buyer. I appreciate what lab-created chemicals can do for my skin, and that sometimes those ingredients are necessary in order to keep a product's formulation stable. However, I do aim to buy products that are made from recycled materials and/or can be recycled. And while I love a cruelty-free product, I won’t automatically slam a non-cruelty-free company as I know the work, time and money some of these companies put in as they try to get countries who legally require animal testing to drop said requirements. It's a battle, but it does seem like it’s slowly being won.

Overall, my goal is to do my best to buy from companies that are doing the best they can, because doing your best is better than doing nothing at all.

So, my beauty, do you consider the who, what, where and why when purchasing beauty products? Is it something you've become more aware of? Or do you usually just buy what you like and not think too much about who or where it comes from? Chat below!



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19th August, 2023

I usually look at reviews for products first. I like to think most companies are not testing on animals and are reducing wastage like plastic etc.

7th January, 2023

I normally check if theres any SLS or drying ingredients in beauty products as I have sensitive skin but I normally don't look any further. Definitely something I need to consider from now on

19th October, 2022

I do read the ingredients for anything that might do well for my skin such as hyaluronic acid etc. or what kind of ingredient it’s made of, whether it’s natural or chemical based, and whether it’s affordable; weighing out whether its worth buying and trying.

7th October, 2022

I prefer cruelty free products and also think we don't need as much packaging.

7th October, 2022

I have become extremely picky about all of the above factors, and I am happy to pay higher prices for products that sit well with me ethically.

My favourite moisturiser of all time (Neutrogena Hydro Boost) comes packaged inside a piece of plastic which is inside a cardboard box. And within the tub of moisturiser itself is an extra plastic lid. It might be my HG product but I can’t justify using that much packaging, even if it is all recyclable.

I haven’t managed to switch to completely cruelty free, but I am in the process.

The brands overall ethos and ethics are also important. Whether it is beauty products, clothing, homewares, food - I want to see transparent information on their supply chains and an awareness of their environmental impact.

5th October, 2022

I am a little bit. I like natural products and definitely cruelty free. I don't like products encased in piles of plastic either. Simple is always best.

4th October, 2022

Gosh, there is so much to consider these days when purchasing beauty products. I try to buy cruelty free, I love to be able to recycle packaging and I would like to buy from companies that stand by their claims.

4th October, 2022

Beauty conscious yes. Prefer to support brands that are cruelty free.

4th October, 2022

I think there’s a lot of “green washing” in the beauty industry. Companies who use terms like “clean” beauty or “no nasties” are usually a red flag to me.

4th October, 2022

I'm trying hard to work towards having all my products tick all those important boxes, but it is difficult sometimes. I want them to be stable, effective, and available (obviously!), and I've definitely made compromises to meet those requirements. In an ideal world... But I'll keep trying!

4th October, 2022

I try to tick all of those boxes but sometimes it is not always possible due to many factors such as price, ingredients that work and availability just to name a few..My top priority is if it is safe for me to use eg: gluten free and suitable for sensitised skin then it's a winner although I am strictly against animal testing.

4th October, 2022

Like products that work , and are compassionately tested, and would like to see products that have recycled co containers, and less packaging

2nd October, 2022

A lot of food for thought in this article. I can definitely be more mindful of a lot of things you mentioned.

4th October, 2023

Totally agree AboutFace

1st January, 2024

totally agree



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